Subject:                          V S Update - Snake Lane entry today; Food and Running Meeting; Y Vets Relays; London; Leeds Race Series; Harewood; Results from Kirkstall and Leeds Tri


Sent: 03 October 2015 00:26

Snake Lane 10 – Entries open today (and likely to be full today)


The race is on 21 February.  Entries open today, Saturday 3 October at 10:30 at


Last year’s race sold out in 24 hours, so if you want to run this race, go online this morning!


Food and Annual Running meeting


We have pie and peas back on the menu for Tuesday 6 October.


For 6pm training session / 7:15pm food email .  For 7pm training session / 8:20pm food email choose meat pie or veggie bake (£3.50), and please choose mushy peas or baked beans.  Book by 10pm Sunday 4 October.


When everyone is seated (approx. 8:30), we’ll start the “Annual Running Meeting” (which perhaps should be called “Annual Athletics Meeting”) to listen to and discuss reports from the committee, captains and coaches.


A full list of “officers” of the club is at .  I’m not sure if anyone is intending to “retire”, but there are always opportunities for people to be involved with the club e.g. by shadowing an existing officer.  In particular, help is needed with race organising and relay team management.  I started by organising the first Grand Prix Club Championship in 1989 and look where it got me!!!


We are planning “Parents of Junior Runners Meeting” for later in October, please watch this space!  The Cycling Club are holding their AGM on 23 October, and we will hold the Valley Striders AGM in November.


Yorkshire Vets Road Relays


These will be held next Saturday (10 October) at Saltaire. Vets is considered 35 for men and women.  For most age groups it is 3 runners per team, and a lap is about 3 miles, on road and good riverside paths.  Last year I think we entered 4 teams, I remember our M60 team finished comfortably mid table. This year we already have 2 club members for the M50 team so one more runner wanted. 


They will accept entries up to next Friday, so if you’re interested in running, please email and I’ll keep you informed of the likelihood of a team at your age group.




Congratulations if you got an acceptance letter through the post, but if you got a rejection, don’t worry, you have another opportunity as Valley Striders will get 4 places for our members. Please email if you got a rejection.  We’ve made a slight revision to the rules for the ballot and I’ll publish these next week


Membership Renewals


Please ensure you pay to the correct account!


Harewood Trail Races – Sunday 8 November


Race entries are now online at , please tell your friends.  We have 140 entries so far.  VS juniors please enter now! 


If you’d like to help on the day, please email or “join” the Facebook event .  List of marshals will be at (but may be a few days behind)


VS adults if you want to run, please let us know at – we need to ensure we have sufficient marshals before we can “allow” our members to run.


Leeds Race Series


Entries for Leeds Race Series 2015 have been kept open for a few more days.  Take a look at – you may already have run a lot of races in the Series.


Leeds Junior Race Series 2015-6 is now open at




Kirkstall junior race


    6  Tally Diamond    13:25  1st girl

    8  Keira Jones      13:52

   12  Jason Twigg      14:29

   15  Imogen Idle      14:58

   19  Alec Twigg       17:22

   21  Joshua Birkin    17:30


Kirkstall trail race


   10  Gary Mann        0:41:01

   26  Paul Smith       0:43:53

   35  Rob Marsh        0:44:39

   54  Hayley Nancolas  0:46:35  2nd lady

   81  Jason Praill     0:49:08

  103  Kat Martin       0:50:40

  117  Chris Sawyer     0:51:49

  120  Stephen Diamond  0:51:58

  150  Bob Jackson      0:53:57  1st M60

  159  Liz Reddington   0:54:31

  294  Sarah Ord        1:07:22


Ilkley Triathlon


   17 Mike Furby        M40  3 M VS  1:00:46.05
   19 John Shanks       M30  5 M VS  1:01:05.85
   31 Neil Holloway     M40  9 M LBT 1:04:35.10
   74 Bill McCaffrey    M50  9 M VS  1:11:18.45
  148 Michael Tinker    M60  6 M VS  1:18:33.75
  168 Sophie Johnstone  F30  8 F VS  1:20:22.35
  252 Anne McCaffrey    F50  9 F VS  1:30:51.65
  305 Mary Butterworth  F30 21 F VS  1:46:25.45

      Winner                   M     0:57:30.15
      Winner                   F     1:04:58.35