Subject:                          V S Update - Peco; Training and food on 6 Jan; Final chance to enter Northern & National XC; 1 mile and 5 mile on 11 January; Results incl. Chevin Chase


Sent: 02 January 2015 00:23

Happy New Year!  


Thank you to everyone who has supported the club in 2014, whether as team members, race marshals/volunteers, coaches, group leaders, social event organisers, committee members (official and unofficial), etc etc.


And best wishes for your running and/or cycling and/or swimming in 2015!


Peco XC Sunday 4 January


It’s the third Peco race on Sunday, details at .  Best that you read through the details (and view the course maps) on the website rather than me put them all in this email.  But the main thing you need to know is that registration is at the Dalesman Pub on Butcher Hill LS16 5EA.


For juniors, just pay on the day, school years 4 to 6 race is at 10:00, school years 7 to 12 race is at 10:20.


For adults, you’ll need your number to register

·         If you’ve run in race 1 or 2, remember to bring your number

·         If you’ve not run either race 1 or 2, but you have been registered, your number will be somewhere in the registration room – look out for a Valley Striders vest!

·         If you’ve not run either race 1 or 2, and you’ve not been registered, you will be able to run as a “guest”  (NB if you’re thinking of inviting friends, note that the race is only open to UKA affiliated runners)


Training Sessions Tuesday 6 January


Simon Vallance has emailed to say that the monthly fell session on 6th will be from Leo's (not Carnegie as advertised on the website), as we will be holding a meeting to discuss races in fell champs straight afterwards.  NB head torches and fell shoes essential!


Regarding the Tuesday 7pm experienced runners sessions, please note that in the event of icy or snowy conditions, we may run on the fields at Leos.  Those people who normally meet at the session location (High Ashes or Church Lane) should take this into consideration.


Also note that the track at Leeds Met sometimes gets icy even when the air temperature is above zero, so for Tuesday 11th, although we’ll meet at Leeds Met, please bring a reflective bib in case we need to do an alternative session.


Food on Tuesday 6 January


Two sittings for lasagne – please book by 10pm Sunday 4 January

·         early sessions followed by lasagne at 7:15pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50). 

·         later sessions followed by lasagne at 8:30pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).


Northern and National Cross Country Championships – Entries close 7th and 5th January


The Northern Cross Country Championships will be on Saturday 24 January at Pontefract. Race details  £7 adults £5.50 juniors.  Closing date 7 January.  Please send names to  Please check your name at


The National Cross Country Championships will be on Saturday 21 February at Parliament Hill London. Race details £7 all ages.  Closing date 5 January.  Please send names to  Please check your name at


Junior 1 mile and Club Winter Handicap on Sunday 11 January


The junior 1 mile will start at 10:30, meet at 10:15.  Valley Striders Junior Grand Prix points available!   ** Note that the Junior GP results and table for the new “season” September 2014 to August 2015 are now on the website (use the “juniors” link)


The 5 mile handicap will start at 11:00, meet at 10:45 (or come a few minutes earlier to watch the junior race).  I’m assuming that the dam is still closed, there will be a map of the route on the VS website early next week.  Valley Striders Grand Prix points available!


Both races start on the reservoir “towpath” nearest the lodge on Goodrick Lane (this is the steep hill that goes down to the reservoir from Alwoodley Lane), postcode LS17 7RW


Probably back to Leos afterwards, more info next week.




Chevin Chase 26/12/2014 (VSGP)


    15 Matthew Hallam   0:42:33

    19 Gwil Thomas      0:43:19

    56 Jerry Watson     0:46:54

    72 Gary Mann        0:48:00

    94 Dan Murray       0:48:45

    95 Kevin Mcmullan   0:48:50

    98 Ian Sanderson    0:48:46

   106 Andrew Bell      0:49:05

   141 Mick Wrench      0:50:41

   149 Joel Giddings    0:50:45

   164 Howard Jeffrey   0:51:46

   188 Andy Pagdin      0:52:43

   198 Ross Bibby       0:52:56

   204 Simon Redshaw    0:53:16

   285 Alistair Smyth   0:56:07

   297 Ged Coll         0:56:25

   309 Mike Robins      0:56:54

   320 Sue Sunderland   0:57:11

   384 Greg Skerrett    0:58:59

   391 Iain Currie      0:59:10

   413 Tom Button       0:59:51

   414 Louise Cazan     0:59:44

   579 Patrick Barrett  1:05:07

   596 Mick Tinker      1:05:50

   694 Paul Crabtree    1:09:07

   735 Caroline Tolan   1:11:17

   817 Rebecca Bibby    1:14:33

   877 Becky Murray     1:20:37

   892 Sarah Howell     1:22:21


Leyland 10k 26/12/2014


    14 Jeremy Ladyman     0:36:16

   124 Chloe Hudson       0:47:38


Ribble Valley 10k 28/12/2014


                        Chip time Gun time

    66 Andy May           0:34:23  0:34:26

   170 Ian Sampson        0:38:05  0:38:19

   290 Adam Parton        0:40:55  0:41:03

   308 Callum Parton      0:41:29  0:41:37

   589 Chloe Hudson       0:47:29  0:47:54


P.S. If you’ve been waiting for the “VS Annual Awards” edition, it will be out very soon!