V S Update - Saturday 9 January

Tuesday training; Orienteering; Dewsbury 10k; Yoga; Reports from Helvellyn, Peco Race 3; Eating and Running

Unfortunately when I've tried to send this message earlier this evening it has been reported as spam.  I've got round the problem by removing all the external links.  This means some key information is missing, but I've now uploaded the email content to the website and you'll find a link near the top of the home page.  


Training Tuesday 12 January

Juniors - There are streams crossing the rugby pitch at Leos whenever it rains, so I can't see us running there for the next few weeks.  However, since the beginning of December we've been running sessions on the local footpaths for our competitive juniors ("competitive" defined as any V S junior who, in 2015, ran a West Yorks XC race or Peco XC race or Meanwood Trail or Harewood Trail) - you may have seen the invitation on the website.  For Tuesday 12 January we're extending this invitation to any junior who has run at least 25 parkruns or junior parkruns.  Note that a condition is that a parent or responsible adult runs at the session or is available to help with session.  We may extend the invitiation further on 19 January - look out for next week's VS Update and/or on the website.

Beginners/improvers - We have temporarily merged this group with the junior group and the feedback from all (including those who weren't parents of juniors) was very positive.  However if any improvers prefer not to run with the juniors, they could run with the intermediates group at 7pm.

Intermediates - This session will be 7pm from Leos (not at Leeds Met).

Experienced runners - track session 7pm at Leeds Met (maps on website).

For 19 January we are hoping to have food after the sessions, please check the website later next week.

Orienteering - from Steve Webb

For anyone wanting to practice their night navigation Airienteers are running a series of informal events on Wednesday evenings - eg Roundhay on 13th January. See AIRE website. All welcome.

Also on Saturday 9 January there is a Yorkshire night league event at Meanwood Park - based at the Myrtle Tavern.  This will be the usual quality AIRE event with electronic punching and courses suitable for beginners and experts. Courses guaranteed to be good and controls positioned to perfection as I am the event controller!  Details here:


Dewsbury 10k

Alan Hutchinson and myself put together a calendar of races for the 2016 Grand Prix - I will publish on the website soon, but in the meantime you need to know that the next races will be

Valley Striders Yoga - from Liz Wood

'We now have a 'Valley Striders Yoga' Facebook group!

In order to join the group, search for 'Valley Striders Yoga' and request to join. You'll then be able to receive invites to the Monday classes, plus information on yoga for runners/cyclists/triathletes - what better way to enhance your training in 2016!

All VS members are very welcome to join the group, whether you've been to any of the classes so far, or whether you're just 'yoga-curious' & would like to find out more!'

Race Reports

Tour de Helvellyn Race Report Saturday 19 December / Cumbria Community Foundation Appeal (from Steve Dixon)

38 miles and 8,000ft of climbing on some of the toughest and roughest trails in the Lakes.  I was planning on an 8hr 30min finish but I was somewhat blown off that plan by having to run into the face of 40mph winds and lashing rain for the first half of the race.

This was also a tour of the devastation wreaked by Storm Desmond earlier in the month - flooded fields, overflowing becks, mud and rocks slides, impassable river crossings and numerous washed away bridges.  A great challenging race route even so, with some tricky night-time navigation thrown in for the final 4 miles. I was in the end pleased with my time of 9hrs 20 mins in 56th place (2nd Vet 60) out of 160 starters and 136 who finished. Jim Mann won in 6hrs 17mins and Helen Leigh was first lady (8th overall) in 7 hrs 21 mins.

We witnessed lots of work still going on to repair the flood damage as we ran through Patterdale and Glenridding but heartbreaking to realise that much of that effort may have been to no avail as the flooding returned yet again in the days flowing this event. There is an appeal for anyone wishing to donate - 


There is also a fund raising 'Grand Day out in Cumbria' day on 16 January with lots of event planned and still to be planned across Cumbria including fell racing!


As the floods came much closer to home since writing that report is it possible to let Striders know there is also a Leeds Flood Relief Appeal also -


Chevin Chase

Missed from last week's V S update

   11 John Hobbs        44:02  100 GP pts
  117 John Batchelor    53:13   94
  348 Mick Tinker       63:24   87

Results - Peco Race 3 at Middleton Park

Junior 1 mile
    3 Alvie O'Brien      9:31  3rd boy
    7 Tally Diamond      9:44  1st Girl
   11 Keira Jones        9:57  2nd girl
   12 Imogen Idle       10:04  3rd girl
   13 Alfie Jones       10:11
   19 Josephine Pawley  10:40
   20 Theo Rosenberg    10:45
   52 Joshua Birkin     13:20
   53 Alec Twigg        13:21

Junior 2 mile
    8 Avner Bordoley    13:31  2nd boy years 10-12
   35 Jason Twigg       16:42
   37 Adam Mills        16:55

   20 Liz Wood          39:48   83
   23 Holly Button      40:19   80
   33 Sue Sunderland    41:00   79
   43 Rachel Mackie     41:42   77
   50 Sarah Morley      42:26   75
  100 Pascale Fotherby  46:38   69
  162 Sarah Pagdin      51:00   67
  172 Louise Jennings   51:56   66
  209 Rebecca Bibby     55:44   65
  252 Maureen Coffey    59:16   64
  257 Jean Hussey       61:01   63

   10 John Hobbs        31:02  100
   14 Dan Fisher        31:35   99
   21 Daryl Hibberd     31:53   98
   23 Ali Burns         32:30   97
   32 Jon Parker        33:01   96
   33 Rav Panesar       33:02   95
   40 James Tarran      33:18   94
   49 Ross Bibby        33:43   93
   58 Gary Mann         34:20   92
   68 Tony Mills        34:43   91
   78 Richard Drake     35:01   90
  108 Andy Stoneman     36:07   89
  146 Rob Marsh         37:33   88
  149 Ian Sanderson     37:44   87
  161 Roy Huggins       38:20   86
  198 Michael Hall      39:34   85
  202 Andy Pagdin       39:44   84
  211 Mike Powell       40:05   82
  218 Graham Pawley     40:14   81
  237 John Hussey       41:24   78
  249 Leroy Sutton      42:13   76
  253 Stephen Diamond   42:50   74
  254 Alan Hutchinson   42:51   73
  283 Paul Stokes       44:38   72
  291 John Wallace      44:49   71
  304 Malcolm Coles     45:49   70
  346 Tony Haygarth     50:11   68

Team Results - Ladies 3rd, Ladies Vets 2nd, Men 1st, Men Vets 3rd

Eating and Running (NB not at the same time)

During the training session this week, David Howe was telling me about a radio programme and a TV programme both on this topic.  Here are the links

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06tq3tk  The Food Programme - Can You Eat to Run ? - broadcast on Sun Jan 3rd @ 12.30. 

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06vrb6l/trust-me-im-a-doctor-series-4-episode-1  Trust Me I'm a Doctor Tuesday January 5th - regarding the burning of body fat, men should not eat before directly exercising but for women it's efficient.