V S Update - 18 January 2017

- Peco on 22 January
- Training from Far Moss on 24 January
- Striders on tour on 28 January and trail and fell training on 29 January
- Valley Striders Awards 2016 including VSGP, VSFC and 4 other trophies
- VSGP events for 2017
- London marathon club places for 2018


In V S Update 12 January, sorry, one result missed from Yorks XC, Louise Cazan was 4th counter for the ladies team, finishing 62nd in 37:52.  This has been corrected on the website.

Peco on 22 January at West Park

Message from race organiser "Please could you emphasise to your members the importance of not running on, or walking over, any of the football pitches at West Park? After the damage that was caused last year, we have promised the Council and the football people that we will keep off the pitches completely: if we fail to do this, we won't be given permission to hold further races at this venue!"

Message from race organiser "The only car parking available is 'on street' so please car share where possible, park legally and sensibly without restricting access for local residents and allow extra time to find a suitable parking space and walk to Registration"

All race information is at www.pecoxc.co.uk, click on "race 3" for timings, maps etc.

Juniors just turn up and pay on the day.  All VS juniors school year 4 and above welcome to run.  School years 2 and 3 please email me. 

Seniors if you already have a race number, bring it!  If you don't have your number then see www.valleystriders.org.uk/vsteams.htm to see what number you have been allocated then find it at the V S banner on Sunday.  If you're not on the list and want to run, you can register as a guest on the day.  (NB all runners must be club members). 

Training at Far Moss on 24 January

Just to remind you that all Tuesday sessions (except 2nd Tuesday track) now take place from Far Moss, LS17 7NT.  There is less parking than at Leos, so please park tidily; the good news is that there are no potholes so no risk to your car's suspension.

On Tuesday 24 January, juniors, beginners and improvers will meet at 6pm (the session is not available to juniors on the waiting list); intermediates 7pm for hills at Cranmer Bank, advanced runners 7pm for hills at Church Lane, Meanwood.

Striders On Tour on 28 January

On Saturday morning, VS will be on tour to Halifax for parkrun at Shroggs Park (see https://www.facebook.com/events/138560023313099/ )

Trail/Fell training on 29 January

The "long" (or medium) Sunday run will be 08:30 at Washburn Valley (see https://www.facebook.com/events/1389687577721376/ )

Also on Sunday but at 09:30, Amanda Seims will be leading a session on Ilkley Moor for those new to fell running. The plan is to run around 5-6 miles steady and as fast as the slowest runner. You will be fine in trail shoes with reasonable grip but if you have something with a more aggressive grip then that's even better. Dress for the weather, noting that it may be a little colder on the moor than in the valley. I will be carrying a backpack so if you don't have a bum bag or pack then I can maybe carry a lightweight waterproof or windproof if you have one.  We will mainly stay on main paths and small man made paths but no off-pisting as it's a beginner session.  It could be quite muddy so expect to have muddy shoes and legs after :-)   See https://www.facebook.com/events/1791511134455990/  or email Amanda amandaseims@hotmail.co.uk

Participants from both sessions are invited to meet up for tea/coffee, cakes and/or early lunch at the Cockpit Farm Tearooms, Weston, near Otley LS21 2HS. https://www.facebook.com/events/1387424874601388/ Note that the postcode on the Facebook invitation is incorrect.

VALLEY STRIDERS AWARDS 2016 (from Graham Jones)

Grand Prix

The Valley Striders Grand Prix is an annual competition, in which (adult) Athletic Club members compete against each other over a variety of races, spread over the course of a year (from December to November).

In total, the Grand Prix consists of about 30 events.  Points are totalled from a competitor's best 8 events, across 5 out of 6 categories (short, medium and long; club handicap; cross country; and trail/fell).

In 2016, 194 VS members competed in at least one Grand Prix event.  Of these, 33 completed at least 8 events (down from 51, in 2015).

Our most prolific Grand Prix competitor was Sue Sunderland (18 events), followed by Daz Hibberd (17 events).

John Hobbs was 1st Strider to finish in 14 of the 16 events in which he competed, giving him the maximum 800 Grand Prix points.  John was thus the overall Grand Prix winner for the third consecutive year.  Daz Hibberd finished second overall (794 pts) and Simon Midwood third (784 pts).

Myra Jones was 1st Lady Strider to finish in 8 of the 10 events in which she competed, scoring a total of 706 points to become the overall Ladies champion for the sixth year running.  This is a club record.  Sue Sunderland was second Lady (700 pts) and Liz Wood third (687 pts).

Sue Sunderland was therefore the Ladies V35 winner, for the seventh time (equalling Kathy Kaiser's record).  James Tarran was the Mens V40 winner (769 pts), and Graham Jones the V50 winner (758 pts).
- Mens winner:  John Hobbs
- Ladies winner:  Myra Jones
- FV35 winner:  Sue Sunderland
- MV40 winner:  James Tarran
- MV50 winner:  Graham Jones

Runners also compete for Group prizes; groups being based on performances during the previous year (it's a bit like having another five divisions below the Premiership).  For example, Group A competitors have previously run 10k at <6minute pace; Group B have run 10k at 6-6:30 pace etc.
- Group B winner:  Dave Penman (765 pts)  [Ross Bibby would have scored 766pts, but was deducted 5pts because he only competed in races involving mud]
- Group C winner:  Liz Wood (687pts) 
- Group D winner:  Sue Sunderland was the highest scorer in this group, but as she was Ladies Vet champion, the Cat D winner was Alistair Smyth (688pts)
- Group E winner:  Liz Reddington (618pts)
- Group F winner:  Alex Watson-Usher (649pts)

Fell Championship (from Robb Bibby)

The fell championship saw new member Ali Burns run away (nice pun) with the mens title after some amazing performances including winning Beamsley Beacon, third at Ilkley Trail and a number of top 5 and 10 results in very competitive national fell races. Ross Bibby despite gaining 13 more points than his winning total last year couldn't catch him despite a late charge at Tour of Pendle. In third place was Mick Loftus and equally significant was son Ronan in 6th, the first time a parent/child combo has made the top 10 in the Fell Championship?!

In the women's championship we saw Sarah Smith in third place, just behind Holly Button in second. But the winner this year was Amanda Seims, the second time she has picked up the legendary fell trophy and stellar reward for some good performances in fell and trail races in 2016.

Mens winner:  Ali Burns

Ladies winner:  Amanda Seims

Max Jones Trophy

This is awarded for the best age-graded performance of the year (previous winners ineligible)

Winner:  John Hobbs, whose time of 15:46 in the John Carr 5k series gave him the highest age-graded score of 85:73%

Honourable mentions to
- James Tarran  -  17:30 at York parkrun (83.66%)
- Andy May  -  2:32 in the London Marathon (83.34%), 19th in MV40 national marathon rankings
- Jerry Watson  -  2:53 in both London and Yorkshire Marathons (83.25%), 8th in MV55 national marathon rankings
- Vicky Whitehead  -  1:02 in Yorkshire 10mile (82.70%), 1st Lady

Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy

This is awarded for the best age-graded performance in the Leeds Half Marathon.

Winner:  Sue Sunderland, whose time of 1:39:50 gave her the highest age-graded score of 78.93%

Marathon Trophy

Winner:  Andy May, for his performance in the London Marathon, running 2:32, the fastest marathon by a Valley Strider this century

Honourable mentions to
- James Tarran & Tim Straughan  -  both running sub-3hrs in the Yorkshire Marathon, earning the right to compete in an England vest
- Ian Sanderson  -  running three marathons in October, culminating in a Good For Age performance at Newcastle Town Moor
- Ross Bibby  -  running marathons in four different countries, on road, trail and mountain
- Sarah Smith  -  running about a third of the way up the Pennine Spine, in savage winter conditions; also the Lakeland 50; Yorkshireman marathon; Fellsman 60; Coast to Coast across the north of England; a north-west Scotland odyssey; and 3:42 in Poznan (Poland)

Stuart StJohn Also-Ran Trophy

Winner:  Pascale Fotherby, for her commitment to VS teams, as competitor and teammate.

To quote the nomination: "I've loved how she's pushed herself at the cross-countries, even though she's often not really enjoyed it & not always counted for the team.  She's always one of the first to volunteer for teams and travels all over the country for the XC events. It doesn't matter what event it is (parkrun, XC or just a local race), she's always enthusiastic and really encouraging to others, regardless of how unpleasant the race has been. My nomination also reflects her commitment to the club over the last couple of years. "  Pascale also competed in 11 VS Grand Prix events, finishing 7th Lady.


Here's the list of races comprising the VS Grand Prix for 2017. There will be some more info to follow and also on the website.

The basic GP structure is the same as last year, and all the races up to March are also the same. Beyond that, there are a few changes, which I've highlighted below:
- The Vale of York 10mile is a new addition, in April
- A new Best Mile event will combine the results from the Hyde Park Mile and the Leeds Golden Mile
- There are two new summer events in the Trail/Fell category, namely the Bingley Show Race and the Danefield Relay
- The Wistow 10k is another new addition, in the Autumn

Dec 16 to Nov 17 ANY Half Marathon
Dec 16 to Nov 17 ANY Marathon
Dec 16 to Nov 17 ANY Ultra (>26.2 miles)
18 Dec 16 PECO 2 Middleton Park
26 Dec 16 Chevin Chase
02 Jan 17 VS Winter Handicap
22 Jan 17 PECO 3 West Park/Beckett Park
05 Feb 17 Dewsbury 10k
19 Feb 17 PECO 4 Barnbow/Pendas Fields
05 Mar 17 PECO 5 Roundhay Park
12 Mar 17 Best 20 mile: Spen
19 Mar 17 Best 20 mile: East Hull
19 Mar 17 Best 20 mile: Trimpell
02 Apr 17 Baildon Boundary Way
09 Apr 17 Vale of York 10m
23 Apr 17 London Marathon
29 Apr 17 Three Peaks
Tbc VS Spring Handicap
May 17 tbc Best 5k in the John Carr series (3 Wednesdays)
14 May 17 Leeds Half Marathon
29 May 17 Ilkley Trail Race
Jun 17 tbc Apperley Bridge Canter
03 Jun 17 Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon
07 Jun 17 Otley 10m
18 Jun 17 Pudsey 10k
Jun 17 tbc Best Mile: Hyde Park Mile
02 July 17 Eccup 10m
04 July 17 Danefield Relay (Any leg, Teams of 3)
22 July 17 Bingley Show Race 10k
Tbc VS Summer Handicap
Sept 17 tbc Best Mile: Golden Mile (Beckett Park)
Sept 17 tbc Vale of York Half Marathon
Oct 17 tbc West Yorkshire Cross Country League 1
Oct 17 tbc Wistow 10k
Nov 17 tbc Abbey Dash 10k
Tbc VS Autumn Handicap
Nov 17 tbc PECO 1

LONDON MARATHON - allocation of 3 club places for 2018 (from Myra Jones)

Please find below the most complicated London Marathon club place allocation process known to man. 

So what we're proposing is as follows:

A minimum pass/fail criteria (in priority order)
1) Could not have applied for GFA;
2) Member for 12 months  (1st claim);
3) Rejection slip;
4) Not had club place before.

If the number of people meeting all of the above criteria exceeds the number of places we have been allocated then we move onto scoring (only 1 point per area so max score of 4).
1 point for coaching;
1 point  for volunteering at one of the races we host or 2% role;
1 point for 4 grand prix races;
1 point for XC, club Relay team or PECO.

If there is an insufficient number of people meeting the pass/fail criteria then we will award based on who has failed the lowest ranked priority requirement.

In the event of applications from multiple people who have had a place before but meet all other pass/fail criteria, we will give priority to those who have not had a place in the last 5 years.

If there is still a draw we will do a raffle.

Strange format of V S Updates

Apologies, the last edition (12 January) had strange formats of dash, apostrophe and other characters.  I forgot to check for these before sending.  Hopefully no such problems in this edition.  If there's anything "wrong" with any V S Update email, a clean copy can always be found on the website.