Subject:                          V S Update - WYXC final reminder; Food and meeting on 6 Oct; Membership renewals; Junior records; Floodlights; New arrival; parkrun feedback; Vale of York results


Sent: 28 September 2015 00:44

WYXC Final Reminder – closing date is 30 September


Email if you wish to be entered.


If you have already done this, please click to check your name is on the list of entries. I have been known to miss one of the “teams” emails in the past, so please check!!


The dates/venues are - Sunday 18 October at Wakefield, Saturday 31 October at Huddersfield, 14 or 15 November at Keighley, and Sunday 6 December at Yeadon.


Fees for whole series are £12 for adults, £6 for juniors, please pay account “AC Payments” Sort Code: 53-70-00 A/c Number: 72143851, include your name and “WYXC” in the reference


Food on Tuesday 6 October and Annual Running Meeting


We have pie and peas back on the menu for Tuesday 6 October.


For 6pm training session / 7:15pm food email .  For 7pm training session / 8:20pm food email choose meat pie or veggie bake, and please choose mushy peas or baked beans.  Book by 10pm Sunday 4 October.


When everyone is seated, we’ll start the “Annual Running Meeting” (which perhaps should be called “Annual Athletics Meeting”) to listen to and discuss reports from the committee, captains and coaches, and appoint new officers for the current year which has just started in September. 


We are planning “Parents of Junior Runners Meeting” for later in October, please watch this space!


Membership Renewals


Firstly to remind you that we have two new bank accounts, one for membership fees, the other for your payments for race fees, socials, hoodies, etc

·         “AC Membership” Sort Code: 53-70-00 A/c Number: 72143878 (please put your name in the reference)

·         “AC Payments” Sort Code: 53-70-00 A/c Number: 72143851 (please put your name and a reason, e.g. PecoXC, in the reference)


Since setting up these new accounts in the middle of June we’ve had 120 membership transactions and 130 payment transactions. I’m pleased to say that only 5 of these have been to the wrong account, so thank you for your attention to detail, this is making our accounting much easier.


Note that cycling membership should be paid separately and directly to the British Cycling website see .  We’ve had 76 of these so far.


For renewal of running membership the standard rates are £29 for adults, £15 for juniors.  For new members, the rates are £41/£15.  For more information, click on . Check your membership at (note that this page shows, at the top, the date last amended). For enquiries, email


Junior training sessions / floodlights


Two records were set last Tuesday evening.  Firstly we had a record number of juniors in the training session, 67 in total!  And secondly we presented our first ever “100 sessions” medal to Sam Chambers – see picture on home page of website, also on juniors page, also in photos section.


And also we had our first switch on of the new floodlights.  As most of you know, there are floodlights either side of the 2nd team rugby pitch.  For our winter sessions, we have the beginners/improvers group on one half of the pitch, and three junior groups (split by school year 2-4, 5-6, 7-10) on the other half.  During the summer, Leos brought in some heavy duty mowing equipment to cut the grass on the upper field (the one we use for Meanwood Trail) and on the way back to the clubhouse, the driver managed to knock over one of the floodlight posts.  As many of you know, there is also a grassed area on the north side of the second team pitch (we use this for parking for Meanwood Trail).  Someone in the rugby club put all these facts together, and as a result we have (a) a new post (b) new floodlights (LCD to save energy) (c) floodlights on both sides of the “northern” posts to enable us to have sessions on the grassed area, therefore giving us more capacity.   VS have made a contribution to these floodlights, so can parents of juniors please renew memberships to balabce the books!


New Arrival (message from Alex)


Just thought I'd let you know that Baby WU has arrived! Nolita Belle Watson-Usher born last Monday 14 Sept at 1.02pm. Wahoo!


She was mostly delighted that she wouldn't be running up that bloody hill at parkrun again on Saturday!


If this makes the cut ('!!') into your newsletter, I would also like to thank everyone for making my due date parkrun so special. I was totally stunned & so overwhelmed to see how many had turned up with their bumps! It was such a lovely lovely surprise & made me feel so happy to be part of such a brilliant club! I can't wait to be able to squeeze back into my VS vest! Chevin Chase here I come!


(NB bumps picture on home page of website)


“Feedback from the Field”


2nd item in this week’s National parkrun email


Originally my husband and I were going to do our 100th parkruns together, aiming to reach the milestone before the birth of our first child, but in May I had our baby prematurely and stopped running. Like all parents, our first few months have been a mix of joy and worry, so on Saturday it was great to hold a party to celebrate our healthy little boy and my 100th run. Looking around our garden at all our parkrunning friends who have provided love and support over the past few months, I thought how lucky we are to have this great community to bring our child up in. Thank you parkrun and especially Roundhay parkrun.

Sarah Howell


Vale of York Half Marathon


                            Chip time Pts Gun Time

    4   John Hobbs           1:13:47  100  1:13:48

    6   Andy May             1:14:18   99  1:14:20

   14   Rav Panesar          1:17:34   98  1:17:35

   15   Simon Midwood        1:17:41   97  1:17:43

   44   Gary Mann            1:23:04   96  1:23:09

   61   Ian Sanderson        1:25:18   95  1:25:37

   64   Joel Giddings        1:25:50   94  1:26:11

   66   Kevin McMullan       1:26:12   93  1:26:19

   94   Sean Fitzgerald      1:28:51   92  1:28:57

 100   Hannah Corne         1:29:18   91  1:29:25

  107   Michael Hall         1:29:25   90  1:29:45

  108   Adam Parton          1:29:40   89  1:29:47

  116   David Merritt        1:30:03   88  1:30:34

  162   Andy Pagdin          1:32:53   87  1:33:00

  187   Allison Skillicorn   1:35:01   86  1:35:19

  192   Samantha Harris      1:35:24   85  1:35:44

  247   Sue Sunderland       1:38:45   83  1:39:05

  264   Mike Robins          1:38:41   84  1:39:42

  284   Paul White           1:40:38   82  1:40:46

  287   Carmel Barker        1:40:40   81  1:40:51   1st F55

  308   Louise Cazan         1:41:27   80  1:42:28

  310   Ruth Warren          1:42:20   79  1:42:41   1st F60

  357   Kat Martin           1:43:35   78  1:45:11

  381   Gemma Merritt        1:45:53   77  1:46:25

  408   Chloe Hudson         1:46:51   76  1:47:37

  432   Bob Jackson          1:48:03   75  1:49:04

  604   Liz Reddington       1:56:08   74  1:57:09

  605   Jon Idle             1:56:30   73  1:57:13

  661   Lucy Robins          1:58:10   72  1:59:12

 923   Louise Jennings      2:09:53   71  2:11:30

1041   Sue Carr             2:19:20   70  2:20:41

1075   Helen Gill           2:22:50   69  2:24:10

1076   Elaine Craiggs       2:22:52   68  2:24:11

1113   Neil Hall            2:27:46   67  2:29:11


The website is now up-to-date with VSGP results and the VSGP table.


The final races in VSGP are WYXC race 1 (18 Oct), Abbey Dash (15 Nov), Harriers vs Cyclists (21 Nov) and Peco Race 1 (22 Nov).


Harewood Marshals


Still need lots of marshals, email   Also need people to hand out our postcard flyers at various races including all local parkruns, same email address.


As at tonight, we have 96 entries in total.




Another reminder, hi-vis compulsory for all 6:45pm / 7pm club sessions