V S Update for Juniors - 11 March 2018 (amended 14 March 2018)

- Juniors Training on 13 March
- 4 EVENTS FOR JUNIORS - please respond by 18 March
- Peco Relays on 25 March
- Yorkshire Road Races on 7 April
- West Yorkshire Track and Field starting 14 April
- Meanwood Trail Junior Races on Tuesday 15 May

Training on 13 March

After a successful road session on 6 March with 21 juniors split into 2 groups we are planning to run a similar session on 13 March with 3 groups.

As mentioned in last week's email, we have amended the selection criteria.

To be eligible for the session on 13 March, you must have "appeared" 7 or more times between 31 December and 28 February in Training / Winter mile / Peco / Yorks XC / Northern XC.

There is a list at the end of this email. If not on the list, you'll not be involved this week but watch out for next week's update.

We are also requesting that all juniors attending have a parent or a parent's friend running in their group (not in the beginners/improvers), such that the ratio of adults to children is at least 1 : 2.

All juniors and parents must wear hi-vis.

Please reply to this email if any questions.

NB Many juniors are competing in the West Yorkshire Primary Schools XC Championships and/or the Leeds Schools XC League on the following day. If you're going to compete in both (!) then we recommend you don't come to training with us. If you're going to compete in one of these, we will move you down a group so you have a slightly easier session.

Peco Relays - Sunday 25 March


Please let us know by 4 April if interested - email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk

We still haven't had confirmation of the venue, but we are assuming this is going ahead and it will be somewhere in Leeds (the latest rumour is that it will be in Guiseley (it is in Leeds!)).

These relays are open to all juniors and teams are of 3 runners, all boys, all girls or mixed, and all primary school, all secondary school or a mixture.

See www.valleystriders.org.uk/up180228.htm for more information

Please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk by 18 March if interested. If you have in mind a team of 3, also let us know, otherwise we will put teams together from the available names.

Yorkshire Road Relays Saturday 7 April

The venue is Bodington cycle track and in the afternoon are relay races for teams of 4 women and teams of 4 men.

But in the late morning are some races (not relays) for young athletes running as individuals, no limit on numbers, and the first 3 from each club count in team scoring.

Under 13 Girls and U13 Boys is for school years 6 and 7, but entrants must be aged 11 on race day (so the younger children in year 6 aren't eligible)

Under 15 Girls and U15 Boys is for school years 8 and 9.

There's more information http://valleystriders.org.uk/docs/YorksRoadRelays2018Prospectus.pdf please note that entries cannot be made by individuals, they must be made by the club team manager.

Please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk by 18 March if interested.

West Yorkshire Track & Field League - first "meeting" on Saturday 14 April ...

... and 6 more dates from May through to September, mostly on Wednesday evenings.

Under 11 Girls and U11 Boys is for school years 4 and 5, but entrants must be aged 9 on the day of the meeting (so the younger children in year 4 aren't officially eligible but if you are interested we will enquire on your behalf)

Under 13 Girls and U13 Boys is for school years 6 and 7

Under 15 Girls and U15 Boys is for school years 8 and 9.

Under 11's compete in 75 metres sprint, 600 metres track, long jump and shot. The older age groups have a slightly bigger choice.

During the summer on alternate weeks we train at Grammar School at Leeds, so are able to practice long jump, shot putt and discus.

Please read www.valleystriders.org.uk/wytf.htm for more information.

Please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk by 18 March if interested.

Meanwood Trail Junior Races organised by Valley Striders on Tuesday 15 May

We are hoping to put on junior races from Leos around the fields and woods.

In the past we have put on 1 mile and 2 mile races for juniors, but, to recognise the return to Leos, we are going metric for this "new" event.

School years 3 and 4 (year 2 may run), approximately 1km
School years 5 and 6, approximately 2km
School years 7 and above, approximately 3km

Those VS juniors who paid 20 or more for membership have free entry for these races.

That's the plan, but there is some preparation to do before we can confirm the event will take place

First Aid: we need a team of first aiders on the night and if we have sufficient numbers they will be able to work in a rota so they aren't on call while their child is running. Please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk if you are willing to be part of this team. We also need 2 joint team leaders to organise the rota and co-ordinate the team on the night (and call emergency services if needed), please let us know if you can do this.

Promotion: we will be getting some promotional cards printed and we need a number of people to distribute these (a) in the local schools (b) at the 5 junior parkruns in Leeds. Please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk if are willing to be part of this team and say which school or parkrun you can cover. We also need one person to co-ordinate this (any volunteers?). The cards will be printed in the Easter holidays and should be distributed in the first two weeks after return to school, this will give a little bit of time for people to put it in their diaries. The cards will be A6 single sided, does anyone have contacts for printing?

Please reply by 18 March if you can help


Abigail Kingston
Alannah Thornton
Alfie Jones
Alfie Young
Ben Shenderey
Christa Shackleton
Daniel Fotherby
Darcey Mollitt
Dexter Rosenberg
Ethan Taylor
Evie Rose
Flo Pell
Griff Lippiatt
Gus Cawcutt
Henry Pell
Iestyn Lippiatt
Jack Woodeson
James Worrall
Jamie Walker
Jamie Youngs
Jessica Baxter
Joe Irvine
Joseph Whitehouse
Joshua Holt
Katy Irvine
Leon Jones
Lily Sadler
Luke Mackreth
Marcus Johnstone
Matthew Sedgley
Michael Fotherby
Oliver Lubiecki
Rebecca Kingston
Reuben Hill
Sofia Robottom
Sophia Lubiecki
Theodore Rosenberg
Toby Walker
Tom Mackreth
William Barton
Zach Taylor