Subject:                          V S Update - Club 1 and 5 mile races, Leeds Country Way, Golden Acre, Leeds Xpress Tri, Results from lots of races mainly in Leeds, Report from Italy


Sent: 12 July 2015 17:41

Club 1 mile and 5 mile races on Tuesday 14 July


Firstly, HELP, I'm looking for 7 people to marshal at our club trail handicap race on Tuesday evening, you'll need to be in place starting 7pm or 7:15pm depending on location see  for map, text me on 07775 898 558 if you can help, thanks!


There are 2 events, a 1 mile race for juniors and adults at 6:10pm and a 5 mile race for adults at 6:45pm, both from near the lodge by Eccup Reservoir at the bottom of the tarmac footpath (Goodrick Lane) from Alwoodley Lane.

·         Location of 1 mile start (go down to the lodge and turn right and meet just the other side of the gate)

·         Location of 5 mile start (meet just to the right of the lodge, please do NOT MEET IN FRONT OF THE LODGE as we want to maintain good relations with the owners

·         Map of 5 mile route


Depending on numbers, we may split the 1 mile event into 2 races, the first for juniors up to including school year 6 (adults may accompany younger children and may also run race 2 too), the second for juniors year 7 and above and adults.  Please all meet 6:10pm so we can gauge numbers.


The 5 mile (approx.) race is partly footpaths, partly tarmac tracks, and goes past the Emmerdale filmset.  The first (slowest) runner will set off just before 7pm, the fastest somewhat later, everyone else in between, and if the handicapping is “correct”, everyone will finish together.  If you’ve not run one of these before, please come with an estimate of your time for a 5k or 10k race.


Leeds Country Way reminder


Thank you to the 29 that have volunteered for the Leeds Country Way Relay on 6 September, but we are need 43 more to make up our “usual” 6 teams.


We’re asking for names by 26 July so we can select teams on 28 July, which will give 5 weeks for our runners to organise at least one recce of their leg of the route.


Why do we need 5 weeks?  Just that previous experience shows that trying to find a match for a spare weekend or a spare evening in the holiday season isn’t easy.


If you’d like to run please email . To check if you’re on the list please see


Golden Acre Relay


The Golden Acre Relay, for teams of 3, each leg just over 2 miles will be on Wednesday 22 July.  See for details.


Please make up your own teams, and make up your own team name (ideally with “Valley” and/or “Striders” in the title).  If you’re looking for runners to make up a team, please use the V S Group page on Facebook.


Volunteers wanted for Leeds Xpress Triathlon (and free places in Manchester marathon)


I’ve just had this email requesting support for 26th July.  Given the short timescale, I’m not going to collect names and pass them on, especially as they need just 20 marshals and, by the time I send names, they may have filled all the places.


But noting that one of the offers seems to be a free place in the Manchester marathon I thought some of you might be interested, so if you are, please contact Lyndsay Calder directly.


Here’s the email


I am the event coordinator at Xtra Mile Events and we host the Leeds Xpress Triathlon at the Grammar School at Leeds on Sunday 26th July. One of my roles here is to recruit the volunteer marshals for the events who help with a variety of tasks on the day. It is a great fundraising opportunity for the Valley Striders AC, we offer a donation of £5 per person/ per hour to the group or a £42 discount per person to any of our events including the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon! Each marshal will also receive a snack pack on the day, (water, juice, a piece of fruit, a cereal bar and some crisps).


I have a few different positions available ranging from swim counters, bike marshals and finish line marshals.  The triathlon itself is fairly contained in the grounds so I thought this might suit the Junior and Youth teams within the club?  We have groups of marshals that come back year after year to our events over the North West, they all have a great time and find it a great way to raise funds quickly!


The duties  that are currently available include counting swim lanes, the bike marshal positions and the finish line which in total adds up to around 20 people, this would equal approximately £500 in donation! If this is something you think your running club would be interested in then please do give me a call and we can discuss any questions, the hours and an approximate donation fee.


Many thanks,

Lyndsey Calder

Events Co-ordinator

Xtra Mile Events

Tel: 0161 928 6795



Yoga Update from Liz Wood


Hi Striders, just a quick yoga update. Following the interest in the yoga sessions we did earlier in the year, I've been trying to free up an evening that would best fit in with training sessions and races. Monday evenings may be a possibility soon, to be confirmed. Would Mondays be good for you? If so, state your preferred start time. I'm on the hunt for a good venue in North Leeds (spacious & cheap!), any suggestions welcomed. I'll post this on the VS fell runner page too. In the meantime, I'm doing this at Yoga Kula next Friday, all welcome!


Message from Yorkshire Vets race co-ordinator


Hi Bob. on behalf of the Yorkshire Vets I would like to thank you and your team for hosting a grand prix event for the Yorks vets. Great venue, excellent food, great course and all seemed to go well.


I hope you will be able to do again in 2016.




Including race wins for Kim Spence and Gavin Taylor, some Grand Prix and Fell Championship results, and an epic report from Paul Smith,


NYERRL Cycling at Bransby Circuit


Congratulations to Gavin Taylor on winning this race!


Junior 100 metres time trials at GSAL on 9 June


Apologies for the delay, results can now be found at


Pudsey 10k results (VSGP)


   23   Gary Mann           0:41:53      100

   43   Adam Parton         0:44:20       99

   50   Rob Marsh           0:45:40       97

   74   Alistair Smyth      0:47:27       96

  114   Louise Cazan        0:49:51       94

  120   Mike Robins         0:50:06       93

  125   Sarah Shanks        0:50:32       91

  157   Chris Sawyer        0:52:22       90

  181   Dawn Parton         0:53:45       89

  183   Liz Reddington      0:53:52       87

  186   Emma Steel          0:54:07       86

  197   Kat Martin          0:54:32       84

  258   John McDermott      0:57:20       83

  338   Louise Jennings     1:01:52       81

  356   Pascale Fotherby    1:03:23       80


Pudsey Junior Race (VSJGP)


   22   Imogen Idle      11:41

   26   Jason Twigg      11:46

   60   Alec Twigg       14:16


“Jane Tomlinson” Canal 5k race at Methley


    2   Simon Midwood    17:03

    5   Rav Panesar      17:30

   16   Dave Penman      19:00

   34   Andy May         19:44

   74   Louise Cazan     21:48

   83   Chloe Hudson     22:31


Eccup 10 (VSGP)

                            Gun      Chip

    2   John Hobbs         0:56:57  00:56:56      100

   10   Simon Midwood      1:00:08  01:00:06       99

   13   Gwil Thomas        1:00:45  01:00:43       98  2nd M40

   31   Alex Nancolas      1:04:28  01:04:15       97

   35   Gary Mann          1:04:41  01:04:38       96

   45   Kevin McMullan     1:05:45  01:05:39       95  3rd M45

   52   Joel Giddings      1:06:40  01:06:18       94

   73   Roy Huggins        1:08:17  01:08:14       93

   90   Ian Sanderson      1:09:28  01:09:06       92

  106   Sean Fitzgerald    1:10:29  01:10:18       91

  108   Hannah Corne       1:10:37  01:10:32       89

  112   David Merritt      1:10:43  01:10:29       90

  117   Adam Parton        1:11:12  01:11:05       88

  130   Jake Towler        1:11:47  01:11:27       87

  131   Rob Marsh          1:11:49  01:11:39       86

  134   Michael Hall       1:12:00  01:11:49       85

  139   Andy Pagdin        1:12:29  01:12:16       84

  141   Samantha Harris    1:12:31  01:12:20       83  3rd W35

  159   Pam Lomoro         1:13:36  01:13:13       82

  179   Malcolm Coles      1:15:12  01:15:04       81  1st M70

  214   Ruth Warren        1:17:20  01:17:05       79  1st W60

  218   Eric Green         1:17:29  01:16:56       80

  224   Kat Martin         1:17:39  01:17:16       77

  225   Carmel Barker      1:17:43  01:17:11       78  1st W55

  245   Mike Robins        1:18:39  01:18:22       76

  275   Sue Sunderland     1:20:07  01:19:39       75

  289   Gemma Merritt      1:20:50  01:20:27       74

  318   Bob Jackson        1:22:31  01:22:11       72

  326   Pascale Fotherby   1:22:48  01:22:03       73

  333   Dawn Parton        1:23:06  01:22:44       71

  340   Steph Gledhill     1:23:42  01:23:04       69

  354   Claire Senior      1:24:10  01:22:58       70

  392   Liz Reddington     1:26:13  01:25:37       68

  484   Lucy Robins        1:31:22  01:30:34       67

  557   Louise Jennings    1:37:14  01:36:33       66

  606   Rich Clough        1:40:35  01:39:54       65

  639   Sue Carr           1:44:24  01:43:09       64


  145   Howard Jeffrey     1:12:54  01:12:43       82


John, Simon and Gwil were 1st men’s team.


Grand Prix tables are now up to date on the website, go to the “For Club Members” tab and then look down the left hand side


Pudsey, JT 5k and Eccup were both in the Leeds Race Series, see


Eccup Junior Races (VSJGP)


1 mile

    8   Tally Diamond      6:13  2nd girl

   11   Imogen Idle        6:32   4th girl     

   25   Alec Twigg         7:30

2 miles

   12   Jason Twigg       13:33


Apologies, the Junior GP tables will be updated soon!


Pudsey and Eccup were both in the Leeds Junior Race Series, see


Harrogate 10k


   20   Jonathan Smyth    37:38
  152   Paul White        45:28     2nd M65
  530   Mike Brown      1:02:40
    622   finished 


[Not] A running report (from Paul Smith)


Cortina Trail 30mi, 10,000ft ascent /Lavaredo Ultra a bit longer a bit more climbing (for old grumpy men) and another race I forget the name of.


After the longest messenger thread in history....

Day 0 trip out to Treviso, diverted in flight to Milan Bergamo. Severe p*ss taking via Facebook from those still in England. 2.5hr bus transfer back to Treviso. Arrive 1:30am. Hotel has cancelled my booking (great!). No taxi/bus or people or anything. Walk into Treviso. Blag a spare bed in Curlys room and sleep at 3am. Curly is a hero. 4am others set off for Manchester flight to Venice. Others already in Venice and already bored ~ "it's just a load of buildings" say one ~ so uncultured! Ross gets withdrawal symptoms from not running and sets a new record on a strava segment around Venice canals


Day 1 cars to Cortina. Great fun winding up Andreas pretending stuck in Milan not waiting for him at airport. My passengers then have a car picnic for the 1st hour of the journey without offering driver any. They eat more again at services before arrival at weekend accommodation declaring how hungry they are on arrival. Scenery on drive up into mountains already stunning. Search for house proves difficult for all but finally locate property and it's amazing despite downstairs decor which is reminiscent of a retirement home ~ just like home for the Ultra runners. Team spirit high and purchase the cheapest wine ever at the supermarket. Quick evening walk for some, beer and pasta for others. One to arrive ~ he will only spend HALF the time there. Cortina and surrounding mountains are stunning


Day 2 team spirit in tatters, every person for themselves at breakfast and lots of debate, some regimented organisation and some lethargy organising the day's activities. Some hike over the nearest mountain, some drive and hike up a mountain further away, some run way too far the day before the start of the Ultra and some feed their mountain bike obsession. Hot day stunning scenery. Evening sees 2 tackle the half marathon. Tough technical course up and over one of the many mountains. Winners time is about 1:40 - 1:50. Ross seems surprised with difficulty of course but does well. Becky (team yoga instructor) does very well too photography, general looking about and too much in-race talking sees her timed out with 5km to go. Pictures of race are stunning. She is not at all disappointed and on a high in the pizza restaurant until someone points out there were medals for finishers - cue sad face. Curly goes missing on several occasions during the evening. Richard decides his bed is crap and moves upstairs to the executive suite.


Day 3. Morning yoga session on the balcony for some. I don't realise I can bend that far and get stuck in several moves. A feeling of inner calm descends over the participants. Others off on another regimented hike/via ferrata. Mealtimes remain individual, items are being named and marked in fridges a whole shelf is dedicated to "The Vegetarian". Organisation has become more difficult than herding cats. Register for trail and ultra and excitement and running talk is mounting. Steve spends the day "in the zone" and preparing for his 11pm start whilst Richard eats a 4 course meal and coffee - just because he can. We are served by Andy Stoneman who is taking time off riding his bike. Highlight of the trip is crazy golf. The inaugural tournament is won by the man with the backpack and hydration. His wife sulks at being beaten, and does lots of cheating. The winner is dismayed to have to buy beers for his hole in one - the team go wild at this point. Mr Batchelor arrives and plays bad crazy golf his way ~ gets his money's worth though and does complete the whole course. The golf scenery is stunning. Curly goes missing several times during the day. Kim has another pizza. Richard and Steve set off on the old mans race at 11pm. Only the night owls of the group are there to see them off.


Day 4 race day (for me anyway) Everyone up early. I've made a miracle recovery from injury and despite heavy Union Jack strapping line up with nearly 1,000 others for the 8am start. Myra and some no-marks from Chapel Allerton have joined us too. It's warm/hot and gets hotter as the day progresses. Race starts with a gentle then stiffer climb. Scenery is seriously stunning, unbelievable in fact. Terrain is tough but mostly runnable, I'd say it's the toughest race I've ever done (harder than the Lakeland 50) but can sometimes be accused of overstatement and even outright lying. Some big big climbs and steep descents. Pizza fuelled Kim starts well and gets better. Running machine Ross cruises past myself, JB and Myra early doors and is never seen again. Clive starts near the front and seems surprised when I catch him at the top of the climb. We spend a large part of the race posing for photos of each other before he consumes a mighty fruit salad at one of the checkpoints, sprints away on the final descent and beats me by miles ~ I did take some time out for a shower at a checkpoint mind. Everyone else does fantastically well to finish in good times and saving enough energy to run through cortina high street to the finish line. Can't help thinking how difficult the last 10-15 miles are going to be for the Ultra boys in the dark. Spend the rest of the day drinking, getting freebies from the North Face tent and enthusiastically shouting encouragement to runners in their native tongue (at least we think we are shouting encouragement). Turns out the team member who was staying half the time of the rest only completed half the race! He suffered a small amount of stick as a result! Curly goes missing on several occasions. Everyone gets worried about if the German member of our group is ok as he hasn't been overly sociable. After a crap meal but great grappa ~ blagged on account Kim won the ladies race by miles ~ we go mental for the arrival of the 2 ultra boys, a fantastic effort, despite us missing Steve's arrival. Probably due to the fact we had to rescue Kim from 3 Italian fireman she was flirting with ~ "Yes I'm a race winner don't you know". Bedtime at 4am-ish after several silly games and Kim preventing everyone from any sleep even those that were trying.


Day 5 ridiculously early start for some for no reason whatsoever. No yoga as promised as the teacher slept in until 11, "Namaste" to you. Various bumming around and trips out for pictures of jumping off rocks for Facebook profile pics. Curly missing on several occasions. Kim has yet another pizza.


Day 6 home for some, hut-to-hut trekking for others and trips to Venice for a few.


Verdict: a truly terrific event, unrivalled scenery, great running and an absolute must do. Special thanks to those that put the effort to organization of accommodation and other logistics


Cortina Skyrace

Ross Bibby - 2.11.00 (35th overall)

Ian Spence - 2.45.36 (157th overall)

Becky Bibby - timed out

208 finished


Cortina Trail Race

Kim Spence 5.42.33 (1st female and 17th overall)

Ross Bibby 6.17.45 (61st overall)

Clive Bandy 6.46.44 (120th overall)

Paul Smith 6.54.22 (144th overall)

Myra Jones 7.04.13 (18th female, 170th overall)

Amanda Seims 7.13.38 (22nd female, 218th overall)

Andreas Mayer 7.23.21 (262nd overall)

Matthew Allen 8.27.27 (533rd overall)

John Batchelor DNF


Soon to be second claim Valley Striders Members

Liga Magdalenoka-Keen and Nick Keen 7.11.10 (21st female, 207th and 208th overall)

945 runners finished


Ultra (a race for old men)

Steve Dixon 25.04.43 (515th overall)

Richard Adcock 25.16.15 (525th overall)


747 finished although over 1000 runners started


*** end of report and end of email !