It was approved at last year's AGM that Valley Striders will have a different vest for trail and cross country running.

The design will be mainly black with white lettering (opposite of the standard vest) however we want Valley Striders to vote on whether the vest should include chartreuse panels on either side to link in with the Cycling and Triathlon clubs.

There will be rules set when the vest can be worn which will be provided soon.

Can you please respond to this email with your vote by the 26th August. Please state:

1. Black and white vest only

2. Include Chartreuse colour on panels

Note to parents of junior members: you have one vote for each junior member (whether affiliated or not) and also for yourselves if affiliated.  In this case, please respond with an email for each vote stating the name of the person who is voting and their vote, this can be in separate emails or one overall email.