V S Update - 29 March 2018

- Training & food
- National 12 and 6 stage relays
- Events that include junior events
- Peco relays 6 May
- Meanwood Trail Junior Races organised by Valley Striders on Tuesday 15 May
- VSFC and VSGP calendar and events
- Results from Fell Championships, Northern 6 & 12 stage relays, 4 20-mile races, English Schools Secondary and Primary XC

Training and Food

Please see Facebook (or the website if you're not on Facebook) for details of training sessions.

We usually have food on the first Tuesday of the month; on the menu for 3 April will be pie and peas. To order, please email
- earlyfood@valleystriders.org.uk (for food at 7:15pm after the 6pm session)
- food@valleystriders.org.uk (for food at 8:30pm after the 7pm session)
before 10pm on Sunday 1st, saying whether you want a full portion (4) or a half portion (2), whether you want meat pie or veggie bake, and whether you want baked beans or mushy peas.

Training on 10 April will probably be at Grammar School at Leeds for 6pm sessions and will be Leeds Beckett Park for 7pm sessions.

National 12 and 6 stage relays at Sutton Coldfield (from Myra)

We're entering teams in the National Men's 12 stage and Women's 6 stage in Birmingham on 14th April. We're allowed to submit up to 36 names for the men and 18 for the women, by 7th April. The teams must be selected from the names submitted. If you are available to run on that day and have not let John Hobbs or Myra know please email teams@valleystriders.org.uk by 2nd April.

We had a brilliant day in Birkenhead for the Northerns (see Results section) and would like to make sure we have complete teams for the Nationals.

Events that include events for juniors

NB all the following except Washburn are in the Leeds Race Series and Leeds Junior Race Series see www.leedsathletics.net. The first three are all V S Grand Prix races. All the junior events count towards the Participation Awards

Sunday 17 June - Pudsey 10k and "Family Fun Run" (this is a timed race!)

Wednesday 27 June - Hyde Park Mile and Junior Half Mile (NB age limits)

Sunday 1 July - Eccup 10 and Junior 1 and 2 mile Races

Tuesday 3 July - Canal Race (5K) and 1 mile "fun run" (timed) from Methley

Friday 13 July - Washburn Valley Relays and Junior Relays

NB you may see the Canal Race advertised as the Jane Tomlinson Race, it isn't a Run For All event, it is an event organised by Rothwell Harriers where Jane was a club member.

Peco Relays Sunday 6 May

See www.valleystriders.org.uk/up180321.htm

Meanwood Trail Junior Races organised by Valley Striders on Tuesday 15 May

See www.valleystriders.org.uk/up180321.htm , we still need volunteers!

V S Grand Prix and V S Fell Championships - race calendar

See www.valleystriders.org.uk/vsdates.htm


Fell Championships

Latest version is now on the website www.valleystriders.org.uk/vsfc2018.xls and includes the Heartbeat Hobble and the Marsden to Edale Trigger.

Heptonstall was scheduled for 18 March but was cancelled (that's the weekend the "mini beast from the East" made an appearance). It was rearranged at short notice just a week later but without any VS representation it appears.

Northern 6 and 12 stage relays


Showing leading teams and West Yorkshire teams

1 Leeds City Ac 'A' 1:47:49
2 Rotherham Harriers & Ac 'A' 1:49:37
3 Salford Harriers & Ac 'A' 1:53:13
15 Holmfirth Harriers Ac 2:05:44
20 Valley Striders Ac 2:07:28
25 Saltaire Striders 'A' 2:12:13
27 Bingley Harriers & Ac 2:12:24
41 Saltaire Striders 'B' 2:31:19
48 complete teams, final time 3:02:28

Valley Striders (legs 1 & 4 long, the others short)

Myra Jones (21) 30:31
Rachel Mackie (25) 16:05
Amanda Spencer (25) 17:12
Kim Spence (23) 31:55
Rachel Bentley (20) 15:54
Louise Cazan (20) 15:51


Showing leading teams and West Yorkshire teams

1 Lincoln Wellington AC 'A' 3:11:31
2 Salford Harriers & AC 'A' 3:12:15
3 Stockport Harriers & AC 3:13:58
5 Leeds City AC 'A' 3:14:40
21 Valley Striders AC 3:31:16
25 Holmfirth Harriers AC 'A' 3:32:00
30 Halifax Harriers & AC 3:39:26
32 Saltaire Striders 'A' 3:39:59
38 Penistone Footpath Runners 3:43:50
46 Bingley Harriers & AC 3:49:48
49 Keighley & Craven AC 3:51:57
52 Holmfirth Harriers AC 'B' 3:59:40
55 complete teams, final time 4:42:40

Valley Striders (legs 1/3/5/7 long, the others short)

John Hobbs (20) 24:32
Andrew May (25) 13:30
David Herdsman (24) 26:19
Daniel Fisher (24) 13:21
Daryl Hibberd (23) 25:33
Andrew Parker (23) 13:35
Rav Panesar (24) 27:08
Matt Chadwick (24) 13:23
Paul Fotherby (24) 13:46
Gary Mann (23) 13:22
Jon Pownall (22) 12:54
James Tarran (21) 13:53

20 Mile results





GP Pts

East Hull


Huw Lippiatt



East Hull


Simon Midwood



Leeds Liverpool Canal


Suzie Shenderey



Leeds Liverpool Canal


Rachel Waters





Andrew Bennett





Terry Midgley





Hayley Nancolas





Anne Worrall





Myra Jones





Sean Cook




Schools Results

For those that remember the 11-plus but don't understand school years
- years 1 to 6 are primary school and year 6 is the year in which children have their 11th birthday
- years 7 to 13 are secondary school.

Now to continue and complete the results that I started in the previous V S Update ...

West Yorkshire Secondary Schools Championships

Held in February at Grammar School at Leeds

Year 7 Girls: 7 Josie Pawley, 12 Hannah Taylor (qualified for National Final).
Year 8-9 Girls: 2 Zoe Hunter (daughter of Mark and Erica), 12 Ceara Sexton (ex VS junior), 17 Tally Diamond (returning to VS juniors in April).
Year 7 Boys: 10 Jamie Walker.
Year 9-10 Boys: 7 Joe Sherman (ex VS junior).

North Yorkshire Primary Schools XC Championships

We reported on the West Yorkshire Schools XC in the last V S Update, one more result from county schools to add, Ted Crossland finished 23rd in the North Yorkshire Schools XC at Dalby Forest.

English Schools Secondary Schools XC Championships (Years 8 to 13)

Saturday 17 March at Templenewsam


Year 8-9 Girls: 46 Zoe Hunter (342 finished).
Year 9-10 Boys: 249 Joe Sherman (339 finished).

English Schools Primary Schools and Year 7 XC Championships

Saturday 24 March at Loughborough


As the Secondary Schools championships only covers years 8 and above, the year 7 championships are held in conjunction with the year 5 and 6.

Year 5 Girls: 53 Evie Rose (5th counter for W.Yorks), 253 finished, West Yorks were 1st team.
Year 5 Boys: 71 Sam Preston (8th WY), 266 finished, West Yorks were 1st team.
Year 6 Girls: 61 Flo Pell (6th WY), 252 finished.
Year 6 Boys: 28 Leon Jones (4th WY), 47 Theo Rosenberg (5th WY), 261 finished, West Yorks were 1st team.
Year 7 Girls: 149 Hannah Taylor (12th WY), DNF Josie Pawley, 178 finished.
Year 7 Boys: 106 Jamie Walker (7th WY), 162 Alfie Jones (12th WY), 168 finished.

All results https://www.stuweb.co.uk/events/2018/03/24/3201/ NB this also has year 3 and 4 races but these were only for Leicestershire athletes.