V S Update - 5 June 2016

- Tuesday 7th training and food
- MVT junior races on 14th organised by V S
- Results from LBT Aquathlon, Dunblane 7.5, Outlaw Triathlon and Liverpool half

Training (and food)

Tuesday 7 June

- Juniors and parents will be at Leos at 6pm.
- Beginners, improvers and intermediates will be at Leos at 7pm
- Experienced runners will be 3 by 10 minutes by Eccup Reservoir, meet Leos at 7pm
- Fell session - meet 6:45pm at Leos, see Facebook page
Early sessions followed by lasagne at 7:15pm - book at earlyfood@valleystriders.org.uk
- Later sessions followed by lasagne at 8:30pm - book at food@valleystriders.org.uk
- Book before 10pm Sunday 5 June, choosing meat or veggie lasagne (3.50).

Tuesday 14 June

It's our Junior Race! Most groups are cancelled. There will be a session at Leeds Met Track at 7pm for experienced runners, but if any of that group want an entertaining evening instead, please come and watch the races!

Meanwood Valley Trail Junior Races on Tuesday 14 June

For information about the races, go to www.valleystriders.org.uk, I don't think you can miss the large print at the top of the homepage.

We have just enough marshals assuming everyone who 6 weeks ago said they could marshal are still able to come.

But we'd like to have as many Striders as possible marshalling, to encourage all the junior runners and be 100% certain that they'll all be directed along the correct route.

So if you can help, please email help@valleystriders.org.uk - and to check that your email has been received, check the marshals list at www.valleystriders.org.uk/vsmarshals.htm . Thank you!

Just a few dates

Otley 10 - Wednesday 8 June - VS Grand Prix and Leeds Race Series points available

Pool Feast 5k - Sunday 12 June at 3pm - see last week's VS Update www.valleystriders.org.uk/up160529.htm N B plan your route to Pool to avoid the World Triathlon at Roundhay Park & Leeds City Centre

Pudsey 10k - Sunday 19 June - VS Grand Prix and Leeds Race Series points available (I'm told the race is over 70% full)

Pudsey junior races - Sunday 19 June

Settle Hills fell race - Sunday 19 June - VS Fell Championship points available

For more local events, see www.valleystriders.org.uk/vsdates.htm


LBT Aquathlon

Tri Star 1 Girls
12 Ella Hollis 3:04 5:58 9:02

Tri Star 1 Boys
6 Theo Rosenberg 2:44 5:26 8:10
27 Charlie Beaumont 3:14 6:30 9:38

Tri Star 2 Girls
9 Tally Diamond 4:34 7:55 12:29
20 Caitlin McQuillen Strong 4:37 9:32 14:09

Tri Star 2 Boys
5 Ben Hollis 3:59 7:47 11:46

Tri Star 3 Girls
26 Sarah Brady 9:27 17:22 26:49

Tri Star 3 Boys
2 Joe Sherman 5:37 10:52 16:29

Dunblane 7.5 miles - from John Shanks

Race report from Bonnie Scotland:

We still haven't worked out why someone would hold a 7.5 mile race, but the consensus was they couldn't plot a 10k and couldn't be bothered stretching it to 10 miles. Of course Dunblane is the home of Britain's greatest ever tennis player, Andy Murray. Even though I grew up nearby I've never actually been, but I knew it was posh so Sarah, Ella and I decided to make a day of it.

We planned to get the train from Larbert but being new parents and now late for everything, we missed it and raced through in the car. Sarah went walking about with Ella and I did the race - Sarah is now back running & cycling already by the way!

The race HQ was at the picturesque Dunblane Hilton, right at the top of a massive hill. They walked us down to the bottom of the hill to start us off. I don't know why. We did have a piper leading us to the start though, that was nice but I had that sinking feeling that I might have to do a speech when he stopped. The race starter marched down and said, "Right no messing about, 3,2,1 GO!" and off we went. Once out of town we turned off to a country road, it was a bit like Snake Lane 10, but 7.5, and sunny, and some nice things to look at. I tucked in behind a couple of guys to avoid the headwind, but they were too fast and ended up dropped on my own. Hills were long drags which took their toll.

I was tired from two nights of no sleep and a complete nightmare trying to take my niece and cousin to junior parkrun earlier. They spent it walking, chatting and picking up daisies. Couldn't hold my target pace and suffered in the heat so I just hung on until the end. I guess it'll take time to acclimatise to the warm weather up here as a couple of locals who passed me near the end seemed to cope fine.

They made us run back up the massive hill at the end. It's like finishing a race on Newlay Lane hill from the canal. Not impressed. But I did get a banana at the end. And I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for years. It was a good day, think it was cheap to enter as well. I'd do it again.







Portobello Running Club




Valley Striders







Outlaw Half Ironman Triathlon - from Mike Furby

Targets: 1. finish before midday (start @ 6:50) = new PB, 2. 115% of AG winning time, 3. sub 5 hours

I arrived at Holme Pierrepont Saturday mid afternoon and went into the camp site to pitch the tent. Then off to registration and the briefing. Much the same as last year, the Nottingham sprints were going on at the same time and the weather was sunny and warm. Unlike last year though for which we had persistent wind and rain, the forecast was relatively good though a bit chilly, as indeed it turned out to be the case.

I went to bed pretty early having spent a pleasant firstly taking out my bike for a quick shake down around 5pm and then spent the evening feasting on my warmed up bolognaise sauce and rice (yes I took the wrong sauce out of the freezer) before taking a walk around the venue.

Woke up 4:45am, but stayed in my sleeping bag until 5, and then eating my breakfast of home made muesli. Then off to transition, wait up, where are my number tattoos? Dammit, cannot find them, oh well. Actually it's pretty chilly too, so a decision made for the bike section was needed. What to wear? I decided to go with arm warmers under the wetsuit with my trisuit, but to put on a normal cycle jerzy later. Great, now rack bike, set out kit and finally wetsuit on and ready for swim start at 6:50.

Into the water 6:45, worked my way to the front and at 6:50 the hooter goes and we're off. All the while in the swim I didn't feel like I was swimming well and my sighting was a bit dodgy. However, soon enough I found myself overtaking some really slow people from an earlier wave. Onwards to the middle of the lake, and the turnpoint, around the buoys and back again. Pretty uneventful to the finish where we exited the lake for a longer than usual transition to the bike (swim start changed due to algae in the lake).

Now into transition and a bit fiddly putting on some extra gear, including socks and that cycle jerzy (VSCC TDF one). Decided also not to have shoes already clipped in due to my proximity to the cycle out point and the mount point. Then out on the bike, first a lap of the lake then out onto the road. I'd decided pre-race to set out at a normalised power average of about 230 watts. This is quite a lot below my 1 hour best, and also my 50M TT power. Even at this reduce power level I started to cut through the field. I was well into the slower competitors of the earlier waves now. It also seems that in my results I was also making up real places too and quickly. Yes a few folks overtook me during the 56 miles, but not many, one really large lad with massive legs and a big belly flew past (I would see him later on the run). Second half of the ride I was still feeling good, and as it happened my normalised power was already at 240W and I so I decided to sustain that. Interestingly, my actual average power was 230W and so bang on target. I also feel that I could have gone quite a bit faster, but at a cost of course.

There is, however, the final half marathon. Itself not a picnic, but this is the flattest course you'll ever run. All this while I've got my eye on the clock. Can I still make 5 hours? I need a 1:36 half. For me this is doable as a standalone relatively easily. However, today it wasn't gonna happen. I think I set out too quickly, and faded in the second 10km. I knew it was gone at the halfway point and so I kinda settled for another target, finish before midday.

In the end I crossed the line at 5:07:34. Turns out I was 22nd in age group and within the 115% of the AG winner's time in a high class event, which itself was another target. There's still more to come though. Sub 5 still eludes me in recent years, however, time to look forward to Leeds ITU and then Outlaw Full.

Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon - from Carmel Barker

Just had brilliant weekend running in Liverpool and wanted to recommend to other Striders (already taking entries for 2017!) Decided to do this race instead of Leeds for a change and weekend away, same cost to enter but no comparison value for money!

Lovely sunny day, music blasting out at start line, did my warmup to Uptown Funk! Individual corrals on your predicted time and minute gap between each corral been released, very organised and relaxed atmosphere.

Bands playing every mile on route and great support all way round. Name printed on your number and lots of people shouting Carmel & Valley Striders (more than local races!) which was great.

Great course taking in all famous streets / sites / parks.

After race there was entertainment all day with bands and DJ, everybody partying in running gear! Cast headlining this year.

Liverpool totally changed since I was there last, Albert Dock area where race started/finished brilliant and obviously visited famous Cavern Club!

Found this race through top 10 races in Runners World and will definitely run again.

Great route, organisation, support, medal (most bling I've had!), t shirt, huge goody bag, entertainment and icing on cake 1st F55!! =


Results from Ilkley Trail, Otley Chevin and ABC in next week's edition. Reports welcome!