Subject:                                     V S Update - Bank accounts, Food on 16th, Early session on 23rd, Vets race on 23rd, BBW on 11 July, Hoodie orders, VSGP results, VSFC table, Comrades, VSCC Time trial, Reports from Lakes, Templenewsam, Jura and Lazonby


Sent: 12 June 2015 00:07

Apologies there was no V S Update last week




·         Food at Leos on Tuesday 16th June, see below

·         5:45pm Juniors/Beginners/Improvers training session on Tuesday 23rd June, see below for special parking arrangements

·         Vets Race on Tuesday 23rd June, we are still short of 10 marshals, see below

·         Valley Striders Summer Barbecue at Leos on Saturday 13th July, open to all members, all ages, see below

·         New bank accounts for membership fees and other payments, see below

·         Orders for VS hoodies now open, see below

·         Also lots of race results and reports


New bank accounts


We have opened two new bank accounts so that the treasurer’s work can be shared.  If you use online banking, please add these accounts to your “system”, and please please use the correct ones, otherwise it will generate more work rather than less for the treasury team.

·         Membership Account is for members to pay in membership fees (and only for this).  Sort code is 53-70-00, a/c number is 72143878, reference to include your name.  Managed by Tom Button.

·         Payments Account is for members to pay in for specific events, for example the summer BBQ, BMW Relay race fees and Hoodie orders.  Sort code: 53-70-00, a/c number: 72143851, reference to include your name and a reason e.g. “BBQ", "BMW", “Hoody” etc.  We’ll announce which events this account should be used for.  Managed by John Shanks.

·         The main Valley Striders account.  Sort code: 53-70-00, a/c number: 01168509, reference to include your name and a reason.  Currently managed by Paul White


If paying by cheque, all cheques should be made out to “Valley Striders”.  Send to Tom or John or Paul, according to the “rules” above, for addresses see  There is also a link “Payments” in the top bar of the website.


Training and food and Harewood chat on 16 June


·         Beginners & improvers & juniors meet Leos 6:00pm for session, followed by lasagne at 7:15pm,  book at before 10pm Sunday 14th, choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50)

·         Intermediates & experienced runners meet Leos 7:00pm for session (5 by 6 mins at Eccup Reservoir), followed by lasagne at 8:30pm, book at before 10pm Sunday 14th, choosing meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50)

·         Note that there will not be apple pie, instead ice-creams will be available that can be paid for on the night

·         Also although we now have half of the marshal team leaders for Harewood, we still don’t have a full admin team needed to start preparing for the event, please come for an informal chat at 8:30pm if you will be able to help in some way.


Tuesday 23 June


·         5:45pm Juniors/Beginners/Improvers training session – early start time and parking arrangements


It is the Vets Race later in the evening and we are expecting a continuous stream of cars coming off King Lane, down Crag Lane and into Leos Car Park from 6:15pm (or even earlier) until 7:15pm (or even later)


We will have early session for juniors, beginners and improvers from 5:45 to 6:45.


We are asking you not to park on Leos car park, nor at the little car park at the entrance to Leos, because if you do, when you want to leave, you will hold up the traffic.  Options for parking are in front of the shops on King Lane (but not if they are still trading), or on the Buckstones as you can access Leos from behind Alwoodley Cricket Club. 


Note that if you do park at Leos, we will ask you to move your car straight away or stay till the race starts at 7:30pm.


·         7pm Intermediates and Experienced runners training sessions - cancelled


There will be no 7pm sessions – we need all the help we can get for the Vets Race.  If we have an excess of marshals, some will be able to run


·         Yorkshire Vets Race


We still need at least 10 marshals -  a few for 6pm, the rest for 6:45pm.  Please email if you can help, see for list of names, click for map of route


Saturday 11 July - V S Summer Barbecue (from Dan, Becky and Rich (Cloughy))


Following the success of last year's Tour De France themed BBQ at Leos Rugby Club, we're doing it again!


In advance of the food and drink:


The cyclists’ plan is to go out on a number of different rides all meeting up at an agreed point then cycling back. All rides will set off from the Thomas Osborne and 10 Warrior Points are available for anyone who joins one of the rides no matter the distance. Keep an eye out on Facebook for more details.


For the runners we have 2 runs to celebrate the reopening of the dam at Eccup.  Both runs will set off at 5pm running the first few km together then splitting for a slightly longer route 11.5km or a slightly shorter route 9.5km to get back for the 6.30 kick off!:)


An event has been created on Facebook.


The party will commence with games starting from 6.30pm on the rugby pitches before we then eat a French themed BBQ at 8pm and enjoy drinks late in to the evening. As with last year, we have a bouncy castle booked to entertain the kids.


The event is open to all Valley Striders members, partners and children and the cost will be £10.50 per adult and £6.50 for kids.


Please email to confirm your booking. When ordering please let us know if you require a vegetarian option.


We will need money paying in advance to secure your place.  Online banking should be paid to sort code 53-70-00, a/c number 72143851 (note that this is NOT the normal VS account), reference to include your name and the word “BBQ". Or write a cheque payable to “Valley Striders” (writing “BBQ” on the back) and send to John Shanks at 11 Sunnybank Road, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4NB.


Hoodies – message from Mr Kit


Summer Hooded Tops Order (Adults and Juniors) – DEADLINE 11:59pm Monday 22nd June 2015


The options / costs are:

·         Adult Black Hoody (no zip) - £21

·         Adult Black or Grey Hoody (full zip) – £26.25

·         Kids Black Hoody (no zip) – £16

·         Kids Black or Grey Hoody (full zip) - £20.50


Each hoody comes as either male, female or kids and will have ‘Valley Striders Leeds’ on the back (heat applied) and the same on the chest only smaller and embroidered. The price also includes for your name (can't be too long) or initials to be embroidered on the chest so you don’t get it mixed up with other Striders. If someone would prefer to not have their name adding, a slight saving to the prices above can be offered. However, this is not recommended as we have had issues with tops getting mixed up.   For pictures, go to and click on “Kit” in the top bar.


Sizing info can be found using these links

·         Full zip hoody: (black or grey):

·         Pullover hoody: (black):

You could always try on a fellow Striders top too but make sure they have an SG hoody not one of the old versions.


Please email your order to


Online banking should be paid to sort code 53-70-00, a/c number 72143851 (note that this is NOT the normal VS account), reference to include your name and the word “Hoody". Or write a cheque payable to “Valley Striders” (writing “Hoody” on the back) and send to John Shanks at 11 Sunnybank Road, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4NB.




Apperley Bridge Canter (VSGP)


Congratulations to Paul White 1st M65, and Myra Jones 2nd W


     9  Simon Midwood       0:37:37      100

    13  Paul Fotherby       0:37:56       99

    15  Daryl Hibberd       0:38:11       98

    22  John Shanks         0:39:52       97

    24  Clive Bandy         0:40:02       96

    46  Dave Penman         0:41:29       95

    48  Myra Jones          0:41:32       94

    53  John Batchelor      0:41:48       93

    58  Joel Giddings       0:42:16       92

    62  Tom Button          0:42:33       91

   68  Graham Jones        0:42:59       90

    69  Tahir Akhtar        0:43:05       89

    80  Rob Marsh           0:43:58       88

   117  Hayley Nancolas     0:46:15       87

   127  Samantha Harris     0:47:04       86

   140  Mike Robins         0:47:30       85

   143  Sarah Shanks        0:47:42       84

   147  Liz Wood            0:47:50       83

   157  Paul White          0:48:28       82

   161  Alistair Smyth      0:48:36       81

   186  Chris Sawyer        0:50:06       80

   187  Chloe Hudson        0:50:16       79

   190  Pascale Fotherby    0:50:22       78

   193  Louise Cazan        0:50:24       77

   196  Bob Jackson         0:50:35       76

   198  Liz Reddington      0:50:47       75

   217  Emma Steel          0:51:36       74

   223  Gemma Merritt       0:51:59       73

   252  Lucy Robins         0:54:11       72

   256  Nicola Hartley      0:54:29       71

   302  Rich Clough         0:56:37       70

   387  Elaine Craiggs      1:03:49       69

   414  Deborah Fraites     1:08:17       68


Wharfedale Half (VSGP & VSFC)


Congratulations to Steve Webb (1st M50) and Myra Jones (4th W)


    14  Steve Webb          1:39:31      100

    45  Myra Jones          1:49:06       98

    71  Graham Jones        1:54:16       96

    76  Tom Button          1:55:53       95

    95  Mark Woodhead       1:58:41       93

   106  Richard Irvine      1:59:53       91

  152  Richard Adcock      2:06:00       89

   156  Samantha Harris     2:06:38       87

   212  Mike Robins         2:14:39       85

   223  Jeremy Richardson   2:16:06       84

   228  Liz Wood            2:17:01       82

   251  Bob Jackson         2:20:39       80


Otley 10 (VSGP)


Congratulations to Ruth Warren (1st W60), Maureen Coffey (1st W65), Andy May (2nd M40) and Myra Jones (4th W)


     6  Andy May            0:59:11      100      

    12  Rav Panesar         1:02:29       99      

    14  Daryl Hibberd       1:02:50       98      

    21  James Tarran        1:04:28       97      

    23  Clive Bandy         1:04:51       96      

    26  John Shanks         1:05:04       95      

    47  Myra Jones          1:08:13       94    W4

    50  Kevin McMullan      1:08:28       93      

    61  Roy Huggins         1:09:37       92      

    63  John Batchelor      1:10:04       91      

    69  Adam Parton         1:10:48       90      

    83  Rob Marsh           1:12:01       89      

    94  Richard Irvine      1:12:46       88      

    97  Ian Sanderson       1:12:59       87      

   125  Andy Pagdin         1:15:09       86      

   131  Joe Hanney          1:15:59       85      

   137  David Merritt       1:16:23       84      

   155  Leroy Sutton        1:17:41       83      

   158  Alistair Smyth      1:17:54       82      

   175  Ruth Warren         1:19:12       81   W24  1st W60

   180  Richard Adcock      1:19:20       80      

   206  Louise Cazan        1:22:09       79   W31

   211  Bob Jackson         1:22:36       78      

   230  Chloe Hudson        1:24:01       77   W41

   243  Michael Hall        1:26:03       76      

   244  Steph Gledhill      1:26:05       75   W49

   245  Gemma Merritt       1:26:10       74   W50

   319  Rich Clough         1:37:14       73      

   340  Maureen Coffey      1:40:07       72  W100  1st W65


The Grand Prix tables and results are now up to date on the website.


Next events – Pudsey 10k (21 June), Hyde Park Mile (1 July), Eccup 10 (5 July) and Summer Handicap (14 July).  See for further ahead.


V S Fell Championships


The events are coming thick and fast and with plenty of variety.  John Marsham has sampled events at the opposite end of the spectrum in very short order, with suburban fellrunning at its best on Otley Chevin and then the shattered rock landscapes of Jura in the Western Isles.


This update includes Duddon Valley, Otley Chevin, Wharfedale Half, Pen-Y-Ghent and Jura.  For those who battled the strong headwinds at the 423m high point of Mastiles Lane in the Wharfedale Half just spare a thought for Kim who was a few miles further west on top of 694m high Pen-Y-Ghent.  I bet it was bracing up there! Over in Cumbria Ennerdale was run over a lower course to avoid competitors being blown off the rocky ridges; I've not seen the results for that yet.


In the men's league a determined group is now established in pursuit of Ross, but has he got an unassailable grip on the trophy?  Kim strengthened her position in the ladies' league with an excellent run for 2nd lady at Pen-Y-Ghent.


I keep scanning the FRA website for results, but let me know if I've missed any of your performances.




The table is now on the website, click on “For Club Members” on the top bar, then “Grand Prix and Fell Championship” on the left hand menu.


Comrades Marathon


Congratulations to James Tarran who ran in the Comrades Marathon in South Africa and completed the 56 miles in 8 hours 57 minutes.  He was awarded a “Wally Mason” medal for getting under 9 hours.


James also met the 1965 winner Bernard Gomersal who at that time was a Harehills Harrier (one of the 3 clubs that merged to become Leeds City AC).


More about this in the next edition of V S Update.


Time Trialling (from Mike Furby)


19 May was the first event in our new 10 mile time trial league and 9 Striders lined up on a newly formed course along with 6 other riders (5 from Yorkshire Road club, 1 from Vertex). The evening was fairly mild yet windy, however, this did not prevent everyone from putting in a great performance, whether a new 10m personal best, a first ever time trial or indeed setting a new club best time.


The first rider to test his metal was Matt Hallam, looking very aero and in great shape, surely we should have set him off last, oh well, time would tell. Several minutes later John Hallas commenced his ride as he led the remaining Striders and hoping very much to keep as many behind him as possible. Unfortunately for him Jason Procter started only 1 minute behind and would be expecting to overhaul John and hopefully some of the others in front on the road. Next up Ged Coll who true to his word would not wear a pointy helmet despite my best efforts to loan him one, one thing for sure is he would set a 10M PB tonight. Andy Stoneman next up with two things on his mind, the win and the KOM. Alec Pearson next with a PB on his mind and hoping to keep (unlucky 13 number pinned upside down as per tradition) Jon Pownall behind him. Following Jon was Danny Murray in his first time trial and somehow managing to reach the start line just 10seconds before his start time, even Wiggo doesn't cut it that fine! Finally Franco James Pardini in the brightest helmet I've ever seen headed out to take on the race of truth for himself.

Meanwhile I took up a marshalling position on the final turn to the finish to give the lads a good cheer as they took on the final mile against the wind and uphill - oof.


End result, a win for Russell Brown of YRC (fab time for him) but leading the way for VSCC it was Matt, pipping Andy by just 4 seconds and claiming a new Club record at the same time. Alec and Jason produced a new 10M PB each while the others all set tough new times for them to try and beat next time.


If you are interested in getting involved, please let us know as there is a great opportunity here to try out this aspect of competitive cycling but in a very low key environment and there are 9 more events to go.


Duddon Valley Fell Race (from Steve Dixon)


Saturday 30 May, part of the English Fell Running Championships


This was my 3rd race in these championships having already run the short counter, Flower Scar and the medium counter, Stretton Six Summits. Duddon is a long counter and is one of the 3 super long Lake District Classics (Wasdale and Ennerdale been the others). It's close to 18 miles long and has 2000 metres of climbing.


The setting was the beautiful Duddon Valley in the southern lakes, the finish being in a field behind the Newfield Inn. The start was a 5 minute warm up jog away in a woodland glade below Wallbarrow Crag.

Having run in this race 4 years ago I had a hazy memory of what to expect and set myself a  target of lopping 30 minutes off my previous time of 4hrs 46mins. Glad I kept reasonably quiet about that as I found the going really tough on the boggy approach to the first big climb, Harter Fell. Other runners aiming for 4hrs 30 mins then rapidly disappeared into the distance up the steep slopes of the fell! This was going to be just as hard as the last time!


I stuck with the task of keeping pace with Andreas Mayer one of two other Striders running. I suspect though that it was more the case he stuck with me in the mistaken belief I knew the way round! Whilst waiting Andreas amused himself taking photos of runners crawling up the next big climb, jokingly called Little Stand. Think Whernside on the 3 peaks route, double the steepness and length and you have some idea that this was not little! The reward for this climb was the gentle descent to the Three Shires road crossing and this was pure running heaven on lovely grassy trods. We were an hour within the cut off at this checkpoint! My race picked up from this point and we started to move up through the field. It's a mistake I made last time thinking that once you regain your height by reaching  Swirl How its downhill and an easy jog back for that pint at the Newfield Inn. Not pushing too hard in the first half allowed me to run more strongly and confidently over the rocky contouring sections to reach Dow Crag and the Walna Scar track. It's an easy tempting descent along this track to the finish but we still had two more checkpoints to visit in White Pikes and Caw. There is a clue as to the terrain between these checkpoints in the name 'Yaud Mire'! It was here we caught up with the third Strider, Rob Bumstead, unfortunately struggling with leg cramps and he was not alone. After 4 hours of mountain running this boggy section and the vicious little climb up to Caw is a real sting in the tail and catches out those vulnerable to cramp. The race guide says you can smell the beer and chips down in the pub from the Caw CP and the winner will be down in 6 to 7 minutes. My target time of 4hrs 15mins had been used up to reach Caw so I set myself an 'easy' 4.30 time to the finish. I couldn't smell the beer and instead kept the fell running legend Wendy Dodds in my sights and after a final splodge through waterlogged fields made it to the finish with seconds to spare with Andreas hot on my heels. Rob made a good recovery and was a couple of minutes behind us.


Rob Hope of Pudsey and Bramley won the race in 2:44:01

Sharon Taylor of Helm Hill was first lady in 3:23:26 (61st)

Lower down in the placings -

226 Steve Dixon             4:29:16

227 Andreas Mayer.       4:29:24

237 Robert Bumstead.   4:31:54

325 runners and 299 finishers.


That's me for the championship this year and at least I scored some points which is an achievement in itself! An excellent race with jaw dropping scenery throughout. Sub 4 hours my target for next year!


There are still 3 races (short, medium and long) to be run for anyone wanting to have a crack at this competition -


Urban trail race series at temple newsam (from Kim Spence)


Results from the first race in the urban trail race series at temple newsam. Perfect sunny night for running..7 miles of undulating paths and trails with a free ice cream to all finishers! Next race is at Roundhay Park on the 17th June which is supposed to be flatter and shorter.

A few navigational issues for the first five men who ended up cutting out over a mile off the course so although winning male time was 34.53 this isn't accurate...first female was Nicky Green from Barnsley in 48.36.

2nd female and 11th overall Kim Spence 48.50
18th overall Andreas Mayer 52.47
5th female and 29th overall Sarah grant 55.31
6th female and 31st overall Rachel Mackie
37th overall Sean Fitzgerald 56.49
11th female and 52nd overall 1 hour 56 seconds

113 runners finished

Jura Fell Race (from John Marsham)


The Jura race has a reputation, both for being “more than a race” and for covering some of the toughest terrain of any UK fell race. Jura’s  is “unget-at-able” nature, as George Orwell who wrote 1984 there put it, adds to both of these. This means that most of the competitors end up staying a night or two on the island, and enjoy the company, the pub, the location and the ceilidh as much as the race. Many “extras” come along for the holiday and I saw more than one grandparent-parent-child group (I think some with more than one generation running).


Nowadays, it is less unget-at-able than it used to be: a direct ferry from the mainland deposits you at the pier, a mere hundred metres from the campsite, pub, shop, distillery, race HQ, race start and finish. We turned up early on Thursday night and by Friday the campsite and pub were getting full – with many discussing the next day’s race. The discussion often focused on route choices and how not to get lost. I heard of “TV sized” and “fridge sized” scree – was this just the beer talking?


The race is ‘only’ 17 miles, with 3 of those on road and pretty much flat. But with 2370m of climb that makes it quite a lot steeper than Borrowdale (17 miles and 2000m). The route starts off innocently enough, a boggy trod to a summit at about 500m. But the first downhill is tough and then you reach the Paps. These convex domes often appear to have no solid rock at all. When you can find it it’s generally covered in rubble and not the best line. Instead the best routes appear to be near mythical patches of grass, or scree small enough to “surf” down. Inevitably though you always hit the big scree and stumble across that (well I did anyway). After three Paps there is a final steep climb before a long runnable descent to the road.


In the end my race plan sort of worked. The cloud lifted as forecast and I could follow someone who had done the race a few times before to the start of the Paps. I gained time on the ascents and lost it on the descents; I think only really taking a bad line on Pap number three. I even managed to sneak in a look around at the view.  The final road is described in the race information as “3 miles along Jura’s beautiful coastline”. This is true. It does of course feel like trying to do a 5km road race straight after a long tough fell race though. Safe to say I didn’t beat my park run PB. My time wasn’t fast enough to get a whiskey glass (you need less than 4 hours), but good enough for me I felt as a “first timer”. The weather sort of held for the next two days allowing a slower exploration of other beautiful corners of what is a surprisingly large place. 



1          Finlay Wild 3.13.27 (record is 3.06.30, Finlay has recently taken the Skye ridge record – he clearly likes his routes fairly “unrunnable”)

6          Jasmin Paris 3.38.43 (new women’s record, beating Angela Mudge’s 2008 record of 3.40.33)

39         John Marsham 4.24.03 

201 finishers


Lazonby 10k – from John Shanks


Sarah had noticed on a facebook page for her local town that the school were putting on a 10k race this year. We knew the route would be nice and saw it as a chance to go up and see Sarah's parents so we made the trip up.


It was a strange start, not like any usual race. It was very low key and it’s a weird feeling being just 2mins from the start line. The sun was shining and the Eden Valley was looking superb, a perfect day to have a race. 


As we approached the start area, we noticed it was a big field. As in, it started in a big field, the actual number of entries was small! We looked around and didn't see many club vests, a few from local clubs Eden Runners & DH Runners and one Hyde Park Harrier! The absence of any Border Harriers gave us encouragement that we could do well in this. Turns out we did, Sarah was first lady and 10th overall and I won overall. Not an overly competitive race and we won by a fair distance, but a win’s a win! 


As we set off we ran up a long drag of a hill which lasted for the entire first mile, then it was undulating from there with the final mile downhill. The course was great, no traffic (apart from one or two tractors) amazing views and well supported when you consider the local population. 


I think the school did a great job organising the event, I hope they get higher numbers next year and I'd encourage anyone in our club to make the trip up if they fancy a slightly different road race. There's a direct train back to Leeds that goes via Settle!


1. John Shanks                 36:29

10. Sarah Shanks (1st F) 44:58

30 ran


No medals or anything, all awards were donated. My prize was a Spa day for two at Armathwaite Hall which Sarah described as "well posh". Sarah got a voucher for afternoon tea which she gave to her parents.