Subject:                          V S Update - please note changes to Tuesday training; Liz Wood; trail races next weekend; membership info; renewal reminder; MVT help; women 16th in N 6-stage; 20 mile results


Sent: 29 March 2015 19:02

This edition includes

·         Trail races next weekend

·         Membership info for new members

·         Final reminder for membership renewals

·         Meanwood Trail information

·         VS women finish 16th in Northern 6-stage relays

·         20 mile results


But first, the clocks have now gone forward, so some special notes about this week’s training sessions


Training Tuesday 31 March


Juniors and Beginners/Improvers


Please meet at the front of Leos as usual, then we’ll do a short set of warmup exercises, then we’ll ALL go to the field behind Leos.


The plan is that we all do a mile, this being the route used for the Meanwood Trail Junior Race for school years 3 to 6.  Note that the MTJR school years 7 to 12 will do 2 laps on race day!


We’ll keep in a small number of groups with an adult at the front and the back of every group.  Parents please run with your children!


Hopefully everyone will get round, walking is permitted and there is no time limit. However if anyone is struggling, note that after one-third of a mile there is a quick short-cut back to Leos.


After the mile, we’ll split into our normal 1 adult and 3 junior sub-groups for the rest of the session.


Intermediates – meet at Leos as usual.  Please wear hi-vis as it will be going dark at the end of the session.


Experienced runners – session will be speed reps by Eccup Reservoir – the number of reps will be a bit limited by available light so the group will set off at 7pm prompt.  Latecomers can meet on Alwoodley Lane at the top of the footpath steep hill down to the lodge.  Please wear hi-vis as it will be dark for the return journey.


And afterwards (about 8:15), Liz Wood returns by popular demand for another “introduction to yoga” mini-session, email Liz to book a place.  5 of us did it on Tuesday and although there was a bit of overbalancing, I thought we all did quite well with our downward dogs, warrior poses, triangles etc.


Note no food this Tuesday, it is the 5th Tuesday in the month, we get back to our usual schedule on 7 April.


Thursday 2 April


Please continue to wear hi-vis for the next 2 weeks as will be going dark at the end of the sessions.


Next weekend’s racing (running)


On Friday 3 April it’s the Hot Cross Run from the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Kirkby Overblow.  This is one of Valley Strider Jason Praill’s “Country Trail Races”, it’s a navigational race, approx. 10k, with easy to follow route instructions, start any time between 11:00 and noon, most people run in pairs or threes, for more information see , entries at or on the day.


On Sunday 5 April at 10:30 it’s the Guiseley Gallop, see for more details.  This is the second race in the Leeds Race Series – free to enter!


Food Tuesday 7 April


Lasagne, usual arrangements, details on the website


Information for new members


We have had 101 new members join since 1st September.


I apologise that a lot of the runners (adults and juniors) haven’t had “welcome” emails - please read this page


This page can also be accessed on the website, go either to “For New Members” tab or to “For Club Members” tab and look for the “If you’ve just joined” link


Membership renewals


We have 130 members from last year who haven’t renewed this year. Of these 21 have emailed us to say they have resigned which leaves 109 in limbo.


These can be identified on by the word “Due”, if you are one of the 109, please email to arrange payment.


The list includes quite a few active adult and junior runners, so please check.


Note that adult runners who haven’t paid won’t be registered with England Athletics from 1 April 2015.


Meanwood Valley Trail


Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far.


We still need a few more marshals, but nearly there.  There are a few Striders who’ve said they’d like to run (but will do set up and/or tidy up), so if need a few more more to allow them to run.


If you’d like to marshal in a specific area or near to someone you know, then email .  Lists of marshals are at Maps at


We will be having recce runs of the route on 7 April and 14 April.  We will have the usual training sessions as well but if you’d like to see the route, particularly if you are marshalling for the first time in a particular area and want to know where the race goes after it passes you, then come along to one or both of these recce runs.  Both will be meeting at Leos, we’ll need to be off at 7pm prompt to get back before the light goes.


We’d like to see lots of V S Juniors running.  Enter online at, or hand in a form on a Tuesday evening.


Note that V S adults who want to run should not enter online.  They should volunteer first (saying they’d like to run) and then will be able to do so if we have sufficient marshals.  We won’t charge the £2 surcharge for them entering on the day.


Finally I’m looking for someone to hand out MVT entry forms at the Guiseley Gallop next Sunday.




Northern Women’s 6 Stage Relay


A ladies team went to Liverpool on Saturday and finished 16th out of 55 teams, results at   hopefully a report in the next V S Update.


Stokesley Duathlon


Today was the Stokesley Duathlon, I’ll have the results in the next V S Update.


This is a special race for Striders as in 2013 it was the first duathlon that Striders attended as a team, and with team colours.  So it could be considered the date of formation of the Cycling Section – which has, in 2 years grown to 168 paid-up members of whom 102 are cycling-only with VS.


West Yorkshire School Games


A great result for Ella Hollis, who ran in the West Yorkshire school games cross-country last Wednesday and came 9th out of 108 for Y4 girls,


20 mile races


The previous weekend it was East Hull and Trimpell and I think the 20-mile season has now finished, so here are the GP points


  Time      Name             GP Pts  Race     Race pos


  01:59:30  John Hobbs          100  Spen           1 

  02:00:42  Andy May             99  Spen           4 

  02:05:11  Rav Panesar          98  East Hull     13 

  02:06:38  Jon Pownall          97  Spen          15 

  02:12:29  James Tarran         96  Locke Park     9 

  02:18:12  Gary Mann            95  Spen          47 

  02:19:16  Myra Jones           94  Spen          48 

  02:20:03  Paul Smith           93  East Hull     66 

  02:23:10  Hannah Corne         92  Locke Park    29 

  02:24:58  Simon Vallance       91  Spen          64 

  02:25:26  Andy Pagdin          90  East Hull    101 

  02:25:39  Sean Fitzgerald      89  East Hull    102 

  02:30:17  Michael Hall         88  East Hull    131 

  02:33:51  John Batchelor       87  Spen          93 

  02:33:51  Tom Button           87  Spen          94 

  02:41:07  Adam Parton          85  Spen         118 

  02:42:09  Mike Robins          84  Trimpell     202 

  02:42:48  Jeremy Richardson    83  East Hull    202 

  02:53:48  Jenny Hall           82  Spen         151 

  02:57:56  Bob Jackson          81  Spen         161 

  03:20:47  Malcolm Coles        80  Spen         209 

  03:44:16  Neil Hall            79  East Hull    406