October 2006





Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 31st October

Will be at Leos, starting promptly at 8:30pm.  Come along, hear about what has gone on in the last year, discuss what should be happening in the next year, pay your subscriptions, maybe stand for election onto the committee, enjoy the pie and peas.  Email or phone 0113 289 2830 by Sunday 29th, stating whether meat or veg pie and whether mushy peas or baked beans.

Membership Subscriptions Striders Year 2006/7

The Valley Striders’ new year started on 1st September, so unless you have recently joined the club (in which case you will have paid until August 2007), your subs are now due.  You can wait till the AGM, but if you want to be ahead of the game, send a cheque for £10, payable to “Valley Striders”, to Danny Burnham at 3 Wyncroft Grove, Bramhope, LS16 9DG.

Membership Cards

Most of you will receive a North of England AA membership card with this Newsletter.  We have registered everyone who paid their Striders membership for year Sep2005 – Aug2006, so if there isn’t a membership card in your envelope, you probably need to pay your arrears for 2005/6 (£12) and your subs for 2006/7.  NB Second claim members do not get membership cards from us, they only get one from their first claim club.

Where did Valley Striders News Go?

It’s only a couple of years since Valley Striders News was issued 4 times a year with an average 32 pages.  In the meantime, Striders with email and/or internet have been receiving Updates every 1-2 weeks (see back page for details).  We can discuss at the AGM whether/how Valley Striders News should be resuscitated.



In This Issue


Last year’s AGM – from Paul Briscoe...................................................... 3

Special General and Committee Meetings............................................. 4

Special General Meeting on 18/10/2005.................................................... 4

Committee Meeting (all welcome) on 14/02/2006..................................... 4

Committee Meeting (all welcome) on 07/03/2006..................................... 5

Ladies Vests................................................................................................ 6

Club Meeting - November 2005................................................................. 6

Update – August 2006............................................................................... 6

Showers....................................................................................................... 7

Races Organised........................................................................................ 8

The Year Planner....................................................................................... 9

Roll of Honour.......................................................................................... 10

Grand Prix................................................................................................. 11

Relay Races.............................................................................................. 12

Cross Country........................................................................................... 14

Christmas Do and Annual Awards 2005................................................. 15

Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy 2006............................................................... 15

Club Handicaps........................................................................................ 15

New members (since 1 Sep 2005).......................................................... 16

Birthdays, births, marriages, deaths...................................................... 16

Race Reports............................................................................................ 17

Fell Race Championship (from G.W.)..................................................... 18

Striders & Spiders Contacts................................................................... 20


2006 AGM – Agenda

·         Reports from Committee

·         Election of Committee

·         Valley Striders Vests

·         Showers Fund

·         Sport Direct Cross Country League

·         Valley Striders Newsletters

·         Any Other Business

Last year’s AGM – from Paul Briscoe

Steve O’ (Spain), Geoff & Sylvia (Orkney), the Kaisers (Old Trafford!).
Secretary (Paul B.)
Nothing to report
Road Running (Brian Hanley)
Brian has 2004/2005 road race rankings.
XC (Sam Harris)
Martin Horbury returned to K&C
Fell (Steve Webb)
- 23 people have scored points. Leaders are Andrew Cutts, Rob Bumstead and Geoff W.
- Women’s leaders are Sylvia, Sara and Madelaine.
- Sara was 32nd in Womens’ o45 at World Vet’s Championships.
- Looking for names for Calderdale Way.
- FRA relay also in Calderdale next year, so we should consider entering a team.
Treasurer/Membership (Danny B.)
- Still solvent. 2 cheques for NoEAA fell in the one year.
- About 150 members.
Relays (Bob)
- Harrogate Ringway this year clashes with club Xmas handicap - considering options.
- BMW - mixed team retained their trophy.
- LCW - had 4 teams. Women were 2nd.
Club Coach (Max)
Nothing to report
Club Handicaps
- Going from strength to strength - 46 in last one!
- Thanks to the Crosfills and John Umpleby (again!)
Notable Performances
- Lisa - Yorkshire Women’s 20 mile champion.
- Vicky - selected to run for GB in half marathon.
To remain at £10!
Re-elected en masse except:
- Sam and Jules for women’s road.
- Mivvy to replace Sam for women’s XC.
- Vets. Remains vacant. (subsequently filled by Geoff and Sylvia)
Races to Support
Form handed out asking which races the Striders should support next year:
- Meanwood Trail / Pulse Race / Harewood Cancer UK 10K / Harewood 10 mile.
Meanwood Trail Race raised around £1,000 for Lineham Farm.
Harewood 10 raised around £4,000 - also went to Lineham Farm.
Should we consider another charity to benefit from Meanwood Trail next year?
- Wheatfields, Local Air Ambulance and Candlelighters were suggested.
Junior Members
Need to decide whether to register them with NoEAA if it is free.
Ladies’ Vests
Long discussion here considering other suppliers to replace the Complete Runner (poor quality/fit).
Investigations to continue!


Special General and Committee Meetings

Special General Meeting on 18/10/2005

Attended by 20 Striders there was an almost unanimous verdict that we should vote "no" to all four questions in the “independent poll of athletics clubs”, i.e. giving a "no confidence" vote in the current reorganisation proposals of England Athletics for geographical organisation, accountability, finance and membership data.  Thanks to Paul Briscoe, Max Jones and Sam Harris for their research and to the other Striders present for a lively debate.


Committee Meeting (all welcome) on 14/02/2006

18 Striders attended.  The theme of the meeting was improving communication.

ABAC / UK Athletics - Paul Briscoe gave us an update - due to the block vote of ABAC clubs, the closure of AAA of England has at least been postponed to allow further discussion and involvement of the clubs.

Meanwood Trail - Alan Hutchinson volunteered to be chief marshal.  Most our regular section leaders were at the meeting and volunteered to take their places again this year. (Thank you!).   

60 Striders are required to be marshals, most starting between 9:30 and 10:15, but a few to start 08:00 to 08:30 to help lay out the route - these will be given expert instruction and then will be qualified to lead a section next year.

Team Race Diary - A calendar of events (team races and relays) that we regularly enter was discussed and a few events added.  Team managers were appointed for those events in the near future.  This calendar is now on the website .  If there is an event you are interested in running, contact the team manager for details.

Team Manager's Checklist - A checklist for Team Managers was discussed.  This was to help newcomers to the position know what was required when.  It was agreed that we should ask team members for race entry fees at around the time the entries are submitted, and only as a last resort collect the money on the race day or afterwards.

Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy - we discussed what this should be awarded for.  It was agreed to award it for the best Striders performance at the Leeds Half Marathon – for 2006 this would be measured by the age-graded tables.

Email Message Board - Paul Briscoe suggested this as a way of intercommunication between Striders.  We will set up a trial for those that attended the meeting and see how this goes for two weeks with feedback at the next meeting. 

Committee Meeting (all welcome) on 07/03/2006

As promised, just a small amount of business was done.  Most Striders were concentrating on the pie and peas supper, rice pudding, cakes and the surprise chocolate cake with candles (thanks, Sam!)

ABAC - Paul Briscoe has received a letter from John Waterhouse, interim chair of the new Yorkshire and Humberside Region - this is one of the new nine regions of England Athletics which will replace North, Midlands and South from April 1st.

Paul has written a personal reply which has also been reproduced on the ABAC website

John Waterhouse has offered to come to Striders to explain the new organisation.  (there were hardly any replies on this subject, so this meeting / presentation did not take place).

Meanwood Valley Trail – (much discussion of marshalling requirements and announcement of a recce run on Tuesday 28 March)

Message Board - The trial has been a success with 7 Striders successfully posting messages and several more Striders being able to read them.

Some Striders who use the Internet from work are unable to post messages because their work internet firewall prevents this, but this does not stop them reading messages.

The message-board is now open to everyone.  For details click on  You can choose whether you just read messages or also want to post them.  You can also choose whether or not you are notified when new messages are posted.  If you require more information, email Paul Briscoe

Ladies Vests

Club Meeting - November 2005

Thanks to Sara Dyer who presented the results of her research:

“The Complete Runner” (Terry Lonergan) has stocks of Fastrax Valley Striders kit as before.  There is a panelled mesh style and also a non-mesh fabric option for about £12.  However there have been some concerns expressed about the styling and quality of these vests and in addition the lettering is illegal (“Striders” too big according to AAA/UKA rules) and the shop showed no interest in changing the artwork.

In response to this we now have an alternative supplier in Ilkley.  “Dobson and Robinson” can supply Viga vests in male and female styles for £10 including the lettering and there is a crop top option, so a greater variety of styles.  The vests are similar to Ilkley Harriers, but panel-free as our vest is single (white) colour.  The lettering is computer generated and printed individually so is more flexible. 

Contact address:      

Dobson and Robinson, 46 The Grove, Ilkley, LS29 9EE, T: 01943 608549

Male sizes:     32” 34” 36” 39” 42” 45”   £10

Female sizes:   32” 35” 38” 40”           £10

Crop tops:      10  12  14  16             £12

Prices include lettering.

We agreed that we would go ahead with Dobson and Robinson as an alternative supplier, recommended for women’s vests.

Sara said she would wear  one of these to the 4th WYXC – the “Striders” is legal and the same size as the “Valley”.  As the printing is done individually you will need to give a couple of days notice to D&R, but Sara said she would be happy to pick up any prepared vests for people as she passes through Ilkley 2 or 3 times a week. 

Contact Sara (01943 871606) if you need advice or any more information.


Update – August 2006

·    Following discussions with John Temperton (former North of England AA Administrator), we are now sure that the “old” style vests comply with the UK Athletics regulations – the size limit is on advertising, not on the Striders logo.

·    Terry Lonergan has provided Tracey with a crop top which appears very suitable (although Tracey is looking for a smaller size)

·    As a result of these, we are able to suggest that Striders have free choice of which shop to use to purchase club kit.

We’ll discuss this at the AGM


The good news is that the men's bathroom at Leo's has been completely renovated with the bath being replaced by a wet room with 15 shower heads.  In addition, the hot water is now powered by gas from new underground Calor gas storage which will be a lot cheaper to run. 

Shower refurbishment has been under discussion ever since I joined the club 20+ years ago but previously has been limited to Eric Cusack or Steve O'Callaghan turning up with a wrench (no not a Mick Wrench) to "adjust" the hot/cold mix settings! 

Within days of us being notified in July there was a hole outside Leo’s 30 feet long, 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep ready for the gas tank(s) to be installed. There was then a short lull and then all the internal works were carried out during August.  For these 4 weeks, on Tuesdays, the gentlemen Striders had to queue in the corridor outside the door of the referees’ room waiting for the ladies to finish showering.

The bad news is that the work has cost £20,000.  The rugby club has paid £5,000 and they have received a grant of £5,000 from the Rugby Football Union.  The other "tenants" have been asked to make up the rest and Valley Striders has been asked to contribute £1,000 towards this. 

In email correspondence in July there was much discussion of methods of raising this money.  Increasing the club subscription for 2006/7 by £5 would bring in £500-£600.  Our bank balance could safely cover £500.  We could ask for donations – £10 or £20 from a third of the members would bring in £750.  We could make a charge for Tuesday training.

Then a donation of £500 arrived, halving our problems.  It came with a recommendation not to put up the subscriptions.  So we asked for donations and so far have received a further £1,175.  We have paid over “our” £1,000 to Leos.

What shall we do with the £675?  The ladies showers a.k.a. the referees room are in serious need of renovation.  But no-one uses them, you say.  Not surprising if you’ve seen them.  Striders paid about £1,500 to Leos about 5-6 years ago to have these showers installed, but that included plumbing and electrics along the corridor, so £1,000 would pay for more than just freshening up.

Could you please continue your donations to the Shower Fund and we’ll discuss how to proceed at the AGM, given an idea of how much money is available.


Races Organised

Harewood Trail Race - October 2005

82 thank yous!   Thank you to 55 Striders, 15 family and friends and 12 Lineham Farm volunteers who helped on or before the Harewood Trail Race.

There were 538 finishers in the 10 mile race (down 71 from 2004) and 242 finishers in the 2 mile race (up 64 from 2004), so not quite a record, but the second best in 7 years.  After last year's 4 injuries we were slightly concerned about the numbers that the 10 mile course could take and so put the entry fees up to "ensure" that numbers did not increase, and this worked to plan!  We received many compliments at the end about the route and the marshalling, including one on behalf of the 30 Stainland Lions for whom it was a Grand Prix event!

St John had a quiet time with only one case to treat.  But four runners went off course in the 2 mile and two sets of runners went off course in the 10 mile. Thankfully over 99% of the runners managed to complete the designated routes.

The event raised £3,749 for Lineham Farm.  Lisa from Lineham emailed "It's tremendous! Thank you so much. We are very excited about it!" 

Meanwood Trail Race - April 2006

Thank you to 61 Striders and 9 friends/family of Striders who assisted with the race.  Hopefully you all thawed out.  Please put your hands together and congratulate yourselves on an incident-free race with record numbers of competitors and record profits for Lineham Farm.

Junior race - 38 finishers in 1 mile, 21 finishers in 2 miles.  Senior race - 338 finishers

Success for Striders came in the junior races with Josephine Mather-Hunter 1st girl 7-8, Oliver Watson 2nd boy 9-10 and Gavin Taylor 2nd boy 7-8.   In the senior race, Andrew Cutts finished 47th (he has now run 9 of the 11 races) (NB 3 of the Cutts family were marshals).

Race profit estimate £700.  Plus we received £500 in donations with the entries, most of which will be subject to Gift Aid (adding 28%) so we have cleared £1,300 for Lineham Farm.  Also in our "costs" is a £100 donation to St John Ambulance which is itself a charity.

A final thank you goes to the weather, I think we got the only half-decent 3 hours of the weekend.

Pulse Race (Roundhay Park) - June 2006

Mick Tinker and myself would like to thank the 10 Striders who helped with the finishing line administration and some marshalling at the Pulse Race.  I believe around £3,000 was raised for the British Heart Foundation.

Harewood Cancer Research 10k - Sept 2005 and 2006

These races were organised by Cancer Research and jointly marshalled by Abbey Runners and Valley Striders.  Thank you to the 10 Striders who helped at this event last year and 9 this year.  Both years we have had free bacon sandwiches and this year we were also given free tickets for the Grounds and Bird Garden.  I’m not sure whether the usual Striders giveaway of a bottle of beer can compete with this!

Harewood Trail Race – October 2006

The number of finishers was 532 in the 10 mile and 249 (if you count the 2 year old who was carried) in the 2 mile. The 10 mile was 6 down from last year and the 2 mile 7 up so only 6 short of the all-time record number of finishers.

We managed to get all our runners round except for one drop-out in each race, and there was little demand for St John’s services who had two 4-wheel drives out on the route and three further staff at Harewood.

68 Striders and 11 Lineham Farmers contributed to a very successful day which I forecast to raise about £3,500 profit for Lineham Farm.  Thank you and well done everyone!

There are several open days at Lineham Farm during the year and I recommend you to visit at least once to see where our money goes!

Meanwood Trail Race & Junior Race (14 April ‘07)

Please book this date in your diaries


The Year Planner

Have a look on the website , it tells you all the major events and who is organising them, so if you want to help in an event, run in a relay team, run in a championship event etc, that’s where to look.  And if there’s an event that has no Striders contact name against it, you could volunteer to be that contact!

Roll of Honour


Tracey Morris

·    represented Wales in the Marathon at the Commonwealth Games and finished 4th in a new PB of 2:33

·    represented GB (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) at the European Championships in Gothenburg and finished 16th in a time of 2:37.  All the other leading British women voted to chase money at other world marathons so Tracey was the only GB rep (the British men’s team finished 5th)

Yorkshire Champions

Congratulations to

·         10k at Dewsbury – Tracey, Sam and Vicky - Yorkshire team champions

·         10 mile at Eccup – Tracey W35, Lou Gilchrist W70, Max Jones M75

·         10k at Rothwell – Peter Lambert M70

·         Fell championships – Sylvia Watson W55, Bob Wilkes M65

·         Yorks vets cross-country – Sylvia Watson W55

·         Yorks vets 10 race series  – Sylvia Watson W55

·         West Yorks cross-country league series – Sam Harris W21-34

Race Wins

·         Jules Barltrop – Friskney half

·         Brian Hanley – Major Stone half marathon near Hull

·         Sam Harris – Wheldrake 10k

·         Tracey Morris – Barnsley 10k, Bedford ½, B.Monkey ½, Thirsk 10, Eccup 10

·         Vicky Whitehead – Armthorpe 10k, Esholt 5k, Askern 10k

·         Mick Wrench – Lyke Wake run

·         Alison Bogie – Wharfedale marathon, Lyke Wake run (in green C.A. vest)

·         And lots of age-group wins, see the website for more details

Team Prizes

·         Tracey Morris, Sam Harris, Mary Harris at Brass Monkey

·         Brian Hanley, John Uttley, Adam Parton at Spen 20

·         Tracey Morris, Jules Barltrop, Carole Schofield at Eccup 10

·         Vets teams at Bradford Millennium Way and Leeds Country Way

Grand Prix

GP 2005 Winners

Overall winners – Brian Hanley and Sam Harris

Vets winners – Drew Taylor (M40), Bob Jackson (M50), Mary Harris (W35)

Group winners – Simon Vallance, Eric Green, Bob Wilkes, Peter Stevenson

Ran 8 races – Rob Bumstead, Andrew Cutts, Mick Loftus, Mick Wrench, Paul Hunter, Richard King, Julian Bhowmick, Roy Flesher, Jules Barltrop, Mick Tinker, Michael Grant, Steve Dixon, Paul White, Mivvy Tekchandani, Geoff Webster, Paul Sanderson, Sheila Grant, John Bucktrout, Jerry Watson, Howard Jeffrey, Jonny Harrison

GP 2006

The number of events has been increased from 28 to 31 with an extra race in the “short road”, “medium road” and “fell/trail” categories.  Also the Esholt 5k series and Hyde Park 5k series each count as one race with best time from each to count.  The number of races to calculate prize placings and also to qualify for a V.S. Grand Prix 2006 T-shirt remains at eight.

With 8 races to go, 102 Striders had run at least one Grand Prix race.  Of these 14 had already run 8 races, ensuring qualification for a GP T-shirt, and a further 22 had run between 5 and 7 races giving them an excellent chance of completing 8.

Because the tables will have changed between my writing and your reading this V S Review, I suggest you go to and watch how the positions change as the final race results come in. Some categories are likely to go all the way to the Abbey Dash and final West Yorks XC.

GP 2007 Events

We expect a similar format for 2007, maybe a few changes to remove a few less well attended ones, so take the opportunity to suggest, to Alan Hutchinson or Paul White, your favourite race for inclusion.

Three races in GP2007 that you will need to enter early (i.e. in 2006) are

·    Brass Monkey ½ Marathon. Sorry, entries have already closed – within 3 days of the entry form appearing.

·    Chevin Chase (Boxing Day) tends to close late November.

·    London Marathon – see their website for details.

We are also likely to include the Yorkshire Cross Country Championships in January, providing it doesn’t clash with another event.
Relay Races

Leeds Country Way – September 2005

Congratulations to the women's team - Jules, Sam G, Dawn, Kay, Laura, Erica, Carmel, Hayley, Carole, Mary E, Liz and Sara, who took the runner-up women's team trophy and finished 26th overall of 36 teams who finished (38 started).

Congratulations to the men's team - Mick L, Mick W, Drew, Rob B, Peter J, Roy, Alan, Andrew, John H, Ross, Jerry and Simon V who finished 5th overall (5 places up from last year).

Congratulations to the vet's team - Martin, Paul Hunter, David B, Ian P, Mike B, Steve O, Bob J, Mick T, Eric G, Paul W, Alistair and Mark who finished 3rd vets team and 13th overall.

Congratulations to the "D" team - Rob L, Peter L, Bobby, Tony W, Paul M, Tim T, Ian S, Richard K, Simon R, Tracy S, Dave Morley and Madeleine, who finished 25th overall (i.e. beat 11 other teams); we were the only club with 4 teams.

I still have a few bowls from 2005(!), these will be recycled after the 2006 AGM so claim one if you have not already done so.

Calderdale Way – December 2005

Valley Striders Mixed finished 37th overall and 3rd mixed team, but were only 9 minutes behind the winning mixed team.  V.S. “A” finished 41st overall, 4 minutes behind our mixed team.  Thanks to G.W. for organising this and to Rob B who collected the money and distributed the slate coasters.

Harrogate Ringway – January 2006

This clashed with our winter handicap so we did not enter any teams, but G.W. made an appearance in the green of Chapel Allerton (I have a photo to prove it!)

Bradford Millennium Way – June 2006

Having won the mixed team for all four previous races, this year we failed to recruit enough women but took advantage of the male vets category starting at age 35 and entered a vets team which finished 4th overall and 1st vets team.

Our winning team was Drew and Steve W, Bob J and Ian S, Jerry and Mick W, Andrew and Alan, Rob B and Tim T.

Golden Acre Park – July 2006

We were represented in 5 teams in this sociable event on a Wednesday evening in July.  Best placed were Paul, Andrew and Alan (12th, 2nd vets), mention must also be made of the Towler Striders (Dan, Carole and Tim).

Yorkshire Vets Road Relays - July 2006

We entered teams for the first time for several years - our M40 team (Drew, Eric, Gary, Simon) finished 9th/14 and our M50 team (Alan H, Bob J, Paul W) 10th/18.

Leeds Country Way – September 2006

Congratulations to the men’s A team who were all veterans.  They finished 6th overall and 1st vets team, this was our first winners trophy in the LCW for several years.  The team were Julian, Paul Hunter, Gary Shipley, Drew, Eric G, John Uttley, Simon V, Steve W, Andrew, Alan, Gary Sutherland and Tim T.

Congratulations to the women’s team who retained their runners-up trophy – Jules, Sam H, Elika, Mivvy, Kay, Mary E, Laura, Hayley, Carmel, Carole, Sam Davies (Guy) and Erica.  Special congrats to Sam and Erica for fastest time on their leg.

No trophy but the fastest B team and 10th overall were Mick L, Mick W, Rob B, Bob J, Bill M, Mick T, Richard K, Ian S, Andy T, Paul W, John H and Dave Middlemas.

And not disgracing the club, in 26th place out of 33 teams were our C team, Patrick, Paul S, Paul F, Simon R, John L, John Wallace, Rob L, Geoff, Tony H, Tracy S, Penny and Sylvia.  Again we were the only club with 4 teams.

Calderdale Way – December 2006

6 legs in pairs, total approx. 60 miles, Sunday 10 December, 08:00 start. Contact GW 266-6288 for details.  We have entered two teams.  Now we need 24 Striders.  NB essential to recce and full body cover to be carried.

Harrogate Ringway – January 2007

Harrogate Ringway Relay, 5 legs solo, total approx 22 miles, Sunday 7 January, 10:30? start.  Contact Bob for details.  This is also essential to recce, but because each leg is at most 5 miles, you can do these as a there-and-back training run. It is much less serious and much less demanding event than the Calderdale. The biggest challenge is the (optional) giant sausage meal in the Yorkshire Lass pub at Knaresborough at the end of the race.


Cross Country

West Yorkshire Cross Country League – Autumn 2005

In the series, our women’s team finished 4th overall in the series, the men 11th.  In the John Smith Challenge for teams out of the medal places for the last 3 years we finished 2nd and are so eligible again for this in 2006!  Sam Harris was 1st overall in  the 21-34 age category.

Yorkshire Cross Country Championships – Jan 2006

In the wimmin’s race, Sam was 15th, Mary 33rd and Sara 91st of 95 runners  The team were 10th/14.  In the men’s race, Steve was 83rd, Bob 170th, Geoff 214 of 221 runners.  We had half a team.

Yorkshire Vets Cross Country – February 2006

8 Striders ran, in 7 different age groups.  Congratulations to Sylvia who won her W55 category.  Julian, in the new M35 category, was the youngest and found it very competitive as there were several leading club runners not shy about their age.  The other Striders were Madeleine, GW, Bob W, Jerry, John H and Paul H.

West Yorkshire Cross Country League – Autumn 2006

We have 48 runners so far entered for this series

·    Saturday 14 October organised by Longwood H / Holmfirth H

·    Sunday 29 October organised by Leeds C / Leeds U

·    Sunday 19 November organised by Wakefield H

·    Sunday 3 December organised by Skyrac

Closing date is 10 days before each race so it is not too late to enter the last two races.

Sport Direct League

This is a league of about 12 clubs from the Leeds area.  Their series of 5 races starts on 17 December i.e. after the West Yorkshire League has finished and runs through to March. The dates are planned not to clash with major races such as the Brass Monkey and the Dewsbury 10k.  The races are on Sunday mornings, a single race for men and women combined, 8 men and 4 women to count for a team.  Do we want to take part?  We need to decide at the AGM.

Christmas Do and Annual Awards 2005

Thanks to Steve O’Callaghan for organising this.  There were 60 Striders and friends enjoying the food and festivities.  These were briefly interrupted for the presentations

·         Grand Prix T-shirts (see page 14 for winners),

·         Janet Kitchen’s Horsforth Trophy for “Marathon Performance of the Year” to Jules Barltrop for 2:59 at Berlin

·         Stuart StJohn’s “Valley Striders Also-Ran Trophy” to Bob Jackson for running 28 grand prix races and 4 relays and winning absolutely nothing.

The 2006 Christmas Do and Annual Awards will be on Friday 15 December.

Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy 2006

Vadim’s wife Olga and son Simon wanted to present a trophy in memory of Vadim, and because the Leeds Half Marathon was Vadim’s favourite race, we decided that we would present it for the best age-graded performance at Leeds.

The leading positions were: Roy Flesher 83.3%, Bob Jackson 79.5%, John Uttley 78.1%, Paul White 77.8%, Alan Hutchinson 77.1%  (the rest of the percentages are on the website )

So it was Roy Flesher who received the engraved Russian tea-urn, flown in from Leningrad, from Simon Kuznetsov.  It has a little tap on the side and there was a suggestion that it could be filled with Maxim and put out for our speed sessions, but Roy has taken it to put in his trophy cabinet for a year.


Club Handicaps

·         Autumn 2005 – 46 ran, winner Simon Redshaw, fastest Brian Hanley.

·         Winter 2005/6 – 27 ran, winner Julian Bhowmick , fastest Steve Webb.

·         Spring 2006 – 36 ran, winner Anthony Gledhill, fastest Steve Webb.

·         Summer 2006 – 36 ran, winner Jonny Harrison, fastest Brian Hanley.

·         Autumn 2006 – 35 ran, winner Mick Tinker, fastest Steve Webb.

Thanks to Mike and Eileen Crosfill for timekeeping, recording and calculating, and to other Striders including Peter and Joyce Lambert, Pat and John Umpleby, Kathy and Ken Kaiser and Max Jones for marshalling, and to John Umpleby for arranging the engraving of the trophy.

New members (since 1 Sep 2005)

Welcome to …

224 Tracy Stewart       

225 Emma Richardson     

226 Ian Sanderson       

227 Emma Bartholomew

228 Matt Watkins         

229 Adam Parton         

230 John Uttley         

231 Rachel Casey        

232 Holly De Gay        

233 Anne Worrall        

234 Liz Day             

235 Stuart Rawnsley    

236 Gavin Taylor

237 Tal Spiegel         

238 Dave Middlemas      

239 Melanie Watson      

240 Mark Priest         

241 Lisa Hodgson        

242 Rachael Wilson      

243 Anthony Firth       

245 Jane Seed           

246 Amanda Pearce       

247 Patrick Barrett     

248 John Laird          

249 Anna Costello        

250 Anthony Gledhill    

251 Chris Gorney        

252 Joel Giddings       

253 John Wallace        

254 Callum Clifford     

255 Andy Thorpe         

256 Karen Natoli

257 Louise Cleghorn

258 Maria Dixon

259 Tony Awimbo

260 Catherine Farrow

261 Steve Morley

262 Karen Wright

263 Dan Murray

264 Steve Trout


Birthdays, births, marriages, deaths

Big Birthdays Sept 2005 - Aug 2006

35 – Ian Sanderson, Tal Spiegel, Simon Redshaw, Tina Burnham, Rob Liddle

40 – Simon Vallance, Gillian Goodwin, Julian Bhowmick

45 – Gary Sutherland, Carole Schofield, Alistair Fale, Drew Taylor, Paul Hunter, John Uttley, Andrew Cutts, Anne McCaffrey

50 – Maddy Illingworth, John Bucktrout, Alan Hutchinson,

55 – Dick Dale, Mike Crosfill, Bob Jackson, Kathy Kaiser

70 – Peter Lambert


Congratulations to Rob and Gardie Liddle, a son Pieter.


Congratulations to Sam Guy who married Dalton Davies on the 30th of June at St Everildas Church in Poppleton, York, and “had a fab honeymoon in South West America - Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Death Valley and San Fran.”

Forthcoming Marriages

Congratulations to Hayley Palmer who got engaged to Alex this summer.


I am sorry to have to report the sudden deaths of two former Valley Striders during 2006, Vadim Kuznetsov who was a member from 2001 to 2004 and Hilary McEwan who was a member from 1984 to 1997.

On the website, in the section “Runner Profiles” are more details of their running careers, with tributes from Peter Cox about Vadim and from several Striders about Hilary.  And Harry Bates wrote some entertaining reminiscences for the website “Climbing with Hilary” which refers not to Hilary’s Scottish mountains but to Creskeld Lane at Bramhope.


Race Reports

I’m sorry that you won’t find any race reports in this VS News, if we printed all we’d received in the last year, your membership fees would have to go up to pay for the photocopying and postage.

But on the website, in the “Race Reports” section you’ll find

·    Coeur D’Alene USA Ironman 2006 from Bill Murphy

·    Karrimor Mountain Marathon 2005 from Mick Loftus

·    Lake Placid USA Ironman 2005 from Bill Murphy

·    Lyke Wake Race 2006 from Mick Wrench and Alan Hutchinson

·    Sherborne Ironman 2006 from Bill Murphy

·    “Two Half Marathons make a Fool” (Nottingham half marathon, Great North Run, Snowdonia marathon 2005) from Bill Murphy

·    Welsh Peaks 1000m 2006 from Mick Loftus

·    Wuthering Hike 2006 from Mick Loftus

Please continue to send in your race reports and they will be included on the website.


British Champion

We also have a boxing report on the website.  Former Strider Carl Johanesson won the British super featherweight title in July.  Carl was trained by Strider Tony Foster and was a Striders club member from 1995 to 1997.
Fell Race Championship (from G.W.)

In recent years the Championship has alternated between Steve W and Andrew C.  Andrew won last year but doesn’t seem to have been as active this year (unless he’s keeping his results secret)

In order to try to break the Webb-Cutts monopoly a new scoring system was set up for 2006.  This is based upon 9 best results rather than all races to count as in previous years.

This year 25 Striders have taken part in at least 1 trail or fell race to score points.  With 9 races left in 2006 the current leader is Simon Vallance with 291 points.  GW is next (despite having a stress fracture for 4 months) with 265.  Steve W is in third with 205 closely followed by Dave Middlemas with 203.

Dave has only run in 3 races but two were “A” races which give most points.  One of these was the Burnsall Classic 1½ miles which used to be a regular appointment during the early years of Valley Striders.  Dave is probably the first V.S. member to attend for around 5 years – all fell runners should do this race at least once.

Another notable achievement is this win of Mick Wrench in the Lyke Wake Race.  This race used to run from the coast inland to Osmotherley but now the route has been reversed to finish at Ravenscar.  The incentive of sea-side fish & chips & ice-cream no doubt encouraged Mick to get a move on.

Simon V was leading the Championship table and with the Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon consolidated this position.

The trail was dry and the day was hot

Mick L ran well to get 9th spot

Simon V and Ross A

Ran very well on a very hot day

Paul H and AC ran as a pair in the very hot weather

But somehow managed not to finish together

And G W would undoubtedly have won

If his brain had not shrunk in the very hot sun

Only four women have got mud on their shoes in this year’s Fell Championship, 3 of whom are the usual suspects of Sara, Sylvia and Madeleine, the other being Laura Clark who ran in the Baildon Boundary Way. 

However a wimin’s team recently ran well in the Leeds Country Way so maybe we could see them participating in the Calderdale Way Relay in early December.

Because of the exceptionally warm weather the course for the Round Hill 9 miles near Timble Village was just about bone dry making road shoes the best footwear for the job.  This helped to produce a shock V.S. result when Julian B. (more noted for road running) came in ahead of that prolific fell runner Andrew C (Andrew has since undergone counselling).

Third V.S. finisher was John Hallas who is making a return to fell running afer a long absence.  Bob Wilkes and Peter Stevenson both enjoyed a good run finishing V.S. 4th and 5th.  Some way back GW and Sylvia managed to jog home (excuses available on request).

The course is not too difficult with the main climb being very gradual to the summit of Round Hill followed by a good descent (not steep) into the moorland valley. It is then undulating back to the last mile on a farm track back to the finish. In good conditions it is far more pleasurable than any of the winter cross country events.  So it’s surprising that more V.S. don’t take part. 

With this in mind I shall take the opportunity to publicise the forthcoming 20 mile trail run, the Burley Bridge Hike, which is not unduly difficult and usually attracts a good V.S. turnout as it is also in the Club Grand Prix.  It would be good to see some  new faces at the event as well as the regular entrants from the club.

The Burley Bridge Hike takes place in early November so there’s plenty of time to get in some training for the distance but the good news is that you can take up to 10 hours to finish, you can take your time and look at the scenery and eat plenty of buns and drink tea at the checkpoints.

Points so far

Simon V 377   GW 338   Ross 273   Steve W 270   AC 244   Sara 234

Dave M 203   Mick L 180   Mick W 145   John H 144   Sylvia 132

Bob W 131   Alan Hutch 124   Bob J 115  Laura 100   Peter Lambo 91

Eric G 71   Madeleine 62   Richard K 59   Jerry 51   Peter S 48  

Mick T 47   Alistair 45   Simon R 42   Rob L 41

To get your full quota of points please make sure you get your fell results to G.W.  Because what do points mean?  Points mean you get your points!

Stop Press – Results from National Fell Running Relay – 14 Oct 2006

Team categories were Mens Open, Ladies Open and Mens Vet 40.  We entered a mixed team which finished 84th overall out of 118 starters and 111 finishers.

·         Leg 1 (AS, solo): 5.9mls - 1500'    Andrew Cutts 59:58

·         Leg 2 (AM, pairs): 9mls - 2300'    Steve Webb & Mick Wrench 1:28:38

·         Leg 3 (pairs/navigation):  Madeleine Watson & Sylvia Watson  1:49:45

·         Leg 4 (AS, solo): Geoff Webster  1:07:02

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