V S Update - 13 January 2019

- Grand Prix 2018 awards
- Grand Prix 2019 events
- Grand Prix Handbook
NB there will be another "vsupdate" early in the week which will include more race dates, membership fee reminder, raffle reminder and race results
NB the Grand Prix competition is only for adult runners

Grand Prix 2018 awards

The prizes for the Grand Prix 2018 were awarded following the Club's Winter Handicap race at Eccup Reservoir on 30th December. 202 runners took part in a Grand Prix event and 48 completed 8 or more events.

Congratulations go to
- John Hobbs - Overall winner, M35 and winner of Group A (800 points)
- Myra Jones - Overall F winner and first F Senior (745)
- Daryl Hibberd - first M Senior (792)
- Sarah Mann - first F35 and winner of Group F (705)
- Huw Lippiatt - first M45 (789)
- Amanda Spencer - first F45 and winner of Group D (716)
- Ken Fox - first M55 (736)
- Ruth Warren - first F55 (654)
- Joel Giddings - winner of Group B (753)
- Vernon Long - winner of Group C (758)
- Chloe Hudson - winner of Group E (684)
- Becky Murray - winner of Group G (474)

Grand Prix 2019 events

The Grand Prix 2019 is already underway with the following events already completed: Chevin Chase, PECO race no. 2 Temple Newsam, the Club Winter Handicap and PECO race no.3 West Park. If you have not been able to take part in these there are still plenty of events to enjoy. Your best 8 results will be selected to make up your points total from 5 of the 7 categories shown in brackets.

The following make up the list for 2019 in date order where known:

- PECO race no.4 Crimple Valley (cross country) 20/01/19
- Dewsbury 10k (short) 03/02/19 09.00 - a few entries still shown as available at 05/01/19.
- PECO race no.5 Roundhay Park (cross country) 10/02/19
- National Cross Country Race Harewood House (cross country) 23/02/19 Senior women 8k 13.35, Senior men 12k 15.00
- 5k evensplits series (short) best time from all 2019 races (first race Wednesday evening 27/02/19
- Leeds University 10k (short) 03/03/19
- 20 mile March events (long) - best time from Leeds University 20m 03/03/19, Spen 20 10/03/19, Trimple 20m 17/03/19, East Hull 20 24/03/19, Leeds Liverpool Canal 20m 23/03/19
- Guiseley Gallop (Fell & Trail)21/04/19 10.30
- Baildon Boundary Way Half Marathon (F&T) 07/04/19 09.30 (75% full as at 05/01/19)
- Vale of York 10m (medium) 14/04/19 09.30
- Three Peaks (long) 27/04/19
- London Marathon (long) 28/04/19 (entries closed)
- Leeds Half Marathon (medium) 12/05/19 09.30
- Ilkley Trail race (F&T) 27/05/19 TBC
- Apperley Bridge Canter (F&T)
- Wharfedale Half Marathon (F&T)
- Otley 10m (medium)
- Pudsey 10k (short) 06/19
- Golden Mile/ Hyde Park mile (short) - best time from
- Eccup 10m (medium) 30/06/19
- Danefield (F&T)
- Vale of York Half Marathon (medium)
- West Yorkshire Cross Country race no.1 (another race will be selected if the date clashes with another GP event)
- Tadcaster 10m (medium) (provisional depending on PECO race dates which will take priority in event of a clash)
- Peco race 1 2019/20 season (cross country) (if before 30 November)
- Guy Fawkes 10m (medium) 11/19
- Leeds Abbey Dash 10k (short) 11/19

Special additions to the 2019 series will include the Autumn Valley Striders Autumn Tour Reims France 20/10/19 Marathon (long), Half Marathon (medium). This is a very popular tour to which all members are invited and entries to the races open on 02/04/19.

Additionally the Club Handicap races all count within the VS Handicap category and the date of the Spring race will be announced nearer the time. A category new to the 2018 GP was that of Park Runs and this has proved popular and will be included in the 2019 series. Suggestions of venues are welcomed for all 4 Park Runs (spring etc). Please email alankhutchinson@yahoo.co.uk.


Grand Prix Results, Tables and Handbook

All the Grand Prix information is on the website
- click on "For Club Members" in the top bar
- click on "Grand Prix & Fell Champ" in the left hand column

And you'll get an index
- events calendar (this will be updated for 2019 soon)
- race results from 2018 and previous years (and also results for the first 4 events in 2019)
- GP tables for 2018 and previous years (and also the table for 2019 so far)
- Grand Prix Handbook - rules and notes - which Alan has just rewritten

Take a look!