Country Way
1 September 2002

Updated 16 Jan 03

Leg 1
Garforth to Stanley

Alistair(V), Mick(A), Neil(A), Eric(V), Erica(L), Penny(L)
photo: Bob Jackson

Leg 2
Stanley to Morley

The photographer was running

Leg 3
Morley to Thornbury

The photographer was recovering

Leg 4
Thornbury to Golden Acre Park

Tracey & Lisa (Equal Fastest Ladies Leg)
photo: Bob Jackson

Leg 5
Golden Acre Park to Scarcroft

Bill & Paul(A), Janet & Annemi(L), John & George(V)
photo: Bob Jackson

Leg 6
Scarcroft to Garforth

Julia & Natalie at start of leg ... Natalie and Julia 100m to go
photo: Bob Jackson


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