Subject:                                     V S Update - Emails; Tuesday sessions; Food; Peco races and help; Harewood thanks and profit; Membership; Results from Harewood, Guy Fawkes, WYXC and elsewhere; Reports from Hardmoors and OMM


Sent: 14 November 2015 00:51

Email System


I changed to a new email system last weekend and you should have received an email from   You should also have received one from but that’s in the next topic.


My plan is that today’s email will be the last one from and all future emails will come from


If you didn’t get the one last week from the new “vsupdate” account, it could be for a number of reasons

·         I’ve used an incorrect email address in the new system

·         Your membership lapsed more than a year ago

·         You are a cycling-only member

·         You enquired about Valley Striders over 6 months ago and haven’t joined

·         The email went to your spam account


If you didn’t get one from the “vsupdate” account last weekend and want to continue receiving them, please email and request to be included.


Tuesday Juniors & Beginners sessions


I haven’t yet set up a separate email group for juniors (parents) so everyone will have received an email about the waterlogged rugby pitch at Leos.


We may be in the same situation next week too, but for the time being, assume the session is on, and I will email Monday evening at the latest if it is off.


Regarding beginners/improvers, we will continue to run sessions whether or not the juniors session is on.  Last Tuesday we did some short hill reps and an endurance rep on the Buckstone Estate and that seemed to work well. NB next time I will remember to take the second left turn not the third for the endurance rep!


Food on Tuesday 17 November


Please order food assuming the sessions are on. 


For food at 7:15pm book at , for food at 8:30pm, book at


In each case, choose meat or veggie lasagne (£3.50), and whether you also want apple pie and ice cream (£1.50).  Please book before 10pm Sunday 18 October.


If you are booking food at 7:15pm and the juniors sessions are cancelled at short notice, we will cancel the food and you will not be charged.  If you want food at 7:15pm whether or not the juniors is cancelled, please say so in your email!


Peco XC races on 22 November / supporting Peco races on 13 December


Full details for 22 November are at and click on “Race 1”.


Juniors : the 1 mile race is for school years 4-6, the 2 mile race is for school years 7-12.  If your child is schoolyears 2 or 3 please email me - I am seeking clarification of the minimum age.  Register and pay on the day.


Seniors : pre-entries see, I have all the race numbers and will take them to Templenewsam.  If it’s fine, they’ll be under the flag, otherwise somewhere in the courtyard.


The small print says “Any runners registered after the deadline can still be allocated a number, and run, but will be counted as ‘guests’ for that race.”, so if you’re not on the “vsteams” list and now want to run, email me by Thursday and I’ll allocate you one of my spare numbers.


We’re hosting Race 2 which is at West Park playing fields on 13 December.  We will need a lot of marshals as there are a lot of turns on the route, but I’m hoping that we can also make best use of those who are going to run on the day

·         If you’re running the senior race we’d like you to marshal the junior races and/or help set up the course

·         If your child is running one of the junior races, we’d like you (with your child?) to marshal the senior race

·         If you’re not running but able to help but only part of the time, then please come and help for the senior race.


If you can help on the day, please email and say what you are available for


Harewood thanks and profit


A HUGE thanks to all our marshals, volunteers & runners that helped make the day such a success.


Race numbers were up on last year.  Considering the terrible weather on race morning it was a nice surprise that over 100 registered on the day, and the entries desk was also kept busy by about 10 runners deciding on the day that although they’d entered the 10 miles, 5 miles would be sufficient.


There were 118 finishers in the 2 mile, 117 in the 5 mile and 319 in the 10 mile.  Valley Striders results are in the results section, and congratulations to 4 of our junior runners who won their age categories.


Our estimated race profit – shared between Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance -  is £1,050.  In addition, when entering, some runners made extra donations to the charities, these totalled £250.  I also know that YAA took £110 on their souvenir stall on the day, and I suspect Lineham Farm sold a lot of hot soup and hot drinks, but I don’t know the value.


So thank you again to everyone who helped raise more than £1,500 and helped 554 runners see the Harewood countryside.


Membership Renewals


Please check your membership status – runners check ; cyclists check


Race Diary


Apologies to John Marsham, in the last V S Update I missed mentioning the Tour of Pendle this Saturday (today!) which is part of the VS Fell Championships.


The following weekend are your final opportunities to score points in the Grand Prix and the Fell Championships.


On the Saturday is the “Harriers vs Cyclists” race from the Fisherman’s Inn near Bingley (Wagon Lane, BD16 1TS) and you can score VSGP and VSFC points



And on Sunday, the Peco XC is a VSGP race.


Xmas do


Save the date, Friday 11 December




Harewood Trail Races


2 MILE                                           Cat pos

    3 Alvie O'Brien             BSY5-6    12.17   1

    4 Sophie Turner             GSY9-10   12.21   1

    8 Tally Diamond             GSY5-6    12.59   1

    9 Isaac Spence-Brown        BSY5-6    13.12   3

   16 Keira Jones               GSY5-6    13.54   3

   19 Joe Irvine                BSY9-10   14.22   2

   20 Laurie O'Brien            BSY7-8    14.27   4

   21 Imogen Idle               GSY5-6    14.39   4

   23 Josephine Pawley          GSY5-6    14.50   5

   25 Max Mauborgne             BSY5-6    14.56   8

   26 Millie Sofilas            GSY5-6    15.01   6

   35 Felix Linley              BSY3-4    16.09   4

   39 Joshua Birkin             BSY5-6    16.21  11

   45 Jessica Baxter            GSY1-2    17.05   1

   47 Caitlin McQuillen Strong  GSY7-8    17.08   7

   49 Daniel Fotherby           BSY3-4    17.25   7

   70 Amy Sofilas               GSY5-6    19.12  13

   72 Elliot Spence-Brown       BSY1-2    19.31   6

   78 Charlotte Clark           GSY5-6    19.46  14

   80 Michael Fotherby          BSY1-2    19.47   8

   81 Sarah Brown               Fsen      19.56   5

   86 Sophie Clark              GSY3-4    20.35   9



    6 Alex Brennan              Msen      35.45   2

   15 Alex Irvine               BSY11-12  38.23   7



   17 Gary Mann                 Msen      67.11  13

  115 Sarah Wood                Fsen      80.12   6

  150 Chloe Hudson              F35       84.13  11

  198 Stephen Diamond           Msen      89.11  76


West Yorkshire Cross Country


Under 11 Girls

   25 Josephine Pawley   7:07

   31 Imogen Idle        7:21

   42 Ella Hollis        7:44 (Skyrac)

   61 finished


Under 13 Girls

   14 Tally Diamond      9:42

   27 Keira Jones       10:13

   64 finished


Under 13 Boys

    4 Joe Sherman       12:26 (Skyrac)

   35 Alvie O’Brien     14:27

   37 Sam Hollis        14:28 (Skyrac)

   61 Laurie O’Brien    16:37

   65 finished


Under 15 Girls

   11 Sophie Turner     14:11

   37 finished


Senior Ladies

   13 Myra Jones        24:16

   28 Sam Harris        25:19

   38 Liz Wood          26:05

   39 Sue Sunderland    26:32

   56 Becky Rankin      28:34

   66 Pascale Fotherby  30:12

   94 Sara Dyer         35:12

   98 finished

   Team finished 5th


Senior Men

   13 Matt Hallam       35:35

   28 Paul Fotherby     37:05

   29 Daz Hibberd       37:05

   30 Simon Midwood     37:10

   31 Jon Pownall       37:11

   43 Gwil Thomas       38:23

   58 Jerry Watson      39:37

   68 James Tarran      40:38

   77 Simon Vallance    41:13

   82 Dave Penman       41:38

  113 Andy Pagdin       45:38

  153 finished

  Team finished 2nd due to good packing!


Guy Fawkes 10


    2 John Hobbs       M35 (001/053)  0:58:45 

    5 Andy May         M40 (002/072)  0:59:36 

    7 Daniel Fisher    M   (001/078)  1:00:03 

   66 Paul Smith       M40 (015/072)  1:12:06 

  163 Michael Robins   M50 (022/125)  1:17:52 

  164 Alistair Smyth   M50 (023/125)  1:17:52 

  166 Michael Hall     M   (037/078)  1:18:00 

  186 Susan Sunderland F50 (004/090)  1:19:12 

  297 Ruth Warren      F60 (002/019)  1:24:08 

  300 Graham Pawley    M45 (038/078)  1:24:21 

  347 Steph Gledhill   F35 (022/059)  1:26:37 

  696 Neil Hall        M   (073/078)  1:48:34  

  755 Martin Sutcliffe M   (075/078)  1:55:41 


Recent results collected by Graham Jones


11-Oct-15 Yorkshire Coast 10k
279 Steph Gledhill 00:47:02
366 Liz Reddington 00:48:56
523 Nicola Hartley 00:51:50

18-Oct-15 Bridlington Half Marathon
67 Paul Smith 01:32:30
143 Mike Robbins 01:41:40

24-Oct-15 Snowdonia Marathon
597 Sean Fitzgerald 04:00:24
1715 Sara Dyer 05:35:15

25-Oct-15 Holmfirth 10k
25 John Wallace 00:45:40

25-Oct-15 Holmfirth 15 Mile
4 Andy May 01:27:56
14 Ian Sanderson 01:43:50

25-Oct-15 Worksop Half Marathon
498 Louise Wardman 01:40:57

25-Oct-15 Bradford City Runs Half Marathon
2 Daryl Hibberd 01:18:22
16 Myra Jones 01:28:08  2nd Lady

25-Oct-15 Wistow 10k
1 John Hobbs 00:33:13
5 Rav Panesar 00:35:40
7 James Tarran 00:36:25
19 Hannah Corne 00:38:37  1st Lady
31 Paul Smith 00:40:02
41 Rob Marsh 00:41:02
58 Andy Pagdin 00:42:55
101 Mick Tinker 00:47:36

Another recent result  -  I only spotted this because he was wearing the t-shirt on Saturday...
11-Oct-15 Royal Parks Half Marathon
Sean Fitzgerald 01:35:33

Apology from Bob, in the last V S Update, I incorrectly reported that Myra had won at Wistow, but in fact it was Hannah – congratulations.  Meanwhile that day Myra was actually at Bradford where she finished 2nd in the half marathon.


Report - Hardmoors 60 (62.74 on my Garmin) Saturday 19th September - from Simon Redshaw


It was an early start, I left Leeds at 6am after getting up and going through my normal breakfast ritual to drive to Guisborough which is just at the top of the North Yorkshire Moors below Middlesbrough.  I haven't recced any of this route but have run a couple of small sections in the past so knew that this was not going to be an easy day out.


The route effectively leaves Guisborough Sea Cadets and joins the Cleveland way continuing on to the coast at Saltburn by the Sea then follows the coastline all the way down through Staithes, Runswick, Whitby, Scarborough to Filey where the finish was in a Methodist church in the centre of Filey.


The start was very busy with 195 people making the start line, we set off at 8am, I found myself near the front by accident and set off at a faster pace than I intended as a result.  I was going well though, it was a really pleasant run through a forest at the start, with a couple of good steep climbs to set the expectations for the rest of the day.  I was keen to get to the coast, one of my main reasons for doing this run, I knew it would be a beautiful route.  The weather was getting warmer and warmer as the morning progressed and by the time the first checkpoint was reached at Saltburn I was relieved to be able to have a good drink and refresh myself.


The checkpoints were every 9-12 miles or so and well stocked with goodies coke etc..  We continued down the coast and such a beautiful day the scenery did not disappoint.  A girl near to me kept stopping to take pictures, I thought that was a great idea but was too busy focusing on my feet that I didn't want to keep stopping. 

(read Karen Nash's blog for excellent pics and a more thorough race review  The VS vest is visible 7 photos down). 


The weather continued to get better and  it wasn't long before water became a problem.  I had drunk the litre I was carrying and as I entered into Staithes I had thoughts of nipping into a shop for fluids.  Luckily a supporter of a girl I was running near gave me a quick top up.  At 16 miles I started to develop cramp, very early on for me but cramp was going to be a theme on this race for some reason.  I had it in my quads, calf’s and groin and on two occasions had to stop to let it ease of.  I fought cramp all the way to just before Scarborough.  Bizarrely the last 10 miles or so I had none!


At Sandsend i remember seeing a guy running into a shop, now I am not sure if it was the same guy but if you look at this article a very serious development occurred in the race:


Dennis Potton, what a hero indeed!  This man saved peoples lives that day and went on to complete the run.  A real inspiration.  I wasn't aware of any of this, all the way to the finish, in fact I didn't find out about it until two days later!  Apparently the media arrived at the finish after I left.


Another main feature of this race was steps.  Lots of them.  The 199 steps to Whitby Abbey were a breeze in comparison to some of the climbs.  A particularly memorable one was from Runswick bay up the cliffs to Ravenscar where a checkpoint at 40 miles provided a much needed seat and a cup of tea.  There was a mountain of food here but I couldn't eat very much, however the Marshalls were very helpful.


Running the entire length of the promenade at Scarborough I teamed up with a guy from Liverpool and as we reached the end we were now to do the last cliff top section in the dark.  I am sure the compulsory kit list said spare batteries, unfortunately this Liver bird had not read it.  He struggled in my minimal light beam in my foot steps all the way to the finish and there were some serious drops on the cliff top!  He was cursing all the way but thankful for the company as was I.


The last section towards Filey dropped all the way down to Cayton Bay and back up, then all the way down to the beach at Filey and back up to the Town centre where my wife Christine  had arrived 5 mins earlier to meet me and pick me up.  Perfect timing to see me finish!  After a good half an hour break in the hall drinking soup and eating crumpets we drove back to Guisborough to pick up my car from the morning and then back to Leeds.


It had been a long day and at the end I had had enough.  My quads felt detached when i had finished, I hadn't quite put in the distance training required and this was a tough event for sure.  No I am not doing the 110m version (The whole of the Cleveland way from Hemsley, or the 160m version which does the whole of the Cleveland way plus the extra bit from Filey back to Hemsley) that's just nuts!.


1              Martin Murray                  10.03.50

4              Kimberley England          10.35.50

60           Simon Redshaw                                14.27.25

120         Dennis Potton                   16.30.05

161         Rod Collier                          18.25.24


Report - OMM 2015 Tweedsmuir Hills – from Mick Loftus and Mick Wrench


Day one: 40.8km 3390m

Day two: 31.1km 2710m


Our tenth go at the OMM Elite class started with a dark drive through pouring rain to Tweedsmuir Hills (those hills off to the right of the M74 on the way towards Glasgow).  We quickly registered, sorted our kit and trudged to the start as the rain got even heavier.  We were in full waterproofs and they would stay on all day.  


With little fanfare we dibbed, picked up maps and were off on our long day out.  From the start we went straight through the first of many swollen rivers.  Then we had a long big climb to the first controls followed by a long descent in more rain to cross more rivers, sometimes up to waist deep.  The day soon settled into a pattern of steady progress, mud, rain and increasingly difficult terrain due to deep heather.  


The hours passed quickly and after six hours we still had a third of the course to do.  The rain eventually eased and visibility was pretty good, although we felt rather cold at times.  


As we turned towards the end of the course the under foot conditions were soul destroying at times and our progress slowed.  We noticed that light was beginning to fade and we recalculated our position and time.  We knew we would get round comfortably before the cut-off time of 20:00 but we would be still out after dark.  Head torches went on after between nine and ten hours racing.  The sky had cleared towards the end of the day and as we descended to the overnight camp we could see headtorches coming down off all of the surrounding hills.  We got to the finish in 10:29 and found ourselves in 21th place out off 29 starting teams.  


Camping was the usual cramped, smelly, muddy affair but without any rain.  We ate our food and were asleep by 21:00.


At 06:00 bagpipes roused us all, as is traditional in the OMM.  By 07:30 we had eaten our porridge, changed into wet running gear, packed up and got to the start to do it all over again.  


Day two, was drier and warmer with perfect visibility but still a long way over tough ground.  We made no navigational errors but tiredness and our various aches and pain slowed us down.  After about six hours we made two unwelcome discoveries.  The controls progressively close as the day passes.  The control we had just arrived at was supposed to close at 14:00.  It was 14:05.  We dibbed anyway.  Then we noticed that the cut off time for the whole day was 16:00 rather than the usual 17:00.


We trudged up the next big climb with the growing realisation that we weren't going to make it in time.  The next control closed at 15:00, we got there at 15:20 and marshals were packing up.  They said we could continue but the next control inexplicably also closed at 15:00.  They told us that we were the 17th team through.  We knew we were now fighting a losing battle.  We could finish by 17:00 but not 16:00.  If we continued, the later controls might even have been taken down.  


At about 15:30, after about eight hours of day two, with just about enough energy in the tank to continue, we abandoned the chase.  We made our way back to the finish in good order, over a stiff climb and a four mile descent.  With impetus now gone, the aches and pains of 18.5 hours of racing off road and often off path, came to the fore.  We hobbled to check in at the finish after around nine hours on the go.


Only 15 teams completed the OMM Elite this year.  Of those 6 teams seem to have beat the cut off time!  


This year we didn't make any particular mistakes, we just didn't go fast enough, though I think that after every race!