V S Update - 19 May 2018

Tue 22 May - Club Junior Mile and Club Handicap 5 miles
Wed 23 May - Leeds 5k at Brownlee Centre, West Yorks Track & Field, Orienteering
Thu 24 May - VS Thursday Run On Tour

Club Junior Mile and Club Handicap 5 miles - Tuesday 22 May


The races are by Eccup Reservoir.  Use LS17 7RW for SatNav.  This is the lodge at the bottom of Goodrick Lane and this is the meeting point.  Note that Goodrick Lane is a private road, please park on Alwoodley Lane or one of the side roads nearby. And please allow at least 5 minutes to walk from where you've parked to where we start!

Click http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=429750&y=441300&z=110&zoom=2  for map for start.

Please note that the start times have been brought forward a few minutes, see details below.

Club Junior Mile - NB change of start time to 6:00pm/6:10pm

Meet 6:00pm, there will be 2 races, school years 1 to 5 at 6:10pm and school years 6 to 11 at 6:25pm.

Juniors on waiting list are welcome to take part.  And those juniors invited to last week's races by club members are also welcome to take part.

Parents may run with their children in the first race but will not be timed.

In the second race, there will be also be a race for parents/beginners/improvers starting 1 minute after the juniors

For the first time we will have two pens for each junior race to ensure there is not a crush at the start.  Parents must ensure that only juniors who have run under 9 minutes for junior parkrun are in the first pen.  Juniors who have never run junior parkrun must be in the second pen too.

Marshals: We need a marshal at the turn-round point of the 1 mile race and a few marshals along the route, if you can help, please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk  

Club Handicap 5 miles - NB change of start time to 6:40pm/6:50pm

Abbey Runners have an event the same evening, a run around the reservoir in memory of Peter Leach who died last week.  Peter set up beginners groups at Abbey and this was one of the routes he used.  Their run will pass by the lodge at 7:55pm so we've brought our event forward 10 minutes so we have finished before they go through.

Meet 6:40pm to find your start time, first runners off at 6:50pm. If you've no race performances recorded in the results database, you will be asked for your fastest recent 5k or 10k time and the "marksman" will give you a start time. Slowest runners will start first, fastest runners last. The Handicap Cup will be awarded to the first runner across the line who has a performance in the database.

If you want to get a VERY ROUGH idea of your start time, then here is a formula to use - start time = 7:45pm minus (5 times parkrun time ) divided by 3.  For example if your parkrun time is 24 minutes, your start time is 7:45pm - (5 times 24) divided by 3 which is 7:45 pm minus 40, i.e 7:05pm, in which case arrive on Alwoodley Lane giving yourself 5 minutes to jog down to the start, 5 minutes to confirm your start time and 5 minutes to warm up, i.e. be parking your car at 6:50pm latest

Marshals  We need a few marshals for the 5 mile race, if you can help please email Sue Sunderland rickandsue1@sky.com

Leeds 5k Series at Brownlee Centre - Wednesday 23 May

This is race 4 of the series, is in VSGP (best time in series to count), but is FULL.

Race 5 will be on Wednesday 20 June and there are 47 spaces which will be released soon, check www.racebest.com

West Yorks Track and Field - Wednesday 23 May

West Yorks League

The third meeting of the series will be at Wakefield, starting 6:45.  Pre-entries only. 

For list of events see http://www.wakefield-harriers.co.uk/wytfl/wyl18index.htm

Remaining dates are Wed 13 June, Wed 4 July, Sun 5 August and Sun 9 September.

York Summer League

We are also entering the York Summer League  

Details at http://www.cityofyorkathleticclub.net/summer-league/

Dates are Sat 2 June, Sat 16 June and Sun 15 July.  You can take part in as many of these as you wish.

If interested, please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk

Orienteering - Wednesday 23 May

Airienteers are organising a Sprint Orienteering event in Meanwood Park. Start times between 6.15pm and 7.25pm. Looks like a good excuse for a run out through the woods with the challenge of a bit of map reading. The routes are not long so should be a bit of good fun! More info on https://www.aire.org.uk/events/meanwood-park-2018-05-23 .

VS Thursday Run - On Tour! - Thursday 24 May

Following the very successful Meanwood Valley Trail Race recce this week, the VS Thursday Group will be off to Otley Chevin next week (24th May). Meet at Surprise View at 6:45 for a 7:00 p.m. depart. Newcomers welcome!

See Facebook post nearer the date for more information.

In the next edition

Results from Leeds Half Marathon, Meanwood Valley Trail junior races, parkrun at Middleton Woods and more

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