V S Update - 29 August 2016

- Training (and food) (as always)
- Committee meeting, all members welcome
- West Yorks XC
- Final chance to order hoodies and polos
- Final chance to ensure continuous membership
- Facebook
- Two race wins and three podium places - results from Round Hill, Escrick, Newark, Sicklinghall and Wensleydale

Training (and food)

Tuesday 30 August

- Juniors, parents, beginners and improvers meet 6pm at Grammar School at Leeds (this session is not available to those on the waiting list nor prospective new junior members)
- Intermediates meet 7pm Leos running via The Avenue for pyramid session by Eccup Resevoir.
- Experienced runners meet 7pm Leos running across the fields for pyramid session by Eccup Reservoir.

Tuesday 6 September

- Juniors, parents, beginners and improvers meet 6pm Leos (this session is not available to those on the waiting list nor prospective new junior members)
- Intermediates meet 7pm Leos for session at Bedquilts : 7-8mins easy, medium, hard 'triangle running'; 7-8 mins of Indian File running; 7-8 mins of 3 per team relays; followed by a 1km time trial.
- Experienced runners meet 7pm Leos for 3 by 10 minutes by Eccup Reservoir.
- Fell runners see VS Fell Runners Facebook group.
Early sessions followed by pie and peas at 7:15pm - book at earlyfood@valleystriders.org.uk
- Later sessions followed by pie and peas at 8:30pm - book at food@valleystriders.org.uk
- Book before 10pm Sunday 4 September choosing meat pie or veggie bake (3.50), also select mushy peas or baked beans.
- NB there are still gremlins in the email system, if you get a "not delivered" reply referring to virgin.net, don't worry, the message will have reached us.

Tuesday 6 September - 8:30pm - VSAC Committee Meeting open to All Members

- We'll continue the discussion of what V S do well and what we could improve

Looking forward

- Tuesday 13 September - track sessions at GSAL and Leeds Met
- Tuesday 20 September - junior 1 mile and club handicap 5 miles at Eccup Res (provisional date)

West Yorkshire Cross Country

It's still the middle of summer (even though it's raining all weekend, that's because it's Leeds Festival) but it's now time to think about cross country.

We'll be competing in the West Yorkshire XC League (4 meetings, October to December), the Peco XC League (5 meetings, October to March), the Yorkshire XC Championships (January), the Northern XC (January) and the English National XC (February).

First off is the West Yorkshire XC, and race dates are as follows
- Sunday 2 October at Wakefield (Thornes Park)
- Sunday 30 October at Guiseley (Nunroyd Park)
- Sunday 20 November at Spenborough
- Sunday 4 December at Keighley

Age categories are as follows
- Under 11 must be aged 9 or 10 on 2nd October, i.e. are a few of year 4, all of year 5 and most of year 6
- Under 13 must be under 13 on 1st September and at least 11 on 2nd October i.e. are a few of year 6 and all of year 7 and 8
- Under 15 cut off date is 1st September i.e.school years 9 and 10
- Under 17 cut off date is 1st September i.e.school years 11 and 12
- Vets age categories are as at 2nd October

Note that all categories except under 11 must be affiliated with England Athletics. Juniors who have competed in West Yorks Track and Field will already be affiliated. Other juniors won't be affiliated, that will involve payment of a further 13, we will send you details. All adult members will now be affiliated. See www.valleystriders.org.uk/vsmemreg.htm .

Entries need to be in to us by Tuesday 13 September. Please email teams@valleystriders.org.uk if you wish to run. Fees are 12 for adults, 6 for juniors - this is the fee for the series, not the fee per race. Payments should be made to "A C Payments" Sort Code: 53-70-00 A/c Number: 72143851 but please don't make payment until after 1 September otherwise it will confuse our accounting system!

Final chance to order Hoodies/Polo Shirts

Mr Kit has opened an order - open to the end of August ... should be delivered in time for the Autumn tour and winter season ... same prices as the last order but below is a reminder. Contact Mr Kit in the usual way kit@valleystriders.org.uk to place an order.

There are facebook posts in VSAC (and will be in other groups) if you want to discuss with Mr Kit.


Cost () Ex VAT

Cost () Inc VAT

SG24 SG Men's Contrast Pull-Over Hoodie (Black)



SG24F SG Ladies Contrast Pull-Over Hoodie (Black)



SG24K SG Kids Contrast Pull-Over Hoodie (Black)*



SG28 SG Men's Full Zip Urban Hoodie (Black or Light Oxford)



SG28F SG Ladies Full Zip Urban Hoodie (Black or Light Oxford)



SG28K SG Kids Full Zip Urban Hoodie (Black ONLY)*



TJ5402 Tee Jays Men's Urban Zip Hoodie (Black or HeatherGrey)



TJ5403 Tee Jays Ladies' Urban Zip Hoodie (Black or Heather Grey)



SG50 SG Men's Cotton Polo Shirt



SG50F SG Ladies Cotton Polo Shirt



SG50K SG Kids Cotton Polo Shirt



Embroidery Left Chest VSAC Logo (Black or White)



Embroidery Right Chest Individual NAME (Black or White)



Heat Sealed Transfer (Back) Valley Striders Leeds Logo (Black or White)




*Note: Kids Garments are ZERO VAT RATE however decoration is VATABLE

Payments should be made to "A C Payments" Sort Code: 53-70-00 A/c Number: 72143851

NB Club vests continue to be available from Complete Runner at Ilkley or Dobson & Robson (Intersport) at Ilkley.

Final chance to ensure continuous membership for the year ENDING 31 August 2016

The new Valley Striders year starts on 1 September, we'll decide the new membership fees soon, so don't send any money yet ...

... unless you haven't paid for the "current" year i.e. 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2016. You can check by looking at www.valleystriders.org.uk/vsmemreg.htm and if you're not on that list, we're fairly sure you haven't paid, so please contact us to discuss how to ensure you have continuous membership.

NB if you're not on the list, you're no longer entitled to get the 2 discount on your race entry fees.

PS if you're not on the list, the V S Update emails will cease at 31 August (may be a relief for some of you!)


Recently the V S Update has been slightly less frequent than usual mainly due to lack of urgent news.

I do recommend that you join the relevant Facebook group(s) for up to date events, reports and photos (and other stuff too)


In this edition, I'm pleased to report on race wins for Amanda Seims and Ben Hall, and podium places for Ali Burns, Dan Fisher and John Hobbs.

Round Hill

Just 5 Striders for the V S Grand Prix points and Leeds Race Series points:




GP pts


Alisdair Burns




Rob Marsh




Graham Pawley




Stuart Harris




Alistair Smyth



Escrick 10k


Dan Fisher




Liz Wood


1st W35


Liz Reddington




Mick Tinker




Emma Wallace



Liz 1st W35

Newark Half Marathon


John Hobbs



James Tarran



Chris Sawyer


Sicklinghall Stride

The 4th (and final) race in the Yorkshire Evening Trail series was at Sicklinghall


Amanda Seims



Vernon Long



Richard Clough



Alistair Smyth



Leroy Sutton



Maureen Coffey



Elaine Craiggs



Becky Murray





Series results to follow, see www.countrytrailraces.co.uk. Rachel Mackie won the first two races and Amanda the last two, so a V S monopoly of ladies firsts, but unfortunately it was 3 races to count, and neither ran another race.

Wensleydale Half Cheese Triathlon (1400m, 27km, 10km)

Having finished 7th in last year's full distance race I was keen to see how I'd fare in the shorter version. A split transition meant that we registered in Hawes, positioned our trainers at T2 then transported ourselves to T1 at Semer Water. Marlous Hall and myself parked up and began applying stickers to my kit when I realised that I hadn't packed my helmet! I had packed the helmet case but it was empty. Initially I thought it was race over but I leapt into the car, leaving Marlous with the bike, and headed off back to Hawes. The cafe/bike shop/bike hire place didn't have any hire helmets and I got back to the race start ready to resign from the race.

It was now 0940 and the race was starting at 1000 but we thought we'd ask around. A marshal made an announcement in transition and a young lady called Freya, who'd come to support her father, came to my rescue. I held onto her dog whilst she rummaged through her car boot and pulled out a pink and black helmet with a peak and a security tag - "I didn't steal it - I swear" she said. It fit and I ran back to to car to get the wetsuit on and the rest of the kit. I then got the bike set-up, having the bike ready in a low gear for the 25% gradient out of transition. With 2 minutes to spare the tyres were pumped up and I ran down to the water to get lined up.

The water was really choppy and as we set off a large group of yellow caps (full cheese) formed in front of me. The going was really slow into the waves and a few breathes were missed due to the heavy chop. I was happy to finally make the turn back towards T1 and even happier to not see many green hats (half cheesers) ahead of me. T1 was really slow - the cold, choppy water made me quite dizzy and the short run to the bike caught me off guard, not allowing much time to gain balance. Marlous then shouted that I was in 4th! I then passed somebody the climb - now 3rd! The descent took us down to Bainbridge, then to Askrigg where a cyclist (strider?) who shouted my name gave encouragement. I then gained another place on the 10 minute climb up to Oxnop and could now see the leader in his full aero set-up. I lost him again on the flats and the descent but when Buttertubs pass came I had good idea of what I was up against. Marlous gave me a cheer as I reached the top and I passed that same cyclist supporting on the descent.

Out of a slow T2 (due to numb feet) Adam Nevins from Triangle said I had a 1:18 deficit. Now across the fields to see Marlous watching at Hardraw, I was only 30s down on the leader. We climbed the Pennine Way and I was quickly gaining on first place, despite having to lock all of the gates after him. I finally caught him at the turn-around point and had to forget that I'm a rubbish fell runner as I needed to gain time on this descent. When I got back to Marlous she shouted that she could see him 50m back which was great to hear but I kept the pressure on as it was now back on the flat.

Each time I passed through a gate I could then hear the same gate slam as 2nd place came though. He was still close but when I got to the road and within 300m of the finish I knew that I'd sewn it up for the win. Really chuffed with the result and a massive thanks to Marlous for getting up at 0600 for me. Also thanks to her for prompting the marshal to hurry up with the finish banner, which was put in place about 30s before my arrival!

It was a nice, small, friendly, low-key race so I'm not going to get ahead of myself - the faster guys were racing the Full Cheese race. The course suited me really well with its climbs and short swim but I didn't manage to win a cheeseboard for Marlous as the manufacturer had let the organisers down. We did, however, bring home two wheels of cheese. Thanks for reading