Subject:                          V S Update - Training, Peco race 3, Food, XC deadlines, Winter handicap, Buffs, Beer, Bodyline, Results from WYXC and Peco


Sent: 19 December 2014 00:16

Sorry, no VS Update last week but you will get two this week.  This one is the normal format, but over the weekend there will then be a bonus edition listing the Annual Awards (including cycling). 


As many of you receive these emails at work and some of you (lucky ones) will be having their last working day today (Friday 19th), I’ll make sure any emails issued over the holiday period are linked on the website.


And I’ll take the opportunity now to wish everyone a good holiday and success in your running/cycling/swimming in 2015!


Xmas Training


Normal sessions Tuesdays 23 and 30 January, no sessions Thursdays 25 December and 1 January.


There will be an intermediate group Sunday run from Smithy Mills this Sunday led by Sam(antha) Harris see


Peco Cross Country Sunday 4 January


Striders have won the men’s and ladies’ sections of both races so far.  The third race is at West Park (Leeds) playing fields on Sunday 4 January. 


Hopefully there will be a lot of VS juniors and adults racing at a venue which is quite local for us.


Juniors need not register in advance, just turn up on the day, pay £1 and run.


Adults must have registered in advance.  If you want to run and are not one of the 140+ Striders who have already been registered, email before 27 December.  Check if you have been registered at .


Race details will appear at soon.


Food on Tuesday 6 January


Normal training sessions – see the website for details.


Two sittings for lasagne – please book by 10pm Sunday 4 January

·         early sessions followed by lasagne at 7:15pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).  NB I have been asked to ask that soft drinks are not brought in to the bar / function room area.

·         later sessions followed by lasagne at 8:30pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).


Northern and National Cross Country Championships – Entries close 7th and 5th January


The Northern Cross Country Championships will be on Saturday 24 January at Pontefract. Race details  £7 adults £5.50 juniors.  Closing date 7 January.  Please send names to  Please check your name at


The National Cross Country Championships will be on Saturday 21 February at Parliament Hill London. Race details £7 all ages.  Closing date 5 January.  Please send names to  Please check your name at


Junior 1 mile and Club Winter Handicap on Sunday 11 January


Keep the date free, details to follow


VSAC Buffs – Order now


Message from Andy Stoneman **Order now open for VSAC buffs by Giraffe Wear**


These will be delivered mid/late January. Cost is £7 each. Please email with your orders and I'll email you back with payment details (payment in advance required). Please email stating VSAC BUFF, your name and quantity required. Order deadline 4pm 22/12/14.


There is a picture on the website, follow the new “kit” link on the top bar of the website or go straight to the picture


Harewood Beer


There are still about 6 cases (each 8 bottles) of beer available for sale, the money will go to Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance,


Contact Dan Murray if you want to order a case (or two) which can be collected from Leos on a Tuesday evening or maybe alternative arrangements can be made.


London Marathon places


The 4 club places for the London Marathon were allocated at the club Xmas party.


There were 3 Striders - to Louise Jennings, Michael Hall, and  Graham Pawley - in the top priority group (they’d received rejection slips and been members since before 01/01/2014) so they got 3 of the places.


There were 2 Striders – Steve Wilkins and Andy Pagdin – in the next group, so a draw was needed for the final place, and Steve Wilkins was the lucky one whose name was selected.


Performance Certificates


Alan handed out some performance certificates at the club Xmas party.  I had some problems with my printer and I believe that the ink may be flaking off some of them.  If yours has this problem, email me and I’ll arrange another copy.


Bodyline Gym Membership


Some more good news for shifting that extra turkey and pudding in January. Leeds City Council are now offering 15% discount on 12 month Bodyline memberships to all Valley Striders Members – runners, cyclists and triathletes. See this link for more info. on what a membership gets you.


To get the discount you will need to show your England Athletics membership card or VSCC membership card.


Thanks to Michael Hall for negotiating and arranging this.


Message received re Hull Marathon


Just a reminder to any of your running club members thinking of entering the Hull Marathon next September that our Early Bird reduced entry fees offer (currently £33 for UKA affiliated runners) ends on December 31st. Similarly, entry for our four person relay event also goes up from £85 to £90 on the same day.


To sign up click Hull Marathon Entry 
To find out more about the event see
The Hull Marathon

Running Shoes for Sale – from Liz Ball


Several pairs of size 10 fell and trail shoes (including some Walshes) for sale or free to a good home. Contact me on




West Yorks Cross Country at Guiseley


Junior Under-11

   32 Tally Diamond

   66 ran


Junior Under-17

    6 Alex Pagdin  (Skyrac)

    Alex finished 2nd overall in the series


Senior ladies

   15 Myra Jones        25:54

   18 Hannah Corne      26:05

   45 Rachel Mackie     28:18

   49 Sarah Shanks      28:43

   50 Sue Sunderland    28:44

   53 Becky Rankin      29:13

   56 Gemma Midwood     30:18

   58 Louise Cazan      30:37

   60 Chloe Hudson      31:01

   61 Pascale Fotherby  31:10

   98 Sara Dyer         38:05

  100 finished


The ladies finished 5th on the day, which was sufficient to retain their position as 2nd in the series and so collected a set of silver medals.


Rachel won a trophy for 3rd overall in the W40 category


Senior Men

   10 Matt Hallam       35:41

   16 Dan Fisher        36:58

   20 John Hobbs        37:05

   25 Jon Pownall       37:33

   33 Gwil Thomas       37:58

   34 Paul Fotherby     38:08

   38 Jon Parker        38:42

   43 Andy May          39:07

   49 Steve Webb        39:40

   61 John Shanks       40:27

   64 James Tarran      40:41

   65 Andy Bell         40:43

   70 Jerry Watson      41:16

   88 Kevin McMullan    42:12

  103 Gary Mann         43:46

  123 Adam Parton       46:48

  126 Andy Pagdin       47:05


For the fourth consecutive race, the men finished 2nd on the day, this time ahead of Leeds City who had won the first 3 races in the series.  Leeds were 3rd in this final race so they claimed the gold medals and Striders won silver.

Individual trophy winners were

·         Matt Hallam 3rd in the M under 35 category

·         John Hobbs 2nd in the MV35 category

·         Gwil Thomas 3rd in the MV35 category

·         Jerry Watson 3rd in the M50 category


Peco Race 2 at Nostell Priory


Junior 1 mile (school years 4 to 6)


   10 Alvie O’Brien     6:50 (8th boy)

   11 Tally Diamond     6:53 (3rd girl)

   25 Imogen Idle       7:30 (9th girl)

   28 Theo Rosenberg    7:36 (18th boy) (1st race as VS)

   40 finished


Senior Men

                                          GP Pts

    6  Alex Pagdin            00:29:28      100  2nd claim

    8  John Hobbs             00:29:43      100

   13  Matthew Hallam         00:30:09       99

   17  Gwil Thomas            00:30:26       98

   21  Andy May               00:30:49       97   V40

   22  Jon Pownall            00:30:49       97

   33  Steve Webb             00:31:41       95   V50

   34  Jeremy Ladyman         00:31:49       94

   46  Rav Panesar            00:32:32       93

   47  Steve Wilkins          00:32:33       92

   69  John Shanks            00:33:29       91

   75  Gary Mann              00:33:48       90

   81  Ross Bibby             00:34:06       89

   88  James Tarran           00:34:20       88   V40

   94  James Loftus           00:34:35       87

   95  Dan Murray             00:34:38       86

  116  Simon Vallance         00:35:44       84   V40

  139  Dave Morley            00:36:43       82

  159  Andy Stoneman          00:37:26       81

  167  Andy Pagdin            00:37:45       79   V50

  176  Callum Parton          00:38:08       78

  184  Adam Parton            00:38:40       76

  201  Dan Price              00:39:23       75

  205  Paul Crossan           00:39:30       74

  222  Rob Hamilton           00:40:18       73

  260  Simon Barker           00:42:22       71

  267  Alec Pearson           00:42:51       69

  268  Mike Robins            00:42:53       68

  270  Bob Jackson            00:42:56       67   V60

  276  Sean Fitzgerald        00:43:22       66

  278  Stephen Diamond        00:43:28       65

  312  Tony Haygarth          00:47:08       59

  327  Rich Clough            00:50:02       57


Men finished 1st team, positions 9-16 were the best “B” team, and they were 4th vets team (counters indicated above)


Senior women

    7  Hannah Corne           00:35:25       85

    9  Myra Jones             00:36:07       83

   21  Alison Price           00:37:33       80

   26  Rachel Mackie          00:38:30       77  V35

   38  Sue Sunderland         00:40:20       72  V45

   51  Chloe Hudson           00:42:33       70

   62  Samantha Harris        00:43:28       65

   72  Dawn Parton            00:44:22       63

   85  Sarah Pagdin           00:45:35       62

   88  Sarah Smith            00:45:51       61

   97  Liz Ball               00:46:12       60  V55

  144  Sarah Ord              00:49:47       58


Ladies finished 1st team, positions 6-10 were the best “B” team, and they were 1st vets team in the second division  (counters indicated above).


Note that this was the first race in the VS 2015 Grand Prix.