Subject:                          V S Update - Peco relays; Food and MVT mtg; Yoga for runners; Roundhay parkrun thanks and results; Peco 5 and series results (16 trophies); Reports from Bath, Haweswater, Guiseley, Rhyl, San Francisco


Sent: 09 March 2015 00:11

Training on Tuesday 10 March


It’s the second Tuesday of the month, so the 6pm sessions are at Leos, the 7pm sessions at Leeds Met (more information on home page of website)


Peco Relays Sunday 15 March


The final event in the Peco XC will be on Sunday 15 March with the relay races and presentations of the trophies (we have 5, possibly 7, team trophies to collect and 10 individual trophies too).


This will be at Pendas Fields / Crossgates / Manston (the same venue as race 1) and starts off with junior relays at 10:00, then senior relays at 11:00, junior presentations at 13:30, senior presentations at 14:00.


Ideally to save admin, PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR OWN TEAMS OF 3!!   See the website for categories.


However, if you are looking to make up a team, use the email and I’ll try and match you up!! 


Even if you’re not running the relays, please can as many Striders as possible come to the presentations (plenty of time to get in a long training run and then come across for food).


Last but not least, Mark Hetherington has asked all clubs for some volunteers to marshal, if you can help, please email


Food (and MVT meeting) on Tuesday 17 March


Pie and peas, usual arrangements apply, email (for 7:15pm) (for 8:30pm) choosing meat or veggie pie, peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie (terms and conditions on home page of website). 


Also a meeting at 8:45pm to discuss the Meanwood Valley Trail Race – all welcome.


Yoga for Runners – Tuesday 24 March – from Liz Wood


I have recently set up my own business called downdogdays, offering personal training, yoga and massage. These are all things that can greatly benefit your performance and recovery as a runner, cyclist and triathlete.


I will be leading a free, 20 minute 'yoga for runners' session at Leo's after your Tuesday night run on 24th March. It will be fun, informal and an opportunity for you to experience the benefits of yoga first-hand and ask me any questions about your own training. Bring along an exercise/yoga mat if you have one (I have a small number of spares) and wear comfortable clothing.


I've been a proud member of Valley Striders since 2007, but haven't been training regularly with the club for a couple of years. Now that other commitments allow, I'm looking forward to training with you in the future.


Email or text to 07866 480368 to book a place on 24 March.


More information on website, Facebook (Downdogdays), Twitter (@downdogdays) and Instagram (downdogdays).




Valley Striders takeover of Roundhay parkrun


From Alex and myself, thanks to all the volunteers Brian Tyrrell, Dawn Parton, Drew Taylor, Elaine Craiggs, Graham Jones, Hannah Corne, Helen Gill, Holly Williams, Jason Watson-Usher, Jean Hussey, John Hussey, Lindsey McDermott, Liz Ball, Louise Cazan, Pascale Fotherby, Paul Crossan, Rebecca Rankin, Sarah Pagdin, plus all the pacers listed below (sorry if I’ve missed anyone)


And we even had a VS men’s winner and a VS 2nd claim ladies winner!


    1 Daniel Fisher      17:33

    5 Ian Sanderson      19:18

    7 Charlotte Wills    19:30 1st W, 2nd Claim VS

    8 Daryl Hibberd      19:37 Pacer    

    9 Ben Hall           19:38 New member?  

   12 Keith Sexton       20:04 New Pb      

   13 Adam Parton        20:06             

   18 Jonathan Pownall   20:53 Pacer       

   25 Callum Parton      21:23             

   37 Gary Mann          21:58 Pacer       

   50 Aileen Loftus      22:35             

   54 Paul Stokes        22:43 New Pb      

   55 Sean Fitzgerald    22:44 Pacer       

   60 Tally Diamond      23:08 New Pb      

   61 Richard Irvine     23:08             

   62 Mike Hall          23:09             

   73 Paul Crossan       23:32             

   90 Dawn Parton        24:36             

   92 Paul Smith         24:51 Pacer       

   95 Andrew Bennett     25:13             

  103 Eleanor Currie     25:47             

  104 Neil Hall          25:53 New Pb      

  108 Paul Sanderson     25:59              

  126 Joel Giddings      26:51 Pacer       

  128 Steph Gledhill     26:58 Pacer       

  161 Paul Kelly         28:31        

  169 Tracy Atherton     28:45    

  173 Dave Jones         28:59             

  181 Liz Reddington     29:14 Pacer       

  185 Sarah Ord          29:24

  200 Fiona Taylor       30:12 VSCC          

  203 Claire Senior      30:16 Pacer 

  207 Mike Mansfield     30:50 2nd claim, VSCC 

  235 Heather Pawley     33:38  

  242 Sarah Howell       34:37             

  261 Graham Pawley      48:32 Final Runner


Peco XC Race 5


Junior years 4-6


    10 Tally Diamond           8:22  3rd girl

    22 Alvie O’Brien           8:43  17th boy

    27 Imogen Idle             8:55  6th girl


In the series, Tally finished =3rd girl and Imogen 6th girl, Alvie was =8th boy.  All 3 are in year 5 so have another year in this category and hopefully will finish higher next year!


Junior years 7-12

    20 Alex Irvine            17:54


Senior race


Ladies                        time     pts

     2 Myra Jones             30:02    92

     3 Hannah Corne           30:13    91

    20 Rachel Mackie          33:30    82

    22 Raquel Gutierrez Abad  33:44    81

    29 Sue Sunderland         34:34    78

    42 Louise Cazan           35:36    75

    61 Claire Senior          36:53    70

    65 Chloe Hudson           37:03    69

    67 Stephanie Gledhill     37:17    67

    77 Pascale Fotherby       38:07    66

    82 Dawn Parton            38:28    65

    91 Liz Reddington         38:57    64

   100 Emma Steel             39:35    62

   105 Liz Ball               39:48    60

   110 Sarah Pagdin           40:11    58

   122 Nicola Hartley         40:48    58

   143 Sarah Smith            41:42    57

   194 Sarah Ord              45:00    55

   198 Sue Carr               45:19    53

   213 Becky Murray           46:58    51

   221 Anne Jones             47:44    50



     6 John Hobbs             26:15   100

    16 Daryl Hibberd          27:06    99

    18 Paul Fotherby          27:18    98

    24 Jeremy Ladyman         27:43    97

    30 Jon Pownall            28:08    96

    39 Gwil Thomas            28:28    95

    52 Gary Mann              28:58    94

    78 Paul Smith             29:55    93

    81 James Tarran           30:06    92

   117 Roy Huggins            31:16    90

   125 Dan Murray             31:36    89

   127 Tony Mills             31:42    88

   132 Drew Taylor            31:58    87

   139 Graham Jones           32:14    86

   141 Andy Pagdin            32:18    85

   161 Gavin Taylor           32:50    84

   167 Alistair Smyth         32:59    83

   198 Callum Parton          34:15    80

   200 Leroy Sutton           34:21    79

   215 Sean Fitzgerald        34:43    77

   224 Paul Stokes            34:56    76

   227 Mike Powell            35:12    75

   235 Paul Crossan           35:36    75

   240 John Hussey            35:46    73

   250 Malcolm Coles          36:30    72

   253 Steve Dixon            36:33    71

   264 Alan Hutchinson        37:09    68

   299 Patrick Barrett        39:28    63

   303 Bob Jackson            39:37    61

   309 Rich Clough            40:05    59

   334 Tony Haygarth          43:10    56

   344 Stephen Diamond        45:01    54

   348 Dave Jones             45:33    52


Team positions: Ladies 1st, Men 1st, Ladies vets 1st in 2nd division, Men vets 4th


Series Results

·         Overall team positions: Ladies 1st, Men 1st, Ladies vets 1st in 2nd division (*), Men vets 2nd

·         In the second team tables (men 9th-16th counters and women 6th-10th) we also won both competitions

·         We also won the “Colin Morath Trophy” for most improved team

·         Individual trophy winners: Hannah Corne 2nd FSen, Myra Jones 3rd FSen, Rachel Mackie 2nd FV40, Sue Sunderland 1st FV50, Liz Ball 2nd FV60,  John Hobbs 3rd MSen, Paul Fotherby 2nd MV40, John Hussey 2nd MV65, Malcolm Coles 1st MV70

·         (*) Interestingly(?), if our ladies vets had been in the top division, they would have finished 2nd

·         And a final statistic – 101 Striders ran in at least one race!


Bath Half Marathon – from Gemma Midwood

Results from Bath Half on Sunday 1st March where Dave and I were the only VS representatives! ( I believe everyone else was tackling hill 60!)

I amazed myself and ran a pb of 1:44:53, Dave unfortunately realised the effects of over-working, effecting training and ran 1:35:29 (still pretty good though!)

I certainly anticipate my time to be my 'any other half' in the GP!

Haweswater Half Marathon – from John Shanks


A couple of entries into the "Any other half marathon" competition. Report below......


I think I did a report last year on this event, mainly describing it as cold, wet and hilly. Well this year wasn't much different, except I swear it was colder (and hillier). It's early spring in Cumbria, so we weren't exactly getting our hopes up with the weather. 


We were looking forward to seeing how our training was coming on, with this race penciled in as a relaxed training run at race effort levels. The idea is to race hard in a duration longer required in a Sprint Duathlon, therefore covering the effort levels that will be needed. 


Anyway, we got a window of sunshine for the start and once we got set off the weather didn't really matter. I remembered the tough climbs at miles 3, 5, 8 and 10, but surprisingly felt strong on all apart from the last one. That kinda took it out of me and the planned kick in the final 5k didn't really happen. 


Saying that, we both managed to nab ourselves a PB! So it was celebrations afterwards, with the tea and flapjack you get at the end of the race. Kudos to Eden Runners who put on an excellent event. 


Border news covered it in this link, some nice scenery in the video


   31 John Shanks      1:25:42       

  232 Sarah Shanks     1:46:42      


Rombalds Stride – from Paul Smith


Winter Challenge – Saturday 7th February 2015

Organised by the 15th Airedale Scout Group, the Rombalds Stride Winter Challenge starts and finishes at St. Oswald’s Junior School in Guiseley. The route takes in some of Yorkshire’s finest scenery, going up the Airedale Valley, over Rombalds Moor to Ilkley and across Otley Chevin. With an excellent meat pie + potatoes and peas & rice pudding with tinned peaches at the finish


   47 Paul Smith       3:25:29

   69 Simon Redshaw    3:38:22

  157 Sarah Smith      4:19:21

  167 Ian Sanderson    4:23:09

  172 Richard Adcock   4:26:13

I saw Geoff at the start but couldn’t see his time logged anywhere – I hope he still isn’t out there!


Rhedeg Cymru / Run Wales 10 mile at Rhyl – report from Myra Jones
The Rhyl 10mile race runs along the seafront between Rhyl and Prestatyn, taking in long sections of promenade and sea wall, various golf courses and Pontins.  The route we actually ran was very different to what was advertised on the website - I'm still not sure why!  We had been promised gale force winds and a potential soaking from 'super tide'  spray.  Thankfully, none of this materialised and other than it being pretty cold and running into a headwind for last few miles, conditions were reasonably good for February on the North Wales coast.
I've done a few of the Run Wales races and recognised a couple of ladies who had beaten me at other races, so set out with the intention of trying to keep them in my sights, with not much success in the early stages of the race.  Hannah Oldroyd (from Bingley) was also running but disappeared into the distance very early on.   
I was in fourth place until around halfway when I  overtook one of my 'rivals' (I'm not sure she actually knows we're rivals), as we turned around and ran into the wind.    At 8miles I was still in 3rd place by some distance but felt like I was closing the gap on the 2nd placed lady.  At one point I wasn't sure if I had left it too late but I finally caught and overtook her with around 200metres to go. I finished 2nd lady,  in 21st place overall (out of 462 finishers) with a new PB of 1:03:54. 
I'm not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I'd do my bit for Welsh tourism.  At the end of June Run Wales are hosting a RunFest in Rhyl - 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances.  They all look like flat courses and should be pretty fast - depending on the weather!  Rhyl probably isn't my favourite bit of the North Wales coast but the Run Wales races I've done have been really well organised and good fun.  Here are the details 
From Bob, the ladies 1-2-3

   17 Hannah Oldroyd  1:02:53  1:02:52

   21 Myra Jones      1:03:57  1:03:54

   22 Jenny Clague    1:04:09  1:04:08

Jenny Clague is worth a google – a contemporary of Tracey Morris in the Welsh junior team, she went on to represent Wales at senior level – in 1992 was 4th in world xc Havana and won IAAF world cup 1500m 4:17:16 - and she has a marathon pb of 2:36.


USA parkrun and 10k from Ross Bibby


Hi Bob, managed to fly the VS flag while I was in the USA:

·         Crissyfield Parkrun, San Francisco, 21/2/15 2nd Ross Bibby, 19.15 (16 finishers)

·         Fort 2 Fort 10k, San Francisco, 22/2/15 6th Ross Bibby, 38.33 (254 finishers)