Messages for Juniors/Parents- 20 October 2017

This message is about membership and Peco cross country races and is specifically for parents of junior members.

This update is only being sent regarding juniors who
- were members for the year 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017
- or came to the summer training sessions 10 for 8
- or have recently been invited to trial sessions.

If you are receiving this email, your junior(s) are invited to rejoin/join Valley Striders for the year 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018.

Membership fees

Our year runs from 1 September to 31 August and, for the year just ended, the junior annual membership fee was 21, with no session fees. Moving back to Leos, our expenses have increased, but we are trying not to increase the membership fees. However we are keen to encourage participation in competitive running.

Junior membership fees will go up to 33, but this will include at least 13 of race entry fees paid by the club, namely 5 Peco Junior cross country events, the Meanwood Trail Junior Races from Leos in April or June, and the Eccup Junior Races from Adel in July. These races have been chosen because they (a) are open to age groups starting school year 2 (which is our minimum age), (b) are suitable for all abilities, and (c) have confirmed that they accept bulk entries.

Membership for juniors with other commitments on Tuesdays

A few parents have juniors who now have other commitments on Tuesdays so can only attend a limited number of training sessions.

There will be a "limited training" version of junior membership. The fee will be 23 to cover a maximum of 10 training sessions, this to include the race fees as listed above. If wanting to extend past 10 sessions, an additional 12 will be payable.

Paying membership fees

Please pay online to
"AC Membership"
Sort Code: 53-70-00
A/c Number: 72143878
Reference to include your name

NB if there is more than one child it is slightly easier for us if you make separate payments!

Peco Cross Country League

This is a series of 5 events sponsored by Peco.
- The link is if you want to see what Peco (Print and Embroidery COmpany) sell!
- The link is for cross-country league information.

Event dates and locations are 26 Nov at Nostell, 10 Dec at Templenewsam, 7 Jan at Roundhay, 21 Jan at Golden Acre, 11 Feb at Middleton Park (all Sundays).

At each event there is a 1 mile race for school years 2 to 6 and a 2 mile race for school years 7 to 12.

The races will be mainly on grass and will be suitable for spikes, but these aren't necessary unless your junior wants to finish in the top 10, otherwise any running shoes with a good tread will do.

This is the first year that the junior races will be chip timed, this simplifies calculation of the results.

For each junior runner, there is a cost of 2 to pay for a race number and chip which will need to be kept for all events in the series and then a cost of 1 per race paid on the day. As mentioned in the section on membership fees above, this will be paid by Valley Striders. This is how it will work.

- All Valley Striders juniors who want to run Pecos must register with us by 10pm on 7 November.
- To register, please email , subject "Peco" and the junior name(s).
- We will pay the 2, and a race number will be available for collection on race day of the first race.
- On the day, parents need to register their juniors and sign in to say that they are the adult responsible.
- On the day, normally there would be 1 to pay, but I will arrange with the Peco entries desk not to charge V S juniors who are already registered.

PS if you want to see how our runners got on last year, click on the following link we averaged 18 runners per event.

Terms and conditions: if you register but your junior runs zero races, we will ask you for the 2 that we've spent.

Any questions on membership or Peco races?

Please reply to