March 2003

2003 Issue 1


A Belated Happy New Year!

This V S News started with good intentions to be the January 2003 edition but now looks like appearing in mid-March. But I'll still introduce it by saying "Good luck with your training and running for 2003!" - Bob.

Meanwood Valley Trail Race - Saturday 12 April

Our choice of date appears to be reaping its rewards. There are no local races on the same weekend and so, with 5 weeks to go, entries are 50% ahead on last year. The downside is that there is a record Striders contingent at the London Marathon that weekend, so I am pleading that everyone free on the Saturday will come and help us.

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In This Issue

  • For your diary - Meanwood Recce run, Spring Handicap & Pie'n'peas, Bradford M Way, Leeds C Way, Striders 21st Anniversary.
  • 20th Anniversary Report / 2002 Awards
  • Grand Prix 2002 results, reports, final positions
  • Grand Prix 2003 results, reports, list of events
  • Race Reports
  • International Reports from Ruth, Mark and Niels / Hutch's trip
  • Identify The Striders
  • North Midlands Race reports from Bill Murphy and Jane Sutton
  • New Members
  • Horsforth Marathon Story part 7 from Janet Kitchen
  • Roundhay 10k July 2003 / Reprint of first Striders meeting
  • Yorkshire Vets Championship Races
  • Cross Country / Harrogate Ringway Relay
  • Bob Graham Round from Annemi
  • Fell Championships 2002 and 2003
  • Forthcoming Races & Events
  • As usual, a special thank you to those who have contributed reports to this edition of V S News, without which the rest of you could have probably read the lot in 15 minutes!

    Meanwood Race - Recce Run on 1st April

    As a result of some incidents at last October's Harewood Race, we are taking a few extra precautions:

    We will be running the route Tuesday evening April 1st. We will need to start promptly at 6:45 otherwise we are unlikely to get back before dark. Please come and run the route and have the opportunity to pick your spot for marshalling.

    Even better, if you want to choose your spot in advance (see map), phone Geoff.

    Dates for your Diary (NB all phone numbers are on the back page)

    Spring Handicap and Pie'n'Peas - Tuesday 29 April

    This will be the 10k route from the reservoir path (bottom of the hill from Alwoodley Lane), across the dam, to Eccup, and back. First runners off at 6:50pm. There will be pie (meat or veg.) and peas or beans - please order in advance from Paul White by Friday 25 April at the latest.

    Bradford Millennium Way - Sunday 15 June

    This is a 45 mile relay run by 5 pairs each running 9 miles. The first race was last year and we had 2 teams, finishing 4th open team and 1st mixed team. Can we get 3 (or even 4) teams this year. Recce'ing is essential but it is worth it just for the scenery. Contact Paul Furness or Steve O or Lisa or Tracey for details - by end April at the latest.

    Leeds Country Way - Sunday 31 August

    This is a 60 mile relay run by 6 pairs each running 10 miles. This will be the 12th year and we have had 3 teams most years. Last year we had 3rd wimmin's team, 4th vets and 5th open. Can we get 4 teams this year? Recce'ing is essential but is local so can even be done on a summer's evening. Contact Paul F or Lisa or Tracey for details.

    Striders 21st Anniversary – 23 July 2003

    On pages 3 and 4 you can read about the 20th Anniversary celebrations which took place on 10th and 15th December to coincide with the joining dates of the first club members. However, while trawling the archives looking for memorabilia to bring along to the events, I found the minutes of (probably) the first meeting of the Striders (which I've reproduced on page 25). So this gives a good excuse to have a midsummer do. We'll organise something for Tuesday 22nd or Sunday 27th. Please make suggestions to Paul Furness or Tim Towler (preferably suggestions about a Striders celebratory do).

    Happy 20th Birthday Striders - The Report

    Event 1 - Tuesday 10 December - Run and food and ...

    I'm sure all of the 39 who came to the Club enjoyed what was probably the second biggest ever Valley Striders training run. Although we may claim it to be the biggest, because when Charlie Spedding came to train with the Striders in Sept 1985, there were 14 in the first group (who were never caught) and 28 in the second group, whereas at the Anniversary Run, we all ran together (at least for the first 3 miles). Also after the Anniversary Run there were at least another 5 Striders only there for the pies, which makes 44, so maybe we did set a record, but Stuart tells me there were about 55 to hear Charlie speak.

    Our great thanks to:

    Terry and Martyn brought up the rear of the training session, either because they were talking rather more than the rest of us, or that they were trying to prove Bob Dylan's line "they that are first shall later be last". (NB there is another line "they that are slow shall later be fast" but this seems to be a much rarer occurrence!).

    Most Striders had brought at least one photograph, some had brought whole albums.

    The picture telling the best story was a photo of 32 girls in England cross country kit, the 8 under 13's at the front, then the under 15's etc. Lisa was on the front row having qualified to run in the Home Countries internationals by finishing 8th in the English County championships. And who had she beaten and who had not qualified for the team? In 22nd place was a certain P. Radcliffe of Bedfordshire.

    Event 2 - Sunday 15 December - Run and drink and ...

    About 12 of us turned up at 9a.m. at Leo's on a drizzly morning to run down the trail to Woodhouse. We made good time and arrived before any of the 10 o'clockers due to make the return journey. But there was someone there. Lurking behind Henry Marsden's statue was Strider number 1, Stuart StJohn.

    Another 11 turned up in the next 10 minutes including the 4th original Strider, Ray Price, who would just be running to Leo's but this 5 miles would be his longest for many years. Photos were taken and then we set off in the mist. Halfway up the Trail we met Paul Briscoe and Sarah Rowell. I expected that Sarah might have had a few copies of her book "Off-Road Running" to sell, but no, she had just come for the run.

    A few stopped at Leo's but most of us continued onwards on the Trail towards Eccup. A few more turned off here, but there were still 16 who followed Geoff's recommended route of 1½ miles of footpaths to avoid ½ mile of King Lane. On one of these footpaths a tree root jumped out in front of Tracey and she gracefully slid to the floor (you should get some glasses, Tracey!). A final set of photos were taken and then 14 of us took in a circuit of Golden Acre Park before returning to Leos.

    Back at Leos were beer, bananas, cakes and Stuart. Conversation continued well into the afternoon. (About a quarter to two, actually).

    On the website there are now 15 photos from the two anniversary runs. NB 4 of them are of Carole's cakes - you can see my priorities after a long run! The group photos are all subtitled with the names of everyone so you can find out who is who. There is just one mystery person on photo 2 - let me know if it was you or if you know who it was.

    The photos were taken on a conventional camera and scanned. I can provide a slightly higher resolution digital image than on the website, but if you want copies to keep to show to your children and grandchildren then I recommend a "proper" reprint. Just let me know which photos you want (all the file references are "20ann" and 2 digits so let me know the two digits) and I'll get copies printed (approximately 70p).

    Christmas Meal & Presentation Night - The Report

    Officials' Reports

    A very entertaining speech by Steve O managed to include anecdotes, factual or fictional - it was for the audience to decide, about nearly every attendee at the Xmas meal. Fortunately, tape recorders had been excluded.

    "Seasonal" messages were read out that had been received from Stuart St John, Alan Pennington (from St Leonard's Hospice, the co-organiser of the Harewood Trail Race), Janet Kitchen (or Horsforth Marathon fame), Niels Laustsen and Trevor Wilson.

    Message from Trevor Wilson

    Trevor (who after leaving Striders in 1991 for Leeds City won the Leeds Marathon in what is still a course record of 2:19) had written "I have so may happy memories from my running career, many of which involve my association with you. I remember clearly admiring the achievements of the likes of Martyn Hopson, Terry Bean, Keith Cluderay, Steve O etc and hoping one day I could follow in their footsteps. Valley Striders always has a real atmosphere about it that I've not met the like of anywhere else. Maybe this was best summed up by Keith who once said 'If I come 4th, I'm not bothered, as long as its 3 Striders ahead of me'. My own running has been almost non-existent for 5 years due to chronic injury. But I still love the sport and always will. I can now run 5 miles twice a week with no orthotics and no pain!!! (progress???). I would like to continue my association with you, enclosed is a token towards club funds. Hope you all achieve new PB's (if only!!). Keep on running, Trevor"

    "Horsforth" Marathon Trophy

    By unanimous decision of the jury, the best marathon performance of the year was judged to be Kathy Kaiser's 3:08:20 at London which earned her 3rd place in the W50 category.

    Stuart StJohn Also Ran Trophy

    We had runners-ups for this trophy - some serious attempts, too:

    But the winner:

    The worthy winner was Annemi Van Zyl.

    Club Entries for the London Marathon

    ... were 'drawn' at the Xmas Handicap and gaining places were Bernadette Clayton, David Cusack and Annemi Van Zyl. In fact there were only three applicants for the three places but it wouldn't have sounded so exciting.

    Grand Prix 2002 Results & Race Reports

    Roundhay 5

    4 Tim Crossland 26.31

    28 Henry Lang 28.38

    33 Neil Dutton 28.53

    42 Drew Taylor 29.39

    56 Tim Towler 30.12

    64 Tracey Morris 30.35

    77 Andrew Cutts 31.07

    87 Lisa Wilyman 31.39

    107 Simon Vallance 32.32

    121 Alan Hutchinson 32.48

    138 Peter Marrington 33.20

    141 Tony Haygarth 33.33

    151 Paul White 34.01

    179 Vicky Chapman 34.54

    209 Bridget Strong 35.46

    215 Mike Brown 35.58

    285 Bob Wilkes 38.22

    303 Lou Gilchrist 38.53

    Congratulations to Tracey Morris – 2nd W and 1st W35. Tim was also in the prizes (and again your editor was in charge of collection). Lisa was 6th W but just out of the prizes.

    In the 3 mile race, Mark Hunter (partner of Erica Hiorns) was 8th (20:05), Daniel Cutts 19th (22:36), Alison Marrington was 23rd and 2nd W35 (22:57) and taking the vets prize goodies because the race winner was also W35, and Gillian Goodwin 26th and 3rd W35 (23:27).

    Scunthorpe Cross Country

    Pos Name Time G.P.Pts


    8 Lisa Wilyman 21.04 98

    23 Jane Sutton 22.44 94

    29 Kathy Kaiser 23.40 91

    34 Janet Parkinson 24.13 90 wimmin's team finished 4th

    45 Sylvia Watson 26.00 88

    49 Sara Dyer 27.02 87 57 ran


    26 Henry Lang 33.39 100

    33 Steve Webb 34.42 99

    63 Drew Taylor 36.55 97

    65 Andrew Cutts 37.24 96

    70 Tim Towler 37.50 95

    84 Alan Hutchinson 39.26 93 men's team finished 6th

    90 Bob Jackson 40.19 92

    107 Geoff Webster 43.19 89 122 ran

    14 Striders enjoyed an afternoon in sunny Scunthorpe. Which was a pleasant surprise as the motorway fog warning lights had been on all the way on the Ms 1, 62, 18 and 180.

    Keep on Running

    A new survey by Stanford University, California, has shown that running can delay the onset of arthritis by more than 12 years, which dispels the myth that jogging 'wears out' the joints. In fact, runners were found to have greater bone density and were four times more likely to avoid disability in later life. (from Top Sante magazine, February 2003).

    Abbey Dash

    29 Tim Crossland 32.24

    74 Terry Bean 34.58

    98 Steve Webb 35.42

    115 Neil Dutton 36.19

    140 Tracey Morris 36.54

    146 Mick Loftus 37.02

    211 Andrew Cutts 38.19

    220 Rob Liddle 38.31

    224 Lisa Wilyman 38.34

    250 Rob Bumstead 39.11

    268 Roy Flesher 39.27

    284 Bob Jackson 39.43

    357 Simon Vallance 40.44

    361 Jane Sutton 40.46

    396 Paul White 41.10

    400 Howard Jeffrey 41.16

    419 Vicky Chapman 41.29

    441 Tony Haygarth 41.44

    459 Peter Marrington 41.58

    493 Kathy Kaiser 42.23

    667 Chris Sawyer 44.32

    684 Mick Tinker 44.45

    721 John Hallas 45.10

    757 Mike Brown 45.39

    947 Alison Marrington 47.46

    985 Paul Morris 48.10

    1040 Sara Dyer 48.45

    1128 Claire Taylor 49.36

    1145 Carmel Barker 49.48

    1145 Bernadette Clayton49.48

    1188 Gillian Goodwin 50.10

    I've included one second-claimer and two husbands - the other 28 are full Striders members, so yet again, this was the 2nd best attended race of the year (36 for the Leeds Country Way!).

    Striders were in the prizes as the Wimmin's team finished 3rd behind Wakefield and Sale, Tracey was 2nd W35 (11th W) and Kathy was 3rd W50.

    Tracey e-mailed me "Just thought I would thank you for the results since Paul has let me use his computer for the first time. Don't think he trusts me to post a letter never mind get to grips with e-mail. Wondering whether the Striders vests go up to XXXL since you included him on the sheet (he did appreciate - it you made him feel important) and perhaps he will think he's actually a runner."

    I replied "You may have heard us talk about the 'Age-graded Tables' - these relate someone's time in a race to the (theoretical) world record by someone of the same age. Max Jones also has a theory that 1 pound weight = 1½ seconds per mile i.e. near enough 10 seconds per 10k. I'll let you put Paul and yourself on the scales (preferably separately) and see whose was the better performance at the Abbey Dash!"

    A few Striders, some who failed to get in the race, others who wanted a good excuse not to run, helped out at the event on the finishing funnel and handing out T-shirts. It was nice to see friendly faces at the end of the race. And Peter Lambert and Geoff Webster too.

    Tuesday Night Training

    Another reminder of a change to the Tuesday sessions, the first week of each month is now 3*10mins, the second week is 16*400m, the third is 5*1mile and the fourth is 8*hills (4 short, 4 long). From the beginning of April, these will all switch to the summer routes on the path round the South East side of Eccup Reservoir and/or on the dam (but note that April 1 will be a recce run on the Meanwood Trail route).

    Final Grand Prix positions

    It all went to the last race in the men's Championship. Steve needed 99 to win, but Henry perhaps knew that Tim and Terry were on good form so decided not to return for the race from the middle of his holiday in Brazil. The other categories were decided before the Abbey Dash, Geoff's failure to put his foot on the start line of any road race costing him dearly.

    Here are the leading positions. Any Strider who ran 8 or more races is entitled to purchase a "Grand Prix 2002" T-shirt (contact Paul White)

    No. Race GRD

    Name Cat Grp Rcs Totl Types Best PRX

    Run Pts Run Pen 8 PTS

    Henry Lang B 11 1084 SM TXH 0 794 794 Jnt Mens

    Steve Webb A 9 892 SM FTXH 0 794 794 Jnt Mens

    Drew Taylor 40 B 12 1170 SML TXH 0 789 789 Mens Vet

    Andrew Cutts 40 B 16 1539 SM FTXH 0 784 784

    Tim Towler 40 A 10 970 SM FTXH 0 781 781

    Roy Flesher 40 A 10 972 SML H 10 786 776

    Lisa Wilyman L C 15 1414 SM FTXH 0 773 773 Lady Champ

    Tracey Morris L B 8 766 SM XH 10 766 756

    Bob Jackson 50 A 13 1181 SM FTXH 0 744 744 M Vet 50

    Geoff Webster 50 C 11 1017 FTXH 10 753 743

    Kathy Kaiser LV B 9 819 SML XH 0 736 736 Lady Vet

    Paul White 50 B 11 1007 SM F H 10 744 734

    Dick Dale 40 C 9 810 SML T H 0 733 733

    Peter Lambert 50 C 11 996 M T H 20 744 724

    Annemi Van Zyl L D 9 799 SMLFT H 0 720 720 Group D

    Bob Wilkes 50 C 10 864 SM FTXH 0 707 707

    Sara Dyer LV D 11 931 SM FTXH 0 701 701

    Sylvia Watson LV D 8 712 F XH 20 712 692

    Neil Dutton A 7 694 SMLF 10 694 684

    Mark Bean A 7 669 M TXH 10 669 659

    Alistair Fale 40 B 7 638 M FTXH 0 638 638

    Mick Loftus A 6 584 S FT H 10 584 574

    Rob Bumstead B 6 573 SM FT H 0 573 573

    Jane Sutton L B 6 553 S TXH 10 553 543

    Mike Brown 40 D 6 502 SM H 20 502 482

    Steve O'Callaghan 50 B 6 509 T H 30 509 479

    Mick Wrench A 5 491 M XH 20 491 471

    Claire Taylor L E 6 478 S XH 20 478 458

    Alan Hutchinson 40 B 5 462 S TXH 10 462 452

    John Hallas 40 B 5 448 S H 30 448 418



    Grand Prix 2003 Results & Race Reports

    Chevin Chase

    Tim Crossland was 3rd and Paul Briscoe 1st vet. Congratulations to both!

    3 Tim Crossland 40.39

    13 Paul Briscoe 42.51

    30 Steve Webb 45.10

    36 Mick Wrench 45.48

    38 Mick Loftus 45.52

    47 Jerry Watson 46.52

    72 Andrew Cutts 48.20

    79 Lisa Wilyman 48.58

    97 Simon Vallance 50.15

    120 Bob Jackson 51.34

    135 Bill Murphy 52.18

    161 Chris Kaye 53.37

    221 Mick Tinker 56.04

    273 Tony Haygarth 58.09

    284 Eric Cusack 58.25

    311 David Cusack 59.43

    336 Peter Lambert 61.06

    343 Steve O'Callaghan 61.29

    367 Laura Brook 62.22

    370 Brendan Kitson 62.30

    383 Dick Dale 63.16

    480 Sara Dyer 66.30

    732 Madeleine Watson 78.37

    Winter Handicap

    The Xmas Handicap was won by Bob Jackson (subject to stewards' enquiry). Steve Webb was fastest and earned 100 points. Fastest dog was Milo who beat Lisa by a short pair of front legs.

    Pos Name Time Hcap Actual G.P

    Time pts

    1 Bob Jackson 39.50 7.15 32.35 95

    2 Steve Webb 40.24 11.45 28.39 100

    3 Sara Dyer 40.28 0.30 39.58 84

    4 Mike Brown 40.39 4.15 36.24 89

    5 Drew Taylor 41.03 10.30 30.33 98

    6 Mark Bean 41.27 10.45 30.42 97

    7 Paul White 41.55 8.45 33.10 94

    8 Andrew Cutts 42.01 10.30 31.31 96

    9 Chris Kaye 42.04 8.00 34.04 92

    10 Steve O'Callaghan 42.04 5.30 36.34 87

    11 Terry Bean 42.10 12.15 29.55 99

    12 Peter Lambert 42.42 5.00 37.42 85

    13 Lisa Wilyman & Milo 42.59 8.15 34.44 90

    14 Neil Kaiser 43.15 5.00 38.15

    15 Keith Cluderay 43.51 9.15 34.36 91

    16 Roy Flesher 43.56 10.30 33.26 93

    17 Ken Kaiser 44.03 7.30 36.33 88

    18 Eric Cusack 45.38 8.45 36.53 86

    Keighley Cross Country

    Lisa Wilyman was the winner of the final race of the West Yorkshire cross-country league and finished 1st senior women overall. CONGRATULATIONS! In the league overall, the wimmin's team won bronze medals and the men were 6th. Thanks to everyone who ran in these races - we again succeeded in having a full team at every race.

    Pos Name Time G.P.Pts


    1 Lisa Wilyman 21.39 97

    37 Kathy Kaiser 26.31 94

    38 Carole Schofield 26.37 93

    45 Sylvia Watson 27.58 91 wimmin's team finished 6th

    48 Sara Dyer 28.15 90

    52 Kay Mason 29.10 89 65 ran


    17 Paul Briscoe 32.02 100

    34 Steve Webb 33.14 99

    65 Drew Taylor 35.33 98

    77 Andrew Cutts 36.52 96

    108 Geoff Webster 41.25 95

    121 Brendan Kitson 45.46 92 men's team finished 9th

    124 ran

    Rombalds stride

    4 Mick Wrench 2:55:02

    11 Steve Webb 3:08:05

    14 Mick Loftus 3:11:37

    62 Geoff Webster 3:38:44

    88 Bob Jackson 3:56:28

    88 Annemi Van Zyl 3:56:28

    97 Eric Cusack 4:08:16

    134 Bob Wilkes 4:29:02

    135 Kathy Kaiser 4:29:55

    135 Ken Kaiser 4:29:55

    147 Ian Place 4:36:30

    156 Sara Dyer 4:43:37

    271 John Whalley 6:30:41

    999 David Cusack 20 miles

    David Cusack missed the last check-point, but on the basis that I know of others (non-Striders) who missed the last check-point and are recorded in the results, we have agreed to award him G P points. Race report in next edition of V S News (when I've recovered).

    Which Group are you in for 2003?

    This listing of points and races run also shows this year's groups which, I am sure, will cause as much controversy as the Handicap settings.

    GROUP A: Steve Webb 396(4), Andrew Cutts 286(3), Paul Briscoe 199(2), Mick Wrench 197(2), Drew Taylor 196(2), Mick Loftus 194(2), Tim Crossland 100(1), Terry Bean 99(1), Mark Bean 97(1), Jerry Watson 95(1), Roy Flesher 93(1)

    GROUP B: Bob Jackson 282(3), Lisa Wilyman 280(3), Eric Cusack 266(3), Chris Kaye 181(2), Paul White 94(1), Keith Cluderay 91(1), Ian Place 90(1)

    GROUP C: Geoff Webster 192(2), Kathy Kaiser 186(2), David Cusack 172(2), Steve O'Callaghan 170(2), Peter Lambert 169(2), Annemi Van Zyl 96(1), Carole Schofield 93(1), Tony Haygarth 87(1)

    GROUP D: Bob Wilkes 93(1), Mike Brown 89(1), Dick Dale 80(1)

    GROUP E: Sara Dyer 342(4)

    TO BE CLASSIFIED Ken Kaiser 180(2), Brendan Kitson 173(2), Simon Vallance 92(1), Sylvia Watson 91(1), Bill Murphy 90(1), Kay Mason 89(1), Mick Tinker 88(1), John Whalley 88(1), Laura Brook 82(1), Madeleine Watson 78(1) and also anyone else who has not yet run a G.P. race this year.

    GP 2003 Events

    Paul White and Alan Hutchinson have now put together a full list of events for the year.

    It is certainly fixed until June, but you will see it is very congested in October and November which has the advantage that new members joining half way through the year are able to run 8 races but the disadvantage that we don't see our families at weekends for 2 months.

    So if you've any suggestions to relieve this congestion (but we don't need your advice, Ken Livingstone), then contact Paul or Alan. (phone numbers on back page).


    Short road

    Medium rd

    Long road










    Chevin Ch









    WY XC4













    Ackwth hlf


    Spen 20









    London Mr



    Bail B Way







    Leeds half


    Leeds mar


    Jack Bloor







    Thirsk 10







    H'gate 10k



    Round Hill















    Nott'm Mar










    Within Sky


    WY XC1



    Roundhy 5

    G Fwks 10



    Burl Brdge

    WY XC2
    WY XC3



    Abbey 10k








    Dwsby 10k








    Race Reports

    Knavesmire Brass Monkey Half Marathon

    42 Tracey Morris 01:21:27 (1st W) (PB by 5 mins?)

    90 Vicky Chapman 01:26:53 (6th W, 3rd WU35)(PB by 15 mins?)

    104 Roy Flesher 01:27:44

    127 Paul White 01:29:07 (6th M55) (missed PB by 8 secs)

    140 Jane Sutton 01:30:10 (12th W)

    223 Kathy Kaiser 01:34:50 (22nd W, 2nd W50)

    225 Chris Sawyer 01:34:57

    300 Dick Dale 01:38:55

    332 Peter Lambert 01:40:29 (3rd M65)

    Congratulations to Tracey who was over 2 minutes clear in first place, Vicky for an excellent time (this wimmin's Saturday training session seems to be delivering the results) and the Wimmin's winning team of Tracey, Jane and Kathy.

    Vicky didn't qualify for a team prize as she was running with an alias (I'd better say no more). Lisa pulled out at 8 miles - she had had a heavy week of training for London and struggled with the transition into racing mode.

    Tracey's time is just one minute short of the all-time Striders record for the half marathon held by Yvonne Bissitt with 1:20 at Great North Run in 1990.

    An appeal has been made to the G P organisers to reinstate this race in the Grand Prix and this is now under due consideration.

    Liversedge Half Marathon

    The wimmin's team finished a close second to Horsforth. The men's team stayed at home to wash their hair and/or do their ironing.

    107 Jane Sutton 1:34:14

    109 Kathy Kaiser 1:34:22

    240 Laura Brook 1:47:21

    255 Kay Mason 1:48:58

    354 Debbi Wagman 2:06:48

    Snake Lane 10

    I had to hold this edition open to report the results of the Snake Lane 10.

    48 Mark Bean 60:18

    50 Tracey Morris 60:35 (1st W)

    68 Roy Flesher 62:27 (2nd M50)

    73 Lisa Wilyman 62:36 (2nd W)

    80 Drew Taylor 62:59

    266 Peter Lambert 75:10

    Comment on Race Closing Dates

    The Brass Monkey was full on November 10th i.e. two months before the official closing date. This seems to be a developing trend with the Abbey Dash closing 3 days early, the Chevin Chase 1 week early, the Snake Lane 10 closing 4 weeks early and the Wilmslow ½ marathon closing 2 months early. You have been warned. It’s not just the big races! Don't be disappointed! Enter early if you want to run!

    International Section

    West Coast American Report (from Ruth Anderson)

    Wish I could be joining you all for those great sounding XC races still going on. Most of our local events finished up in Dec. I ran in enough of the Pacific Association Grand Prix to earn enough points to "win" the women 60-69 and the Women 70+ divisions. I lucked out even better Dec. 14th at the Masters USATF National 10K XC Championships, held near Sacramento at Sierra College, being the only woman 70+ to finish. The wind was awfully strong, the worst was uphill into it 5 times as it was a 5 x 2K course. The master women's event was spared the rain, but the men's race had that to contend with, too. That didn't seem to slow down John Keston, who handily won his division.

    The other real news is that we are moving from Calif. to Oregon, now almost too soon. The closing on the house we are buying in Eugene, OR. is Jan. 28th. We hope to move in about Feb. 5th or 6th. We will be keeping the same email address, but there may be some down time from Dec.28th to Feb.7th. Until we have a postal address, we should wait for the V.S. News at some later date.

    Cheers to all the V.S. folks I met. Best wishes for a great 2003. Ruth

    East Coast American Report (from Mark Hoon)

    First I would like to report that I have enjoyed reading the Valley Striders newsletter. I saw that several Striders had run in the KIMM in the Cheviots this year, I ran in the KIMM there probably 15 years ago. Makes me feel old and it has spurred me on to think about trying some long cross-country races. In my younger years while in Britain I took part in several long distance races; the 4 Inns in Derbyshire (about 40 miles over Kinder Scout and Bleaklow), the Masters (again 40 miles over Bleaklow and Black Hill), the Fellsman (60 miles from Ingleborough over the moors to Kettlewell) and the Bob Graham Round in the Lakes (which I ran in 19hrs 20mins). Five years ago I ran in a 50 mile race here in Maryland the first part of which follows the Appalachian Trail (i.e. it is hilly) and the last piece along the C & O towpath which is very flat. Next year I hope to run it again as it should qualify me to run in some other ultra-marathons. The one I particularly want to run is in California and is called the Western States 100. It starts close to Lake Tahoe and goes up and down the Pacific Coast Trail. The scenery is supposed to be breath-taking. But I need to run a few ultras to get some experience again.

    My road-racing calendar has been quite empty this year because although I have been healthy and reasonably fit most of the time I have not had much enthusiasm to race. Hence most of the races I ran were ones organised by the Club I run in. I ran a fastish 10 mile in the spring on the track in 53:47, then in the summer I ran a mile in 4:37 and a fairly quick 5k at the end of the summer (15:58). Then I went to Japan for 2 weeks which ruined my marathon training. The local marathon I ran in was a wash-out. It was a personal worst time in the worst conditions. The race follows a bicycle trail through woods for most of the course. Unfortunately it rained all week preceding the race and the path was covered either in several inches of water (one foot deep for about 300 yards at its deepest) or leaves or both. The winner was only 3 minutes in front of me so at least I was not the only racer to suffer. My time was 2hrs 36mins.

    In two years I will be a master and I look forward to seeing a few Striders either at the starting or finishing line of the London Marathon. Cheers, Mark

    Danish Championship medals for Striders

    (from Niels Laustsen)

    The Danish chapter of Valley Striders has had a very successful autumn of 2002. The current status is that Britt is triple Danish champion, whereas I can only boast of two silver medals.

    Britt secured her first gold medal in the team competition of the Danish Marathon championships, held in the city of Odense in October. The Danish Athletics Association operates with age group championships for each 5-year interval from 30 and upwards - so both Britt and I can take part in the vets championships (and you may think that Danish women grow old 5 years before British, and Danish men 10 years before British).

    As the deadline for entering the marathon championships approached, only Britt and one other F30-woman had registered from our club. Since you need three for a team, they were eager to recruit a third one, especially as no other club had a full F30-women's team, so it looked like a certain gold medal if they could just find a third woman of the right age and capable of running a marathon.

    The internet came to their rescue: an advertisement on the club homepage brought forward the required lady just in time for the registration. It was then down to the three of them: if they all finished, they would automatically win the championship. Indeed they did, in fact within just 15 minutes of each other, Britt setting a new PB of 3:47.

    Together with Britt's dad, I took care of the drinks (Britt's drinks, that is) along the way. I can assure you that it is hard work to deliver drinks at 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35km, when you are not allowed to cycle on the race course.

    A month later it was time for the Danish vets XC championships, both short (4km) and long (12km) distance. This time, Britt was the only participant in the F30-group, so she just had to make it to the finish in both races to claim two more gold medals! The men's competition was a bit tougher. I managed to bring together a full team for both distances, but unfortunately there was exactly one more team in each category, and these teams were significantly stronger than ours, so we had to settle for two silver medals.

    However, as you can see, championship medals are easier to get to here than in Britain, especially if you are female, so perhaps some of you should consider emigrating!

    Other news from this side of the North Sea include that just before Xmas I managed to set a new PB for 5km (17:44), my first PB since 2001, and hopefully a sign that I am eventually getting back to fitness after my knee injury last year. My next big goal is Spen 20 in March, where I aim to break 2:10 - and then I really ought to be on track for a sub-3-hour marathon in the autumn.

    In any case I look forward to seeing all of you again in March, and to race once more in my old Striders vest.

    Best wishes for a fast and injury-free 2003, Niels

    Danger! Motorists Lay Speedtraps For Runners

    (from Alan Hutchinson)

    Motorists, fed up with being caught in speed traps, now appear to be laying traps of their own. And their target is runners.

    Yes, unlikely as it seems, motorists are carelessly and randomly disposing of their plastic hubcaps along pavements and verges throughout the County. When these hubcaps come off their cars, they release a perfect round wire snare from the back, which lays concealed on the ground waiting for the next unfortunate runner to come along. The faster the runner the more effective the snare! As one foot goes down on the wire hoop, it stands up proud to catch the second foot in full stride. The effect is amazing. The runner’s feet are trapped and the body turns into a human torpedo, flying horizontally across the hard tarmac surface. The knees then the elbows act as perfect landing gear, with every possibility of the nose and head breaking the motion.

    Yes, I became such a torpedo in December, breaking the fall so well with both elbows that a 4-hour visit to A&E was required. How foolish and hurt did I feel as I finished my lunchtime run through the centre of Leeds pouring blood down both arms, covered in muddy water and filthy grit? This was definitely my most impressive fall ever endured while running. However, it turns out that I was not alone. No fewer than three other club members have admitted that they too have been snared in exactly the same way, all suffering very badly.

    I now spend all my time eyeing the ground for more snare wires and have since found 8!. So watch out and if you do see one of these hoops please stop and place it well outside harm's way, because if it didn’t get you, it’s sure to snare another runner sooner or later.

    Editor's note. Sooner is the answer! Paul White, proof-reading this copy, mentioned that this had happened to him a week ago and he too had finished on the ground (but not in LGI).

    Another Cautionary Tale

    This tale is of a good friend of many Striders, Trevor Thompson, who runs for Horsforth Harriers. Out training one evening, he cut across behind a car waiting at traffic lights ... and tripped over a rope attaching the car behind to it. The lights changed, the first car pulled away ... and Trevor was run over by the second car. Trevor suffered a broken hip, many broken ribs and other injuries. He is now recovering in LGI and we wish him well.

    Identify the Strider (1)

    Number & Name




    Year and Reason Started Running

    1985 - I came 2nd in a school cross country race and realised I was quite good.

    Date Joined Striders

    January 2002





    - 1500 metres




    - 5 Mile



    May 02

    - 10K



    May 02

    - 10 Mile

    55:36 ?

    Guy Fawkes (only 10 mile race I've ever done)

    Dec 99


    Run for England as a junior.

    Ex North of England 1500m champion.

    1st at Wakefield 10k April 2002.


    Don't feel any of my PB's reflect what I am capable of - hopefully this will change.


    To get close to 30min/50min for 10k/10miles.

    To run a decent marathon one day.

    Avge Weekly Mileage

    50 miles with 2 speed sessions. I struggle to do more than 70 miles although I should be able to do it easily!!

    Favourite Training Run

    Speed session on the grass or track.

    Favourite Pre-Race Meal

    Night before - pasta with tomato sauce.

    Morning of race - toast with honey and cup of tea.

    Favourite Race

    Silverstone 10k - fantastic venue and my first PB for 5 years!


    If you want to be a good runner and fulfil your potential, it has to become a way of life, not a hobby.


    Running on a warm summer's evening.


    The cold, wet and mud (but I love racing in it!).

    Other Interests

    Dressing up in green camouflage clothes and running around fields in the middle of winter.

    Who can this be?

    Identify the Strider (2)

    Number & Name



    21 (in Welsh years)

    Year and Reason Started Running

    1979 – Over-enthusiastic Father & PE Teacher.

    Date Joined Striders

    June 2002





    - 1500 metres




    - 5 Mile



    Nov 02

    - 10K


    Abbey Dash

    Dec 02

    - 10 Mile


    Snake Lane

    Feb 03

    - Half Marathon


    Brass Monkey

    Jan 03

    - Marathon



    Apr 99


    Represented Wales at Cross Country and Athletics (1500m) in 1985.


    Only training for 8 weeks for the London Marathon after having 10 years off. (Grossly underestimated the distance).


    Watch out Tim Towler!

    Avge Weekly Mileage

    25 (on a good week) with hopes to increase … honest.

    Favourite Training Run

    Hills. Don’t know why.

    Favourite Pre-Race Meal

    Toast & Jam.

    Favourite Race

    Sheffield Half Marathon.


    To avoid eating mud, beware of tree stumps whilst running through Golden Acre Park.




    Last Orders!

    Other Interests


    Who can this be?


    Future New Member?

    Around the year 2019 we'll be planning to sign up Phoebe Taylor, born 06:40 Tuesday 04/02/03, weighing 6lb 13oz. Congratulations to Drew and Fiona!

    North Midlands Race Reports

    Our North-Midlands based Valley Strider has sent us a few race reports to tempt us down to her area of the country later this year (OK if you like hills). But first, a couple of North Leeds Striders have also been to the North Midlands:

    The Nottingham Half Marathon (from Bill Murphy)

    Or alternatively: Brendon Kitson and the Toilets of Doom.

    Trumpets crying in the distance, the thump of arrows hitting wood and fear and trepidation around every bush. All sounds a bit like an evening run in Harehills, but no, this was the anticipated opening of the Robin Hood Marathon and Half Marathon. An event that could be subtitled "Robin Hood Men (and women) in (running) Tights", but was in fact dominated by notably pleasant weather. A cool breeze was the most unpleasant thing you could say about the morning of the 15th of September 2002. Or so I thought …

    I was collected from home by the most Noble Sir Brendon de Kitson with the aim of dashing forthwith to Nottingham to engage in valiant competition with diverse other competitors. With the cry of trumpets in our ears (well, I seem to recall it was REM on the radio) we were off for southern parts. The sun was up, the rain was off, the road was clear everything seemed … well, wrong actually. It was all too easy, we became suspicious and restless anticipating banditry and men in tights with weapons drawn around every tree (no unpleasant metaphors here please – that will come later).

    We had actually arrived some time in advance, anticipating parking being a problem. Ultimately there were a lot of spaces and no real difficulties, but we had the pick of the parking spots and chose well. The Holy Grail secured (i.e. a parking spot near the exit) the Noble Kitson sped immediately to the next of the three challenges set out in a dream-like haze sent from the great Seer Stella d'Artois from the land of Gaul.

    Then suddenly it happened, men and women in tights, everywhere, all heads turned (and more than a few stomachs) at the grim sights around us. In other words, we had arrived at the race venue. The melee was frightful, queues of men and women in the lists, waiting patiently in line for their opportunity to engage the most fearful of foes. With dreadful anticipation each stepped up in turn, stretched forth one tentative hand to take that dreaded step into the fetid unknown; we had arrived at the Portaloos! It has been suggested that Merlin called forth a great fog to help Arthur in his quest, but the truth can now be revealed. On opening the door of any of the 30 or so portable toilets, for the approximately 10000 race entrants the breath of the Great Dragon was obvious (apologies to the film Excalibur for a blatant rip-off of their ideas about Mort d' Arthur). So, lance in hand (another unpleasant metaphor strikes the pages of the Striders News) Sir B enters the fray, emerging victorious to progress to the next challenge, leaving Murphy gasping in his wake!

    A quick canter over the field to the second test of the day was finding an appropriate place to start. This was by far one of the greater challenges of the day as there were clear time markers nailed to the tree, which many people were blatantly ignoring. Having managed to fight my way up to the 1:45 time marker, I was surrounded by a variety of unlikely looking specimens for a sub 1:45 finish – not least of which was the soldier in full kit including kevlar helmet, webbing and bergen. I have to concede however, if I was lining up with all that on, I would also try to get into a position where I had the minimum possible distance to go in order to cross the finish line.

    After the horn sounded, the race was off. I eventually managed to cross the line almost 5 minutes after the official start (slightly behind the soldier who was using his mass to surge ahead of those around him). The first 3 miles were run in 27 minutes as I ran, sidestepped, trotted and elbowed my way through the mass of runners. Eventually however the pack started to break up and it was possible to run somewhat more freely – actually somewhere around the half way mark. Official drink stations were frequent and there was even a kind man wearing a Royal Marines T-shirt setting out drinks on his garden wall.

    Overall, this is always a pleasant run, no steep hills, weather has been good every time I have done it (well, twice anyway!) and with plenty of spectators watching the madness, there is plenty to keep you going. I finished in 1:37 – over a minute slower than the time it took to run 13.1 miles at the end of the Half Ironman the previous Sunday. So much for adequate recovery time.

    Brendan arriving at a gallop shortly after I had crossed the line, looked his usual happy, cheerful, gallant self ... OK, he looked happy, as in, happy to be finishing. The final challenge was to melt back into the wood and escape the terror of the evil Sheriff (i.e. car parking attendants). The plan for this had been well made and the game of escape was afoot. As a parting shot, a final terror lay in the goody bag handed out at the finish. A lurking horror waited to be explored – a race entry form. Again, that evening after deep consultation with the seer Stella d'Artois, Murphy turned to the noble Kitson and said, "did you see the entry form for the Leicester marathon? Do you fancy it?". The statement I then made of "it will be a laugh" would have qualified for the most incorrect statement of the millennium, had I not followed it up with "its only 25 miles from Nottingham, it'll be nice and flat …".

    Ashbourne ½ Marathon, 22 Sept (from Jane Sutton)

    This was the day after the relays in Sheffield, so I wasn’t exactly rested but then again I have been using these races as fitness training anyway, so I wasn’t bothered. I had pre-entered and didn’t have any of my usual last minute hassles. It was quite a small race, I think, 500 limit and I didn’t know much about the course. You know what I’m going to say though, don’t you readers? Yes, it was HILLY! It started out as a gradual climb over the first few miles through the surrounding countryside, and then later on it climbed very steeply (see picture on page 82 of December’s Runner’s World).

    For much of the race I was running in second place – I’d seen the lady in front of me back at the start line, but she had flown off as soon as the gun went so I had no intention of seeing her again until after the finish. Once I knew it was going to be a slow course, I ditched all concerns over my time and opted to concentrate on holding second place in whatever time I could get away with! As we approached the steep climb around about the 7 mile mark, I began to feel quite weary and snuck a quick look behind me to see if there were any women on my tail. There were. I was sorely tempted to walk up this long hill and actually did start walking but felt it was a bit daft with a lady right behind me and forced myself to ‘run’ again. I managed to hold on to 2nd place until around the 11-mile mark, when a tiny lady flew past me. I was extremely tired by now and had no energy to stick with her, particularly as she seemed to be going so much faster. She got about 50 metres in front of me but from then on, she didn’t lengthen the gap and at one point I almost thought I would catch her back up. It wasn’t to be though,. And I came in 3rd in a time of 1.34.40. The winning lady finished in 1.30.16 and afterwards I had a chat with her and discovered she was a fell runner, used to running for 5-6 hours at a time, and that she was doing the half marathon as a speed session! For my prize I received matching shorts and vest in a very unappealing crimson colour!

    The first man over the line was Dean Cross in a time of 1.17.11, three minutes ahead of the next runner.

    Macclesfield ½ Marathon, 29 Sept (from Jane Sutton)

    Guess what? It was HILLY!

    I had high hopes for this race as it was sponsored by Astra Zeneca, the big pharmaceutical firm, and so the prizes were advertised as being extensive. I didn’t know when I entered the race that the first woman home received 300 pounds (sorry, no pound sign on my laptop), not that I could have won mind you!

    The race began at the leisure centre, beginning and ending on the track. I arrived in good time, it was pretty busy in the car park and straightaway I saw an old rival, Chris Howard from Matlock. She’s the woman I beat in the Eyam half marathon but ordinarily she’s out of my league. In fact she won this race in a time of 1.23, which I thought was a cracking time considering the fact it’s a steep course.

    I set off as usual and straightaway I knew I was going to run a decent time – I just felt quite strong and I went through the first mile in 6.27. I’ve struggled recently to get under 7 minutes for the first mile, and yet today this felt effortless, so I was happy. I didn’t look at my watch again until the 8-mile mark, when it showed 56.01. We had climbed some nasty hills by this stage so I was happy with the time and in fact ran strongly all the way to the finish. I didn’t feel absolutely knackered till right at the end of the race and I passed 2 of the 5 ladies in front of me over the last few miles, which was nice! I finished 4th in 1.30.43 and was really pleased with this time because I’m hopeful I can now get back to sub 90 minutes on a flatter course.

    I would really recommend this race to you, it’s well organised and it has a big race feel to it without any of the huge numbers or congestion (I think over 500 finished). There were changing and shower facilities in the Leisure Centre for which it said there was a fee of 1 pound, but I never saw anyone to pay, so didn’t! There were also home made cakes on sale at the finish, provided by a local playgroup, and an organic food and drink stand. I had pasta and pesto with vegetables (plus a bacon butty!) and it was a welcome change to eat something wholesome after a hard race. The race was organised to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief and there was a lot of support from the organisers for those finishing towards the back, running mainly to raise sponsorship. One of the other great things were the free results printouts available at the end of the race to everybody.

    I was disappointed to see that out of the 3 women ahead of me, 2 of them were in my Vets category, as I was hoping for a nice prize in this section. In the event, as 4th lady in the open event I received an Adidas bath towel and a large Adidas holdall, both great prizes, but I noticed that the lady given the prize for 1st vet 35-40 (who actually was 4th in this category) was handed an ‘envelope’. Chris, the winner told me that the 3rd lady received 100 pounds so I’m sure the Vets prize would have been similarly appealing!

    All in all it’s a great race and one to pencil in for next year.

    Worksop ½ Marathon 17th Nov (from Jane Sutton)

    The original date for the event was a couple of weeks earlier on the Sunday the wind and rain lashed across my part of the land; we had been lined up at the start ready for the countdown when it was announced that Clumber Park, through which the majority of the race was run, had been deemed unsafe to venture into. There were no such last minute hitches on the rescheduled day though and I arrived relaxed and ready to run hard. I’d been training with a bit more purpose over the weeks leading up to this race so I was keen to see my hard work reflected in a better finishing time.

    As I walked to the start line I nearly got mowed down by a keen chick in fluorescent shorts, as she flew up and down just in front of the supporters, doing fancy strides and sprints. After the gun went, she raced off, another woman passed me, and so I found myself in third place. I didn’t wear my watch and tried to concentrate on running an even pace. After a couple of miles I saw the girl in the fluo shorts stopped at the side of the road, apparently with cramp, and so I moved up to second. At this point another lady joined me on my shoulder and she told me the cramp girl was an "international fell runner". I managed to shake off this lady and settled down into the race, only to be caught shortly after by another woman. I stayed with her for a mile or so and then at about mile 6, she got slightly ahead and I let her go, worrying that if I stuck with her I might compromise my own race. As it turned out, she got about a 45 second distance ahead and for the remainder of the race, kept it at that. By about mile 7 I was feeling strong again and wished that I hadn’t let her go, but that’s racing! I finished the rest of the race quite strongly and definitely next time if I felt a bit ropy around mile 6, I would make more effort to keep up through a difficult patch.

    So I finished in 3rd place, time 1:28 something (not sure of exact time as I didn’t wear my watch and had to ask the guy finishing in front). The course is undulating and very pretty through the park. Much of the uphill is at the start so the last bit downhill is really welcome. As I write this I don’t know what my prize is, as the organisers had a new computer programme and had omitted to tell the people recording the finishers that they needed to put an L next to the numbers of the finishing ladies, so no results were available.

    In the changing rooms after the event, the Fluo Girl came in and announced in a loud voice to everyone that she had done too hard a session the day before, hence the cramp, and that previously "I won the race in 82 minutes", adding triumphantly "and I was only 18!" Mmmmm ...

    Bolsover 10k, 15th December (from Jane Sutton)

    After my dismal performance at the Abbey Dash, which I was very disappointed with, I was looking forward to making amends at this 10k a few weeks later. In Leeds I had felt out of breath on the warm-up back to the car from the Olympic pool before the race had even started and once it got going, I was struggling from beginning to end. I ran two minutes slower than last year in the Abbey Dash and I can’t really say why, which was the frustrating thing – eventually I just put it down to one of those inexplicable bad days.

    The race in Bolsover (near Chesterfield) was over an undulating course, largely out in the surrounding country roads. It wasn’t a race for a PB, but it would have been quicker on the day if there hadn’t been a horrible freezing wind blowing you backwards on the 5k home (this is probably why I felt so good on the way out!).

    I arrived quite late and didn’t warm up for long, which was just as well as I was frozen on the start line. As soon as we set off I knew I was going to run well, I felt strong and light and found myself in first place…then second…Eventually I settled down into 5th and felt good until around the 7k mark when I started to tighten up and it all became much more of a struggle. The last 3k were really hard for me, especially as I had it in my head that I was approaching the 9k mark and it turned out to be only 8!

    I finished in 5th place and was pleased with this – the winning lady’s time was 38.28 so it wasn’t a quick course. I know the winner and her PB for a 10k is a lot faster than this, so all in all I was happy with my time of 40.40. First man (Steve Rees-Jones from Sheffield AC) won in 31.24.

    I have to say I had a bit of a bee in my bonnet after the prize-giving as there were prizes for male vets right through every category, for 1st 2nd and 3rd, and yet none whatsoever for the women, only the senior open race. I know there are generally much fewer women running compared to men, but this is ridiculous!

    Huddersfield 10k, 23rd February (from Mick Wrench)

    12th Terry Bean 37:02, 29th Mick Wrench 39:19, 92nd (2nd W, 1st W35) Jane Sutton 44:08. Mick says "Before you ask, I'll tell you that it was hilly!"

    New members

    We have four new members to introduce to you in this edition of V S News and hope to be introducing a similar number in the next edition, too.

    153 Laura Brook had been living in Liverpool for a couple of years but has now come back to Leeds. While in Liverpool she ran with Penny Lane Striders whose colours are black vest with white band, so she should settle in easily. Her favourite running is medium distance trail. Her "form" in 2002 included the Meanwood Trail in 66:32 and the Liverpool half marathon (road) in 1 hr 45 mins. Her first run in a Striders vest was in the Calderdale Relay. In between running, she fits in a few sessions at David Lloyd, where she used to teach aerobics prior to her stint in Liverpool.

    154 Lily Wong (from Alan Hutchinson) Lily joined Jones Lang LaSalle in August 2002 to work as Property Asset Manager in my team. She confessed an interest in running and that she has run the Leeds Half Marathon before and wanted to do so again. No I did not bully her to come along to the Striders. She thought it sounded just what she was looking for and came along on her own one Tuesday evening. She has now become a regular at both Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions and is getting fit for the Leeds Half and also the Caledonian Challenge in June. This is a 54 mile walk to be achieved within 24 hours and our office have put together a team to take part. NB Alan says various equipment is needed and they would be extremely grateful to anyone who could lend the following items for the weekend of 20-22 June: two 25 litre rucksacks, two 2-3 litre "camelback" water carriers with feeder tube , pair of adjustable walking sticks (ski style), one mosquito head net (Steve Webb has kindly offered one)

    155 Paul Hilton (from Tracey Morris) After many years training alone I finally persuaded Paul to join Valley Striders. He achieved a time of 40:54 minutes at the Abbey Dash 2001, 1:33 at the Great North Run last year and despite sustaining an injury before the New York Marathon still managed to run and raise a substantial amount of money for charity. Paul was at school with my husband near Liverpool (although they both argue the Wirral has no connection with Liverpool).

    156 Debbi Wagman has only missed one race organised by Striders in the last 3 years - Meanwood 2000/2001 (78:02 / 69:03) and Harewood 2000/2001/2002 (99:01 / 93:20 / 96:05). Encouraged by the friendly nature of the Striders marshalling the route (?!), she started running with us on Thursdays late last year and signed up in January. She enjoys races and it was thanks to her that we found out about the Roundhay Romp (I hope to have a report on this 10k off-road race in the next VS News).


    Three of our wimmin are moving up a major age group around now and will be able to take advantage of being a young 45 rather than an old 44 - they are Sara Dyer, Bernadette Clayton and Debbi Wagman. Lou Gilchrist will be looking to set some new British age-group records (albeit in her Middleton Harriers vest) after she celebrates her 70th birthday in March.


    The number of members paid this Striders year (Sep02 - Aug03) is now 110 versus 117 paid up at the end of last year. But we have 4 or 5 to chase who never seem to have their cheque-books with them (if you are one of these, please contact Danny) and 5 or 6 new members lined up, so we can safely forecast that membership is still on the increase.

    Horsforth (½)Marathon Story (part 7)

    (from Janet Kitchen)

    At a meeting of the Horsforth Sports Council early in 1987, it was agreed that we would like to recognise the achievements of Martyn Hopson in the Horsforth Marathons 1981 - 1985. He ran in all 5 with improved times each year.

    We presented Martyn with a replica of the Horsforth Marathon Cup at a special ceremony on 17th February 1987.

    Horsforth Half Marathon - Sunday 10th May 1987.

    Overall winner was Dave Wilkinson (ASVAC) who completed the course in 1.08.12. First vet was Michael Walker (Gosforth H. & AC.) who finished 8th in a time of 1.14.45. Overall winner in the women’s race was Sonia Dear (Abbey Runners) who finished in 101st position in a time of 1.28.34. First vet was Margaret Wilson (Horsforth Harriers) in a time of 1.33.06, position 147 - 4.23 mins. and 150 places better than last year - a great improvement, she was very pleased. Team Trophies were awarded to Leeds City with 24 points, Skyrac with 35 points and third, Valley Striders with 36 points and counters Martyn Hopson 5th, Angelo Feliciello 13th, and Tony Haygarth 18th. 414 runners completed the course and coasters were presented to all finishers.

    In September 1987 my husband Mike, started a new job with British Gas (Scotland) based in Edinburgh. We had lived all our lives in Leeds (50 years) and we left behind our two lovely daughters, parents, the rest of our families, lots of friends and many happy memories. It was a big wrench but perhaps the time was right. The ‘Marathon Years’ were over, Trinity and All Saints College had taken over the organisation of the half marathon, and the Horsforth Sports Council folded in 1988. I wanted to leave something for Valley Striders to remember me by. I decided to give a trophy which I named ‘The Horsforth Cup’ to be presented each year to a runner with a ‘special achievement in a marathon’ (not necessarily a winner). I very much enjoy receiving letters from the runners who win the Cup telling me the circumstances of their achievement. Thank you for these. I hope to follow the activities of Valley Striders for many more years to come.

    Roundhay Park 10k 13 July 2003 (from Chris Jackson)

    Chris was a Strider from 1984 to 1998. This is from an e-mail he sent me.

    Long time no see nor hear, but I know you are still running and keeping Valley Striders to the forefront of the Leeds road racing circuit.

    Thank goodness, I'm well, jogging steadily in spite of a knee that's finally started complaining. But I'm exceedingly slow.

    Through my children - it always happens through them nowadays - I am helping organise a 10k race and Fun Run in the Park next July 13th. This is a fund raiser for the British Heart Foundation, local branch. We've the venue booked and a sponsor, and will be going to print soon.

    As a runner - no joking - I'm going to contact all the local clubs in the area after Christmas, sending them a bundle of entry forms. Obviously, the Striders are top of the list. I wondered however, if you had a list of names and contact addresses of other clubs in the area so I can send the bundles out.

    Meanwhile, best wishes to you and all the Striders, good luck for the Dash, and did you know, ex-Strider Bernard McMahon was awarded an MBE a year or so ago, for his services as a volunteer in Bosnia? He's still cycling but wishes he was running.

    Cheers, Chris Jackson

    Anyone wanting to help with this race, either in advance or on the day, can e-mail Chris at or contact me and I will give you his phone number.

    Striders First Meeting – 23 July 1982

    While trawling the archives looking for memorabilia to bring along to the 20th anniversary events, I found


    At a meeting on 23rd July 1982 at 18 Lucas Place, Leeds, LS6 2JB

    Mick Dewhurst proposed the formation of the "Valley Striders" with the object of participating as a team in various forms of running.

    Present at the meeting were Mick Dewhurst, Stuart StJohn, Morin Dewhurst, Martin Hopson, Steve Rock, Paul Steward and Geoff Webster.

    Stuart StJohn seconded the motion and the meeting voted the following officers

    Hon. Secretary Stuart StJohn

    Hon Treasurer Mick Dewhurst

    Men's Captain Martin Hopson

    Ladies' Captain Morin Dewhurst

    It was agreed to seek affiliation to the N.C.A.A.A. and the N.C.W.A.A.A.

    Vets Section

    Yorkshire Vets - Championship Events

    NB The 6 road races and the fell race are "normal" races which anyone (of any age) can enter - the Vets Champs are awarded to the best vets in these races.

    Sun Mar 2 1200 Cross country - Hull (NB vets only)

    Thu Jun 12 1930 Haworth 5

    Wed Jun 25 1930 Otley 10

    Sat Jun 28 1500 Old Town - Fell Race

    Sun Jul 20 1100 Road Relays at Esholt (NB vets only)

    Wed Sep 3 1930 Hyde Park (Leeds) 5k

    Sun Sep 7 1200 Track & Field at South Leeds (NB vets only)

    Sun Sep 28 1000 Horsforth 10k

    Sun Oct 12 1200 Bridlington ½ marathon

    Sun Oct 26 1030 Holmfirth 15

    Yorkshire Veterans' A.A. - Events

    NB These events are vets-only. All races approx. 10k mixed terrain. 10 events in the series. Points are scored in each race 100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd, etc and age group prizes awarded at the end of the season for scores from best 6 races.

    Sun Jan 26 1000 South Leeds Stadium

    Sat Mar 8 1100 Causeway Foot (full body cover)

    Sun Mar 30 1100 Horsforth

    Sun Apr 20 1100 Doncaster

    Sun May 11 1100 Heslington (York)

    Sun Jun 1 1100 Wakefield

    Tue Jul 15 1945 Starbeck (between Harrogate & Knaresborough)

    Wed Aug 6 1930 Ripon (Cricket Club)

    Sun Oct 5 1100 Honley

    Sun Nov 6 1100 Esholt (Social Club)

    Contact Eric on 01943 878154 or Kathy on 0113 269 4820 if you would like more details of any of the above events.

    Hip Replacement

    (no coincidence that this snippet is on the Veterans' page). In a recent Daily Mail was an centre page article written by Angie Best (former wife of George) who runs keep-fit classes in America but had recently been diagnosed to require a hip replacement and had been to Birmingham (Warwickshire not Alabama) for the operation. Apparently they have new methods which involve scarping rather than cutting bone and allow the majority of patients to return to a full sporting life.

    Cross Country

    Yorkshire Cross Country at Guiseley, Jan 4th

    Senior Women

    14 24:04 Lisa Wilyman

    29 25:04 Vicky Chapman

    43 26:11 Jane Sutton Team 7th/17

    60 28:08 Kathy Kaiser

    Senior Men

    37 39.49 Paul Briscoe

    96 43.37 Mick Wrench

    144 49.08 Bob Jackson

    146 49.45 Andrew Cutts

    160 52.48 Geoff Webster

    168 57.51 Ian Place Team 18th/18 but only just

    Paul had a good run but the other men had excuses that they were all saving themselves for the Harrogate Ringway the next day. Andrew's other excuse was that he'd run a fell race the same morning! Ian's excuse was that he arrived at the start line with 5 minutes to spare and was still putting on his shoes when the gun went off. The wimmin needed no excuses and had an excellent result, beating some of the bigger Yorkshire clubs.

    Northern X-C at Manchester Lots of Striders entered but none turned up!

    Inter-counties X-C at Nottingham

    Congratulations to Lisa who, from her performance at Guiseley (see above) received a late call just 4 days before the race to run in the team of 9 for Yorkshire in the "inter-counties". She finished 99th out of 297 and was 6th (and final) counter for the Yorkshire team which finished in 7th place.

    National X-C at Parliament Hill Fields, London

    The only Striders representative was Kathy who had a good run to finish 168th out of 397. Ken was wearing the blue of Horsforth and was their 4th counter in 1012th place out of 1257 as the Horsforth team of 6 finished 93rd out of 100 teams.

    Identify the Striders - the answers

    Friday Training (from Carole Schofield)

    I'd just like to mention in my bid to get fitter and gain some speed, I have been going to the track at Carnegie for the last few weeks. It has been a bit of a shock to see how slow I can run! I did try to blame my watch at first but I kept getting the same time!!! (it felt much faster), but I'm determined to keep going.

    If anyone would be mad enough to join me 'cos it's much more fun if someone else is suffering too! I have started to go every Friday about 6.30 p.m. It's very quiet and I'm usually the only one there. The track is open every night until 10.00 p.m.

    Harrogate Ringway Relay

    This event is for local teams - Nidd Valley, Harrogate, Otley etc. We entered 3 teams two years ago and 4 teams last year. The Ringway is a 21 mile set of footpaths (very little road) and this is divided into five sections of between 2½ and 5 miles. Each team consists of 5 runners of whom at least one must be a woman, at least one V40 and at least one V45. It is not taken seriously except for the beer and food at the Yorkshire Lass in Knaresborough after the race.

    Valley S***ers success story for 2003 - the Spiders were 5th and all the other teams
    finished in the top half

    The team captain attempted to put together one elite team to challenge Otley and Harrogate and four further teams of equal speed to give a bit of competition within the Striders. This "handicapping" was only marginally better than the Xmas Handicap - our 2nd and 5th teams were separated by 12 min 14 secs i.e. about 1½ miles. There were a couple of late substitutions on the Smilers team so we should not be too hard on them. The elite team also suffered a substitution when Tim decided one knee needed a rest and he didn't want to hop 5 miles.

    Striders Team results

    5th Spiders - Lisa Wilyman, Bob J, Andrew Cutts, Paul Briscoe, Steve Webb 2:23:25

    12th Strivers - Kay Mason, Paul White, Dave Cusack, John Hallas, Neil Dutton 2:36:58

    13th Skivers - Kathy Kaiser, Eric Cusack, Steve O, Geoff Webster, Drew Taylor 2:40:13

    16th Sliders - Tracey, Robert Cutts, Ken Kaiser, Chris Sawyer, Mick Wrench 2:43:37

    18th Smilers - Gillian Goodwin, Peter Lambo, Bill Murphy, Sylvia, Henry Lang 2:49:12

    We had all "doctored" our Striders vests e.g. pinning a letter 'p' over the 'tr' of Striders to become Spiders. The race co-ordinator was very impressed with this as she could see at a glance which of our teams was which whereas for the other clubs sometimes even they didn't seem to know which of their teams they were representing!

    Full Results

    1st 2:10:09 Ripon Runners, also 7th, 20th, 37th (last - 3:26:11)

    2nd 2:12:16 Harrogate Harriers also 6th, 14th, 19th, 27th, 28th(women), 29th

    3rd 2:17:18 Otley A.C. also 11th, 17th, 23rd

    4th 2:18:07 Ilkley H 4th, 9th, 15th, 21st, 22nd,31st(women)

    5th 2:23:25 Valley Striders also 12th, 13th, 16th, 18th

    8th and 30th teams of friends of Harrogate AC members

    10th Nidd Valley RR also 24th, 26th, 32nd, 35th, 36th

    25th and 33rd Claro Orienteers

    34th pub team from the Yorkshire Lass who watched last year and wanted to have a go

    Finally, it cannot go without mention that the captain got the time of the start of the race wrong. Fortunately he was ½ an hour early not ½ an hour late. But he wishes to apologise for doing a Yellahw Nhoj and says that treatment for frostbite is reclaimable from Club funds.

    Spiders News (Fell and Trail)

    Bob Graham Round 12/13th July 2002 (from Annemi)

    I moved to Leeds in April 2001, in the middle of the Foot and Mouth epidemic. I was living in temporary hospital accommodation at the time and soon got to know the owner of the dirty trainers outside a door as one of the physios, Trevelyan, a very keen fell runner, but forced to take to the roads and pavements to stay fit. Having lived in London until then, this was also the first time I came to know about such a bizarre pastime as fell running!

    Trevelyan moved to Whitehaven when a suitable vacancy became available, but it was surely the fells that played a big part in the move! When I heard of a challenge such as the Bob Graham Round (BG) I was in disbelief that anyone would like to do such a thing, but come summertime I made my way to Cumbria one weekend to be in Trevelyan's BG support team. Having done some of the recceing of some legs with him, I had a good idea where this 24 hour run will take him. (For those of you who have not heard of the BG round before, the challenge is to run to the top of the 42 highest peaks in the Lake District, a distance of around 78 mile, in 24 hours!!!)

    Anyone who is attempting the BG gets some people to support them around the course, some to choose the way, others to make sure the competitor stays fuelled and hydrated and then there is the backup team who offers lifts to all the helpers, make sure there is dry clothes, vaseline the feet (can you believe it!!), etc etc.

    Trevelyan started in the centre of Keswick, Friday afternoon at 6pm for the first leg up Blencathra and Great Calva to Threlkeld. There were 4 other guys attempting the BG as well on those 2 days, so the atmosphere at the change over points very quite festive as the various support teams were entertaining themselves.

    At Threlkeld dusk set in, so they started on the Helvellyn range with the head torches at hand. They had a slight problem when the battery of one torch went out, but all 3 managed to get to Dunmail Raise at 1:30am for the change over of a new support team. (Myself, I was absent at this ungodly hour of the day!) The next leg took them over the Langdale Pikes, Bowfell and over Scafell. I heard afterwards that by singing all Elton John and Simon and Garfunkel's hits, the dark hours were made short. (Simon and Garfunkel had their turn again, about 8 hours later!). Dawn broke by 3am and they were in Wasdale by 6:30am, where a group of us has been waiting since 6am. Warm coffee, dry socks, the leisure of a 15 min "sit down" and off they went up the unforgiving steepness of Yewbarrow. This leg goes over Red Pike, Kirk Fell, Green and Great Gable. I was waiting on Honister pass with the guys who were doing the final leg, back to Keswick, with him. I was also joining in for the last 4 hours, as part of "fresh" company! Here we learned that one of the other guys pulled out of the race on Red Pike, after about 17 hours of running!

    On leaving Honister, Trevelyan was well within his scheduled time, it was just a matter of getting over Hindscarth and Robinson. On the top of Robinson we stopped for a moment, and the beautiful, sunny day allowed us to see all of the Lake District, including the 42 highest fells!!! The road went down Robinson, around the foot of Catbells, through the forest, to Portinscale, over the suspension bridge into Keswick. The most difficult bit seemed to be finding a way through the shopping crowd in Keswick on a Saturday afternoon!

    I can see what the challenge is in doing the BG, and it was great to be there and help someone achieve it, as long as no one expects me to complete the full madness of the BG!

    Fell Championship 2002 (from Geoff)

    The Championship Trophy was presented to Andrew Cutts at the Christmas Handicap. It was complete with old socks which he is welcome to wear providing he washes 'em before next year. Andrew ran an enormous number of races but not all were in the V.S. Fell Championship. This meant that his attempt to beat Tony Foster's record of 38,000 ft climb and 184½ miles would be difficult and in the final count up he was, alas, some way short. Andrew's final total was 32,000 ft and 175½ miles. (No doubt Andrew will check this out). This should inspire A.C. to venture forth in 2003 and try for the record again but he will have to do more long races. When he was presented with the Trophy, Andrew declared that he would set a new record in 2003 and enter the Wadsworth 20 and Wuthering Hike 30 plus the 3 Peaks providing he will be joined by all other club members who go spidering around the fells. So there's a challenge to all of us in 2003.

    Three surprise entries in the Club Handicap were Big Bren, Young Steve and Sally Gunnell. They all enjoyed the after race session in the bar and commented on Andrew's achievement:

    Fell Championship Points 2002 and 2003

    No Striders ran in the last 4 races of 2002 so the final points were as reported in last November's VS News. So here's a reminder for you that the leaders were Andrew 737, G.W. 480, Steve Webo 390, Sylvia 361, Sara 331, Alistair 230, Bob J 199, Rob B 173.

    After 5 races in the 2003 Fell Championship, Steve Webo is setting the pace.

    S.Webo 163, AC 151, GW 138, Sara 114, Sylvia 72, Mick Wrench 69, Mick Loftus 64, Annemi 60, Bob J 56, Eric 52, Bob W 50, Kathy 48, Ken 46, Ian 44

    Fell Championship Events 2003

    Events to end of June

    Sat Feb 1 TG Rombalds Stride 23 pre-enter

    Sat Feb 1 F Ogden Moor 6 from Ogden Res, near Halifax

    Sun Feb 2 F Mickleden Straddle 12, Langsett near Penistone

    Sun Feb 9 F John's Run 6, Penistone Hill, Haworth

    Sat Feb 15 L Wadsworth Trog 20, near Hebden Bridge pre-enter

    Sat Feb 15 L Wadsworth Half Trog 9, near Hebden Bridge pre-enter

    Sun Feb 23 F Ilkley Moor 5

    Sat Mar 1 F Noonstone 9, Lumbutts, Todmorden

    Sat Mar 8 F Windmill Whizz 6, Ogden Res, near Halifax

    Sat Mar 15 T Wuthering Hike 31, Haworth

    Sun Mar 16 T 'Ell and back 30, Greetland Community Centre

    Sun Mar 23 F White Horse 7, Sutton Bank Top Cafe

    Sat Mar 29 F Midgeley Moor 5, Booth, near Halifax

    Tue Apr 1 T also Apr 8/15/22 Bunny Run 3 (moorland), Guide Inn, Keighley

    Sun Apr 6 TG Baildon Boundary Way ½ marathon

    Sun Apr 6 T Blubberhouses Moor 25 good tracks, record held by P Briscoe,

    Norwood Community Hall, Timble, near Otley pre-enter

    Sun Apr 13 T Otley Nine Leagues 26, Menston pre-enter

    Sun Apr 20 T Guiseley Gallop approx 10k

    Sat Apr 26 T Wensleydale Wander 22, Leyburn

    Sun Apr 27 F Three Peaks 24, Horton near Settle, pre-enter but NB entrants must qualify by e.g. Wadsworth & Wuthering Hike

    Sat May 3 F Ravenstones 10, Saddleworth

    Sun May 4 F West Nab 6, Laithes Farm, Meltham

    Mon May 5 F Wray Gala 7, Wray in Lancashire

    Wed May 7 F Hare & Hounds 4½, Lothersdale near Skipton

    Tue May 13 FG Jack Bloor 5, Ilkley Moor (evening)

    Fri May 16 F Pinhaw Moor 5, Earby near Skipton

    Sat May 24 F Hutton Roof Gala 7 near Kirkby Lonsdale

    Mon May 26 F Austwick Amble 8 near Settle has been won by Steve Webo

    Wed Jun 4 F Chevin 3½ Fell Race, Otley Clock (evening)

    Sat Jun 7 Wharfedale Off-road marathon, Grassington Rugby Club

    Sun Jun 8 Penistone Hill 7 mixed terrain, Penistone near Barnsley

    Wed Jun 11 F Badgerstone Relay at Ilkley

    Tue Jun 17 Weets Moor 5, Barnoldswick

    Sat Jun 21 F Hunshelf Amble 9, Greenmoor near Barnsley

    Sat Jun 21 F Langcliffe Gala 2½ near Settle

    All distances in miles

    F = fell race L = long fell race G = also in Grand Prix

    T = long trail race (all have refreshment stops with tea & buns etc)

    Forthcoming Races/Events

    Grand Prix 2003 next events

    Sun Mar 16 10:00 Spen 20

    Sun Mar 23 10:30 Ackworth Half Marathon

    Sun Apr 6 10:30 Baildon Boundary Way ½ Marathon (trail)

    Sun Apr 13 London Marathon

    Tue Apr 29 18:50 Spring Handicap 10k (and pie'n'peas)

    Sun May 11 10:00 Leeds Marathon & Half Marathon

    Tue May 13 Jack Bloor Fell Race

    Sun Jun 1 14:00 Thirsk 10 mile

    Team Events

    Sun Jun 15 08:00 Bradford Millennium Way (see page 2)

    Sun Aug 31 08:00 Leeds Country Way (see page 2)

    Other (mainly) Road Races - plan your diary

    NB Some of these dates are provisional. Check what it says on the entry form!

    Mar 9th East Hull 20, 16th South Leeds 5, 22nd Coniston 14.

    Apr 6th Wakefield 10k (same day as Baildon), 27th Rothwell 10k,

    27th Kirkbymoorside 10k.

    May 7th,14th,21st Esholt 5-mile series, 11th Fountains 10, 25th Melmerby 10k.

    June 4th Roberttown 7, 7th K Malzeard 10k, 8th West Yorks 5, 18th Ackworth 10k,

    25th Otley 10, 29th Humber Bridge ½marathon, 29th Rainton 10k.

    There is a folder at Leo's which has copies of entry forms for most races.

    NB Fountains, Melmerby, Kirkby Malzeard and Rainton are part of the "Black Sheep" 6 race series.










    Identify the Striders - the answers


    VLS00141 is Tim Crossland














    and VLS00143 is Tracey Morris.