Subject:                          V S Update - Next Tuesday; Peco race 4; MVT Help, Membership; Results from Inskip, Monkey, Cycle racing at Croft, Stanbury, Northern XC; Ultra running; Aquatread


Sent: 30 January 2015 00:15

Sorry there was no V S Update last week, but you get an extended edition this week!


Training Sessions Tuesday 3 February


As usual for the first Tuesday in the month, we have 5 training sessions and food (see below to order).


·         6pm Leos Beginners/improvers group and Juniors group

·         6:45pm Leos setting off 7pm Intermediates (NB this is definitely from Leos) – if you’re interested in intermediates sessions join

·         7pm Leos Experienced runners going to High Ashes for 3 by 10 mins at

·         Fell runners check


Regarding the Tuesday 7pm intermediates and  experienced runners sessions, please note that in the event of icy or snowy conditions, we may run on the fields at Leos.  Those people who normally meet at the session location should take this into consideration.


Also note that the track at Leeds Met sometimes gets icy even when the air temperature is above zero, so for Tuesday 10th, although we’ll meet at Leeds Met, please bring a reflective bib in case we need to do an alternative session.


Food on Tuesday 3 February


Two sittings for lasagne – please book by 10pm Sunday 1 February

·         early sessions followed by lasagne at 7:15pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50). 

·         later sessions followed by lasagne at 8:30pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).


Later session includes meeting to discuss Grand Prix races for 2015 (see below).


Peco XC Sunday 8 February


It’s the fourth Peco race a week on Sunday, details at .  Best that you read through the details (and view the course maps) on the website rather than me put them all in this email.  But the main thing you need to know is that registration is at the Sports Pavilion at Bodington Fields (access from A660 near Lawnswood Cemetery) but parking is about half a mile away (various locations)


For juniors, just pay on the day, school years 4 to 6 race is at 10:00, school years 7 to 12 race is at 10:20.


For adults, you’ll need your number to register

·         If you’ve run in race 1, 2 or 3, remember to bring your number

·         Check whether you’ve been registered at

·         If you’ve not run any of the first 3 races, but you have been registered, your number will be somewhere in the registration room – look out for a Valley Striders vest!

·         If you’ve not been registered, email before 6pm Sunday 1st

·         If you miss this deadline and still want to run, you will be able to run as a “guest”  (NB if you’re thinking of inviting friends, note that the race is only open to UKA affiliated runners)


VS Grand Prix



·         1st February - Dewsbury 10k – full – good luck!

·         8th February – Peco Race 4 – details above

·         1st March – Peco Race 5 – Roundhay Park – details to follow

·         12th April - Baildon Boundary Way – entries still open but likely to fill soon

·         26th April – Three Peaks


Other races for the VS Grand Prix will be finalised over lasagne on Tuesday.  In the meantime there is a provisional list at .  Note that this page is now also available from the top bar of the website and also includes Fell Championship races and major dates in the Cycling calendar.


Meanwood Trail Race and Junior Races


Following the meeting just over a week ago, John Batchelor and Andy Stoneman have been busy, and by the end of next week we should have race entries open on and some entry forms printed – so will need volunteers to hand them out at races – Pecos, parkruns, Guiseley Gallop, Baildon etc


We have 25 people so far who have volunteered to help but we need nearer 70.  If we have a few more than 70, then those coming early to do car parking or marshal the junior race will be able to run the senior race.


And we also need about 25 people to help in supervisory roles – 5 teams of 3 for setting up and marshalling the course, 3 for a planning team, 3 start/finish managers and 3 for entries/results.  We have a number of people who did these roles at Harewood and will act in a support role, so please put your names forward if you’d like to do a little extra.


Names to and check you’re on the list at


Membership Renewals


We now have 427 members but we still have 123 members from last year who have neither renewed nor resigned.  Please check and if it says “Due” please let us know whether or not you intend to renew to




Inskip Half


     7  Andy May              1:16:08

    11  Rav Panesar           1:18:06

    16  Jeremy Ladyman        1:19:29

    28  Gary Mann             1:23:33

   101  Adam Parton           1:34:43

   171  Chloe Hudson          1:44:47


Brass Monkey


    15  John Hobbs            1:14:23   1:14:25

    28  Matthew Hallam        1:16:01   1:16:02

    49  Jon Pownall           1:18:26   1:18:38

    84  Daryl Hibberd         1:21:28   1:21:40

   153  Kevin Mcmullan        1:25:03   1:25:17

   288  Rob Marsh             1:30:09   1:30:22

   300  Andy Pagdin           1:30:27   1:30:43

   342  Graham Pawley         1:32:32   1:32:53

   383  Joe Hanney            1:33:59   1:34:19

   506  Mike Robins           1:38:16   1:38:46

   638  Jeremy Richardson     1:41:28   1:42:19

   834  Ruth Warren           1:48:22   1:48:42

   979  Claire Senior         1:53:16   1:53:46

  1022  Stephanie Gledhill    1:54:31   1:55:23

  1223  Neil Hall             2:03:34   2:04:36


Note that we may have a  category “Any Other Half Marathon” in V S Grand Prix, in which case runners at Inskip and Brass Monkey will have earned some points.


VSCC Racing Report - Velo 29 Croft Winter Series - Race 2 - 17th Jan 2015 (from Andy Stoneman)


We woke to snow, ice and freezing temperatures, yet still 9 brave Striders packed their best bikes and drove up to Croft Circuit for our first race of the season. We arrived to frost and ice on the circuit and to British Cycling Commissaires with long and uncertain looks on their faces. After some deliberation, racing went ahead, albeit a bit late and on a shortened course (with an increased amount of laps).


The 4th Cat field must have been 50 strong and the boys all did Valley Striders proud, with most Striders starting their first (second for Danny Murray and Karl Osborne) cycle race today. For some, the +24mph average pace was a bit hot but they all dug in! Well done to Alec Pearson, Daniel Price and Ed Banfield for hooking up with other dropped riders and seeing it through - I'm sure they've all learned a lot. The others lads stayed in the mix - not at the front, and not at the back...perfection. As we got to 2 laps to go, a confusing call from the race organiser made 50% of the field think they were on the last lap, and Richard Styrin and Henry Dixon sprinted side by side across the finishing line, ahead of the field with their arms in the air, celebrating a rather premature victory. David Morley and Dan (having heard the correct call) dug in and both finished in the main pack - positions to be confirmed but i'd guess top 15.


Most entered the second Cat 1/2/3/4 race too, but with tired legs missed the break that I was lucky enough to get in. The early pace was hot but, when it became clear we were ahead of the main field, and unlikely to get caught by the Cat 1&2s the pace slowed a bit, with just six of us remaining. I made a tactical error on the final lap and finished sixth, but am very happy to be coming away with a few points in the bag from our first race of the season....and we do it all again in two


Stanbury Splash Fell race- Sunday 18th January (from Ross Bibby)


Heavy snow and ice meant an alteration to the usual Stanbury Splash course, the first of our VS fell championship races, held at Penistone Country park near Haworth. Instead the 5 mile Christmas "Stoop" course was used, cutting out many of the streams/rivers but no shortage of icy bogs.


Five hardy striders made the trip (on fairly icy & dodgy roads), but it was well worth it, with fresh knee deep snow in most places on the course, and mostly sunshine. I was first strider home, closely followed by Tony Mills. Kim Spence (in her first running race since August) finished second placed female, Mike Furby followed in only his third ever fell race and Malcolm Coles.


Anyone who has ever done a Woodentops fell race will tell you the highlight is always the prize giving in the Sun Inn pub in Haworth afterwards. Stanbury Splash is affectionately know as the malt loaf race, given its sponsorship by Soreen, and there is always plenty of this (and other chocolate, sweets and crisps) flying around (literally) in the pub afterwards- as Dave and Eileen Woodhead throw out the largest selection of prizes you have ever seen. This means finishing in 25th and 29th (as myself and Tony did) still means you can pick up a case of Magners and Mahou beer! Junior races are held too and the prize giving certainly seems a hit with the kids. Any Woodentops race is highly recommended........


1. Tom Adams, Ilkley, 36.06

19. Lindsey Brindle, Horwich, 39.32 (1st female)

25. Ross Bibby, Valley Striders, 40.22

29. Tony Mills, Valley Striders, 40.30

50. Kim Spence, Valley Striders, 42.06 (2nd female)

130. Mike Furby, Valley Striders, 46.30

280. Malcolm Coles, Valley Striders, 57.28

(314 finishers)


Northern Cross-Country Championships


Valley Striders were 15th women’s club and 13th men’s club and both were the second placed teams from Leeds in the “Northerns”.


In the Under-17 race, Alex Pagdin, representing Skyrac finished 11th.



    52  Myra Jones       0:33:33

   119  Rachel Mackie    0:36:51

   153  Sue Sunderland   0:38:21

   169  Sarah Harper     0:39:16

   183  Pascale Fotherby 0:40:06

   207  Louise Cazan     0:41:29

   343  finished


   1   83 Rotherham Harriers and AC (14 20 21 28)   

   2  133 Liverpool Harriers & AC (23 31 35 44)    

   3  185 Leeds City Athletic Club (2 6 84 93)     

   4  215 Wakefield District H & AC (8 29 62 116)  

   5  216 Jarrow & Hebburn AC (24 53 54 85)        

   6  240 Sale Harriers Manchester (40 59 69 72)   

   7  337 York Knavesmire Harriers (58 71 90 118)   

   8  355 Gateshead Harriers & AC (67 82 100 106)  

   9  362 Salford Harriers & AC (9 41 56 256)      

  10  376 Wharfedale Harriers (55 76 114 131)     

  11  393 Leigh Harriers & AC (5 16 36 336)       

  12  412 Rotherham Harriers and AC “B” (30 46 138 198)

  13  423 Preston Harriers (45 66 133 179)        

  14  465 Sheffield RC (57 109 147 152)           

  15  472 Lancaster & Morecambe AC (34 43 117 278)

  16  485 Sale Harriers Manchester “B” (73 97 125 190)

  17  493 Valley Striders AC (52 119 153 169)     



   103  Daniel Fisher    0:43:22

   110  Matthew Hallam   0:43:39

   156  John Hobbs       0:45:11

   167  Andrew May       0:45:28

   172  Paul Fotherby    0:45:36

   192  Gwil Thomas      0:46:18

   200  Jon Pownall      0:46:30

   341  John Shanks      0:49:59

   367  Gary Mann        0:50:31

   376  James Tarran     0:50:47

   621  Paul Crossan     1:01:22

   698  finished


   1   91 Morpeth Harriers & Ac (5 11 13 16 20 26)          

   2  100 Stockport Harriers & AC (1 3 7 10 28 51)          

   3  124 Leeds City Athletic Club (4 14 17 22 30 37)       

   4  170 Salford Harriers & AC (12 18 19 27 41 53)         

   5  366 Sale Harriers Manchester (24 42 54 72 77 97)      

   6  371 Holmfirth Harriers AC (9 46 58 76 82 100)         

   7  392 Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield (8 25 50 79 93 137)

   8  466 Horwich R M I Harriers (32 48 49 91 118 128)      

   9  531 Liverpool Harriers & AC (34 66 80 107 113 131)    

  10  674 Gateshead Harriers & AC (56 63 106 115 165 169)   

  11  852 Durham City Harriers & AC (6 31 95 146 149 425)   

  12  876 Border Harriers & AC (33 98 111 189 198 247)      

  13  900 Valley Striders AC (103 110 156 167 172 192)      


Ultra Running


Richard Adcock must have heard the rumour that there is going to be an ultra-running award at the next awards night - he has already completed 2 ultra events this year.


Country to Capital 45 mile trail race (from Richard Adcock)


This was definitely a race of two halves: a cold start with the snow just starting to fall in Wendover, the first 20+ miles were a mix of easy but muddy trails, fields, woods and a bit of navigation through Chesham, then more trails, muddy paths and woods through to Denham.


With blue sky and the sun out it was like a summers day for the second half; 20+ miles of flat towpath along the Grand Union Canal past smelly canal boats, through industrial areas and into the centre of London.


It really was a case of head down and maintaining a pace through to the finish - then just the question of getting back to the start and a five hour drive home :)


Finished in 7:37:23 106/290


Marsden to Edale Race (from Richard Adcock)


The forecast was for snow and a wind chill of -29c and before the race the VSers excuses were coming thick and fast - one even threw himself off his bike to avoid the pain of the race - you know who you are!


I don't know if the forecast was accurate but as soon as we got to the top it was blummin cold - hat, gloves and head down for 23+ miles of icy cold knee deep peat bogs, slippy ice covered flags and generally unpleasant weather - it was great fun :)


61 Dave McGuire 4:44:46

113 Richard Adcock 5:22:47

124 Steve Dixon 5:27:58


190 finishers


“Aquatread” – information from Hannah Corne


I just thought I'd write with a quick debrief about last night at Aquatread - the new underwater treadmill facility in Leeds and the Brownlee brothers.


The place is a bit strange to get to, just off the ring road, down a very dark path and basically in the garage of the cricket club! The facility itself is brilliant with all the gismo's and gadgets that you could want, a shower and tiny changing room. The pool takes over the space so if there was a group of you them you would have to squeeze down the side of the pool and change one by one in the changing room.


I don't know much about endless pools so i was a bit in awe of it all. The speed of the flow can be varied very easily so intervals when swimming are easy to do. The temperature can also be changed (1 degree per 1/2 hour) so if you wanted to have the water cooler to truly represent outside then this is possible. I was told by Rhys (the coach) that this was the closest to outdoor swimming that you can get. You can see your speed and the time easily on the digital displays at the front of the pool. There is also the ability for video analysis and advice on how to improve your stroke from Rhys. You would come away with a DVD to pour over and dissect in the comfort of your own living room!


The treadmill looked hard core! You go in in your trainers, shorts and t-shirt and Ali Brownlee said that the best thing to do was to have the treadmill on max all the time and vary the current. Again this can easily be changed for intervals etc... It is the closest to outside running you can get and would possibly help people with bio mechanical issues (like me) as the water pretty much forces you to run in the 'correct' way, if you have a flailing leg etc then the current will just knock you off the treadmill.


The boys said that it isn't just for rehab (although they reckon that it would get you back to fitness quicker after injury than just regular training) but to help increase your mileage without the extra stress on the body (as someone who is breaking a bit as i reach 65 miles per week running this really appeals) They said that if they were purely running, they would incorporate it into their weekly routine.


The sessions are expensive (approx £40 an hour for swim, £70 with video analysis for swim, £25 1/2 hour for treadmill) but Rhys mentioned that deals can be done with block booking. Maybe something for the club to look into?