Subject:                          V S Update - parkrun takeover; Peco 5; Food; VSCC warrior league; MVT help; Results from Peco, National XC, Liversedge, Snake; Lineham Farm


Sent: 23 February 2015 00:23

In this week’s edition

·         Parkrun takeover on Saturday 28th February

·         5th Peco on Sunday 1st March

·         Food on Tuesday 3rd March

·         Announcing the VSCC Warrior League

·         MVT request for more assistance

·         Results from 4th Peco, National XC, Liversedge (and GP Update), Snake Lane

·         Lineham Farm


NB Normal training sessions on Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th – see website.


Roundhay parkrun organised by VS on Saturday 28 February – from Alex Watson-Usher


Hello everyone,


As some of you may have noticed, I have been trying to recruit some helpers for the Valley Striders parkrun takeover on Saturday 28 February. A huge thank you to everyone that has volunteered their help so far!


I’m still looking for some more volunteers to help me with the normal parkrun volunteer roles.


Saturday 28th February 2015 is conveniently the day before the final PECO XC – thus providing you with the perfect excuse to rest your legs or have a steady run as a pacer before we hopefully(!!) storm to PECO victory!


If you could spare the time to help out I would be forever grateful and promise you a wholesome hour or so full of parkrun joy at the beautiful Roundhay Park.


So, if you can help, please reply to the Facebook post or confirm your availability by emailing:


Thanks very much, Alex :-)


Final Peco XC on Sunday 1 March


Race HQ, start and finish are all on Soldiers Fields alongside Princes Avenue.


Full details including course maps are now on the Peco XC website


Could I ask you all to read the race information, especially the two paragraphs in red.


For juniors, just pay on the day, school years 4 to 6 race is at 10:00, school years 7 to 12 race is at 10:20.


For adults, you’ll need your number to register

·         If you’ve run any of the first 4 races, remember to bring your number

·         Check whether you’ve been registered at

·         If you’ve not run any of the first 4 races, but you have been registered, your number will be somewhere around the Valley Striders flag.

·         If you’ve not been registered and still want to run, you will be able to run as a “guest”  (NB if you’re thinking of inviting friends, note that the race is only open to UKA affiliated runners)

·         Race is 4.5 miles, men at 10:50, ladies at 11:00


Note that these are VS Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix races


Food on Tuesday 3 March


Two sittings for lasagne – please book by 10pm Sunday 1 March

·         early sessions followed by lasagne at 7:15pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50). 

·         later sessions followed by lasagne at 8:30pm book at choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).


VSCC Warrior League (from Dan Murray)


The cycling equivalent of the Grand Prix has just been launched

·         To encourage paid up club members to participate in a variety of local and key events during the year.

·         To encourage club members to participate in different types of events such as Sportives / Duathlons / Triathlons / Time Trials / Hill Climbs / The VS3L League  / 12 in 12 etc

·         To create friendly rivalry through the award of points which accumulate by being part of events to produce a score at the end of the year.

·         To encourage a good turnout of club members at the nominated events raising the profile of the club.


If you’ve not received information about this, please email


Bob says : NB I see from the weekly cycling email that one of the two Strava “segments of the week” is the A58 hill from Bardsey to Scarcroft and goes past the end of my road. Must get the running shoes out and see what I can do.  It’s a good thing it’s not in the opposite direction as it is 30mph limit and quite often the speed cameras are out!


If you want to be included on the weekly cycling email, request to

Meanwood Valley Trail – Saturday 18 April


Thanks to the entry forms (design by Andy Stoneman, distribution by John Batchelor) and publicity by the entries online website at , we already have 94 adult entries and 13 junior entries.


We need volunteers to hand the forms out at key races including the Peco junior and senior races, the junior parkruns, and the Guiseley Gallop on Easter Sunday.


We also have 45 marshals – thank you!  But we need 70+, so if you are definitely or probably available, please email  and check you’re on the list at


We also need a few more deputy team leaders to help set up parts of the race route and then take marshals to their positions.  We will have an experienced leader on each section so don’t worry if you’ve not done this before.


Note that Striders should NOT, at this stage, enter for the race.  When we have sufficient marshals, then Striders will be allowed to enter and run, providing they volunteer to help in some other way e.g. car parking, marshalling the junior race, beer labelling the night before etc.  So if you’d like to run and are willing to do an alternative duty, please mention this in your email.




Peco cross Country 4 at Bodington/Adel


So, within 20 minutes of me saying “congratulations to Myra for being the first Strider to win a Peco race”, came the reply that Laura Clark had won a race in 2008.  And within a day came 3 emails saying Gwil had won a race in 2011.  So my apologies to Myra, Laura and Gwil, and thanks to my correspondents!


So, in race 4, as already mentioned in last week’s VS Update, we had another great result for Valley Striders, with both the men’s and women’s teams finishing 1st (a repeat of races 1,2,3).  Both teams will win their leagues whatever position they finish in race 5, but I’m sure they’ll be going for a clean sweep.   The men’s vets finished 2nd and now lie 2nd overall, the women’s vets finished 1st (in division two) and are almost certain of promotion next year.


Here are the individual results, also showing VSGP points


                             time     pts


     1 Myra Jones          0:28:12    90

     8 Hannah Corne        0:29:18    85

    14 Rachel Mackie       0:31:03    80

    23 Sue Sunderland      0:32:14    74

    37 Sarah Shanks        0:33:25    72

    45 Louise Cazan        0:34:00    70

    47 Samantha Harris     0:34:15    68

    64 Stephanie Gledhill  0:35:24    64

    75 Dawn Parton         0:36:14    63

    88 Liz Reddington      0:37:32    62

    91 Liz Ball            0:37:45    61

   106 Sarah Pagdin        0:38:28    59

   145 Nicola Hartley      0:40:32    57

   167 Sue Carr            0:42:28    56

   185 Sarah Ord           0:45:14    53

   195 Becky Murray        0:46:41    52


     3 Dan Fisher          0:24:11   100

     4 Matthew Hallam      0:24:15    99

     9 John Hobbs          0:24:37    98

    11 Paul Fotherby       0:25:15    97

    15 Jon Pownall         0:25:28    96

    16 Gwil Thomas         0:25:28    96

    35 John Shanks         0:26:46    94

    38 Ross Bibby          0:26:55    93

    40 James Tarran        0:26:58    92

    62 Simon Vallance      0:27:48    91

    75 Joel Giddings       0:28:28    89

    89 Mike Furby          0:28:51    88

    94 Ian Sanderson       0:29:06    87

    98 Dan Murray          0:29:13    86

   112 Roy Huggins         0:29:40    84

   129 Rob Marsh           0:30:09    83

   131 Andy Pagdin         0:30:16    82

   137 Vernon Long         0:30:30    81

   151 Adam Parton         0:31:03    80

   154 Graham Jones        0:31:05    78

   155 Drew Taylor         0:31:07    77

   178 Richard Balshaw     0:32:00    76

   181 Callum Parton       0:32:02    75

   206 Leroy Sutton        0:33:07    73

   217 John Hussey         0:33:38    71

   231 Mike Powell         0:34:07    69

   237 Mike Robins         0:34:20    67

   250 Bob Jackson         0:35:02    66

   251 Paul Stokes         0:35:09    65

   287 Malcolm Coles       0:38:17    60

   288 Rich Clough         0:38:29    58

   323 Dave Jones          0:43:19    55

   324 Graham Ford         0:43:40    54


National XC at Parliament Hill London



   576 Pascale Fotherby    0:46:50

   811 Sara Dyer           0:56:58

   865 finished


   188 Matt Hallam         0:45:00

   355 Dan Fisher          0:47:38

   413 Paul Fotherby       0:48:20

   441 Jon Pownall         0:48:37

   510 Gwil Thomas         0:49:25

   607 Daz Hibberd         0:50:37

   800 Steve Webb          0:52:31

  2005 finished

   Team (6 to count) finished 42nd out of 145 teams.


Liversedge Half


    47 Myra Jones          1:28:20

   106 Joe Hanney          1:35:05

   107 Mark Woodhead       1:35:27

   121 Paul Smith          1:36:44

   132 Alistair Smyth      1:38:27

   174 Mike Robins         1:42:18

   180 Sue Sunderland      1:42:45

   245 Steve Dixon         1:48:54

   321 Chloe Hudson        1:55:58

   347 Sarah Smith         1:59:14


GP Points have been allocated in the “Any other half marathon” category and are now on the website.  Note that these points will change as more Striders run half marathons through the year, but cannot go below 50 (see the section “Awarding of Points” in


Snake Lane 10


  Pos Name                   Gun      Chip 

   70 James Tarran          1:01:59  1:01:48

   73 Gary Mann             1:02:05  1:01:54

   92 Kevin Mcmullan        1:03:27  1:03:16

  144 Joel Giddings         1:05:40  1:05:29

  145 Hannah Corne          1:05:42  1:05:31

  205 Andy Pagdin           1:08:16  1:08:03

  259 David Merritt         1:10:49  1:10:31

  265 Michael Hall          1:11:04  1:10:44

  367 Paul Crossan          1:15:12  1:14:58

  417 Louise Cazan          1:17:43  1:17:24

  420 Jeremy Richardson     1:17:47  1:17:19

  435 Graham Pawley         1:18:24  1:17:57

  485 Gemma Midwood         1:20:40  1:20:21

  519 Stephanie Gledhill    1:22:22  1:22:05

  612 Liz Reddington        1:26:05  1:25:33

  678 Brian Tyrrell         1:28:50  1:28:02

  688 Neil Hall             1:29:15  1:28:42

  827 Sarah Clark           1:36:46  1:36:22

  880 Deborah Fraites       1:43:30  1:43:05


Lineham Farm


Lineham Farm at Eccup is the main charity that Valley Striders have supported for the last 15 years, raising over £30,000 from the Meanwood and Harewood races.  I’ve received their quarterly email, and thought I’d include it in this V S Update. 


Click this link for the newsletter


Click this link for Lineham Farm’s website