V S Update for Juniors/Parents- 7 October 2017

This V S Update is specifically for parents of juniors. The normal weekly V S Update will follow in a day or so.

Food menu

26 lasagne meals were served to parents and juniors on 26 September and 34 "pie and peas" served on 3 October. During the food on 3 October we discussed menu options and it was decided that the next date would be 17 October and on the menu would be curry. Details to order will follow soon.

I've now put a poll on the V S Juniors Facebook group, please vote!


Junior facebook group (for parents of juniors)

Click this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/369749209844475/ to join

Membership fees

During the food at the last two sessions we have discussed membership fees.

Our year runs from 1 September to 31 August and, for the year just ended, the junior annual membership fee was 21, with no session fees. Moving back to Leos, our expenses have increased, but we are trying not to increase the membership fees.

The proposal we discussed is that junior membership fees will go up to 33, but this will include at least 13 of race entry fees paid by the club, namely 5 Peco XC races, the Meanwood Trail Junior Race from Leos in April or June, and the Eccup junior races from Adel in July. These races have been chosen because they are (a) open to age groups starting school year 2 (which is our minimum age), (b) are suitable for all abilities, and (c) have confirmed that they accept bulk entries.

Please email comments to juniors@valleystriders.org.uk

Membership for juniors with other commitments on Tuesdays

A few parents have juniors who now have other commitments on Tuesdays so can only attend a limited number of training sessions.

A suggestion is to have a membership fee of 23 to cover a maximum of 10 training sessions, this to include the race fees as listed above.

Please email comments to juniors@valleystriders.org.uk

Junior Sports Day Part 2

On Tuesday 10 October, Junior Sports Day part 2 at GSAL will start at 6pm British Summer Time prompt (i.e. not 6pm Valley Striders time); anyone arriving later risks missing their first sprint race or long jump or throw. We have to start early as it gets dark around 6:40 to 6:50 and there are no floodlights at GSAL.

Events at 6pm will be
- 100 metres boys and girls school years 6 to 12
- Football chest push girls school years 1 to 5
- Long jump boys school years 1 to 5
- possibly 800 metres boys and girls school years 6 to 12
Events at 6:20pm will be
- 100 metres boys and girls school years 1 to 5
- Shot putt girls school years 6-12
- Long jump boys school years 6 to 12

Hoodie orders - deadline extended

Hoodie orders deadline has been extended till Wednesday 11 October.

See www.valleystriders.org.uk\up170930hoodie.htm for details.

Please could those parents whose juniors already have hoodies bring their hoodies to the session at GSAL so that others can try on for size?


- A second reminder to all juniors to tick in at sessions
- A second reminder for all juniors to register on parkrun as club name Valley Striders

Parents Committee

Firstly to say that our Tuesday training sessions could not take place without the support of so many parents leading and helping with groups. Thank you!

18 months ago (whilst still at Leos) we did discuss all the other support activities that take place within the junior section of the club, see http://valleystriders.org.uk/Parents-Meeting-22-Mar-2016-Matters-Discussed-and-Actions.htm . This lapsed during our time at Far Moss.

We'd now like to reopen this discussion on 17th October. Activities to discuss include
- meeting and greeting new members at training sessions
- collating fortnightly food orders
- hoodie collection contact
- juniors Christmas party organisation
- events publicity i.e. next races for juniors, post on parents Facebook
- team manager(s) on the day for races
- collection of data for awards e.g. attendance medals
- etc, I'm sure there are many more

If you are "up" for any of these or wish to make other suggestions, please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk