May 1999

1999 Issue 2


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  • Trail Race - a success!!
  • We will be assisting the Harewood Hop 10k on Sun 26 Sept
  • Summer Handicap will be on Tuesday 22 June
  • The Striders Website
  • The Horsforth Cup
  • Grand Prix and other races
  • Unofficial result - men win Leeds marathon team prize
  • Coach's Column
  • Things on page eleven
  • National Cross-Country
  • Spiders News including Blubberhouses & 3 Peaks reports
  • Yorkshire Vets Events & Grand Prix Events


Meanwood Valley Trail Race

Exclusive! Success at Meanwood Valley Trail Race due to sufficiency and keenness of race marshals! First back to Leo's was Paul Sheard of Puddly and Barmy who said "Thanks to the marshals and well-marked course, I had no problems following the route". Geoff Webster did a Geoff Webster and suggested a 5th race next year. Paul Briscoe said he'd supply the beer again. In the finish area, Mike and Eileen had 190 runners on their timesheets, as did Max and Mick Tinker on their race numbers sheets. The results service of Joyce and Jo had labels all in the right place, no duplicates, and no need to unstick any. Bob just lounged about waiting for the results sheets to go on the board.

It's all true, and so good, we're going to do it for a 5th time next year.

More reaction from Trail Race Competitors: Jason Westmoreland, Rothwell Harriers (finished 17th) e-mailed me with a title "8 Miles of Terror" and said "It was a great race I will be entering next year . I just hope I don't fall next year, I fell over on my ankle and I've got the London Marathon in three weeks, I think I will be OK. Thanks again from number 72". A couple of days later I got another e-mail from Jason "found results thanks, ankle is getting better so I will not sue Valley Striders. See you next year..."

A few days later, I had a circular from "Race Master 98 - Race Management Software for Windows 95, 98 & NT PC's". It asked "Can you guarantee that your current Race Management Software will work after 1st January 2000? ... ours will". Well I think we're going to have to test it out. So one Tuesday evening in the next few weeks, we're going to get Jo Briscoe and Joyce Lambert down to the club, set their watches to 11:59p.m. on 31st December 1999, wait 1 minute and then give them a set of labels and see if they try to stick them on upside-down or back-to-front!

Thanks to everyone who helped. And we made a profit for Club funds of 104.50.


Wimmins Showers now Open

After many months, nay years, the Wimmins Showers were actually finally turned on on Saturday 27th March for the Trail Race. It true Striders style, the official opening ceremony on Tuesday 30th March failed to take place as there was a shortage of wimin runners at the handicap, but Dick Dale was seen heading back from that direction with a wet towel.

The Harewood Hop - Sunday 27 September

Just before the Trail Race, we were contacted by the fundraising committee of St. Leonard's Hospice York to see if we were prepared to help them in organising a set of races on the Harewood Hill Climb site.

We have had a couple of meetings with them and are going ahead to support these races. For those who don't know, the Harewood Hill Climb is used for motor racing as a time trial for the cars to get up the hill as fast as possible. The site is on the Harewood to Collingham/Wetherby Road only a mile from Harewood. The site has the same incline as the A61 on Harewood Bank, so it will make interesting running, although possibly not as steep as parts of the Otley 10.

There will be a 2 mile combined junior race and fun run which will take place on the tarmac circuit, and consist of one small lap and one large lap. The large lap takes in the majority of the height from Harewood to the river, and the small lap also takes in the majority of the incline, so it will be quite tough. This will be followed by a 10k seniors race which will be one 2k lap of tarmac, 6k around the fields, down to the river and back, and a further 2k lap of tarmac.

We are looking for 10 to 12 Striders to come and help us on the day - timekeeping, marshalling etc etc. Those will be needed to support in the main race so will not be able to run. We would also welcome any other Striders who want to run the 10k but are willing to help - e.g. marshalling the junior race or helping with the car-parking - prior to the main race.

Club Handicap on Tuesday 22 June

Having run various cross-country and trail routes over the last few years for the Summer Handicap, I think last year we came on a successful formula - which we will be repeating this year on 22nd June. This will be a 3 lap route round the woods behind Leo's and a little way down the Meanwood Valley Trail for a total of approximately 51/2 miles. The start time will be 7:15pm, but an innovative idea from Paul Furness last year which we will repeat this year is a warm-up / route-finding lap which will start at 6:50pm. This is a good event for spectators, too - you will see the runners 6 times en-route! For other events in the Grand Prix for June, July and August, see the back page.

The Striders Website

For those of you sensible enough to save your money for running shoes and Maxim rather than spend it on telephone calls to your internet service provider, this is to tell you about the website.

There is now a large main page which is headed by an index.

Valley Striders
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Our Club Coaches

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There is the full text of the most recent 4 Newsletters and of 7 of Max's Coach's Columns. There are 8 or so pages about the Trail Race, including full results of the last two races - this year the results were published on the Monday after the race. The "Unofficial History" is Stuart's "And There Was Life" written in 4 sections 4 years ago. "Other articles" includes Max's and Neil's from the Comrades Marathon and Ken's on Course Measurement. "Max Jones" includes details of his current and former World Records. The links to other running sites include the WAVA Games, the National Cross-Country Results and to local clubs including Rothwell Harriers, Ilkley Harriers.

What I'm after now are some photos for the site. I've got a page set up for these but so far I've only got three photos - Max from 100k in USA, Kathy from the National XC and "The Falcon". Please, if you've any Striders photos, recent or old, send them to me - I'll scan them, put them on the website and return them within a week to you.

The Horsforth Marathon & the Horsforth Cup

(from Janet Kitchen)

The Horsforth Marathon was run for 5 years and the winners were 1981 Malcolm Martin, 1982 Brian Scobie, 1983 Stephen Bailey, 1984 Brian Scobie and 1985 Martyn Hopson. The Cup was originally presented by Arnold G Wilson - a car dealer on Low Lane Horsforth - who were the main sponsors. The cup for first veteran was given by Leeds Hospital Fund and there were many other prizes.

In 1982 a Half Marathon was organised alongside the Full Marathon (i.e. one lap only of the 2 lap marathon course). By 1985 numbers for the full marathon were dropping off and a proposal was put to Horsforth Sports Council to organise a Half Marathon only, starting and finishing at Trinity and All Saints College. (The Full Marathon had been based at Horsforth School with excellent facilities). The Half Marathon was run in 1986 and 1987, but after that I believe it changed to the Horsforth 10k - and where all the Cups and Trophies are, no-one seems to know!

I must mention the achievements of Martyn Hopson who holds a replica of the Horsforth Marathon Cup. He ran all 5 Marathons, finishing 16th in 1981, 13th in 1982, 2nd in 1983, 3rd in 1984 and winner in 1985. He was awarded the Cup by the Horsforth Sports Council in 1985.

I was absolutely delighted when Stuart made me an Honorary Member of Valley Striders in 1982 or 1983. So - when I had to leave Horsforth in September 1987- I wanted to give Valley Striders something in return, so bought the Cup. As the full marathon had been my first love, I decided to call it the 'Horsforth Cup' (the 'Janet Kitchen Cup' sounded ridiculous to me!) and I think the wording on the cup is "for outstanding achievement in a marathon".

From Bob:

Here are my records of who has won Janet's Horsforth Trophy and Stuart's Also-Ran Tankard. If anyone can fill in the gaps or knows winners prior to 1989, please let me know.












Horsforth Trophy

Kathy Kaiser

Paul Briscoe

Max Jones

Yvonne, Kathy & Sylvia

Max Jones

Sylvia Watson

Gary Shipley

Kathy Kaiser

Also Ran Tankard

Danny Burnham

Wilf Little

Tony Foster

Dave Taylor

Bob Wilkes

Dick Dale

Sue Midgley

Tony Haygarth


Grand Prix 1999 (from Bob)

Results & Race Reports

South Leeds 5 - Gary scored 100 points (other places and times required).

Spen 20 - Valley Striders won the race team prize with 8th Mick Wrench (2:08:22), 11th Alan Hutchinson (2:12:00) and 14th Jon Willingham (2:13:15). Backing them up were 35th Eric 2nd V50 2:20, 59th Dick and "first to sit down" Geoff (4 hours something).

Spring Handicap 10k - a repeat performance of last years Spring Handicap for this was won by Dave Cusack. Hot on his heels (no, a minute behind) was Eric, and catching very fast with fastest time of the day was Mick Wrench. Dave and Mick both recorded PB's by approx 30 seconds. Dave (and Eric) had run the Blubberhouses 25 just 48 hours before as had Steve, Harry and Geoff. 22 ran.

Wakefield 10k - Paul Webbo was 55th out of 832 finishers and first Strider in 35:29, followed by Asger 36:52, Jon 37:17, Eric 39:09, Dave C 41:44, Carole 42:23, Max 45:34 and Bob W 45:52.

Rothwell 10k - a new race for the Striders calendar. Thanks to Tim for picking up the results from Rothwell Harriers' website. Tim led the Striders home in 44th place (36:53). Also scoring GP points were Kathy K (40:05) (NB Ken was 2 places ahead), George Little (43:25) and Paul White (43:45).

Wigginton 10k - 100 points for Jon (36:36) and 99 for Paul White (44:21).

Leeds Marathon - The unofficial results show that we won the team prize - 18th Steve O 2:54:08, 25th Jon 2:57:34, 37th Eric 3:05:55. Striders had 8 runners, the highest for a few years, the others being Andy Tones 3:12:05, Mick W 3:29:34, Geoff 3:54:43, George D 3:55:24 and Bob W 4:17:25 (results from Monday's YEP). Steve got the pace right, but the second lap, with increasing temperatures, took its toll of the others - Jon, Eric, Andy and Mick had all been through halfway in 1:28 or less. Nicola Wilde, running for Horsforth, was 3rd lady in 3:14:44.

Leeds 1/2 Marathon - There was an excellent representation with Roy 1:19, Tim 1:20 and John Blundell 1:21 near the front, followed by Niels and Bob, and then Ian, Dave C, George L and Paul White (but not necessarily in that order) (Tuesday's YEP was not available when V.S.News went to print). The wimmin may have a chance of one of the team prizes with Lyn, Carmel, Bernie and Penny all well placed.

Spotted at the Leeds Marathon - see opposite page

Other Race Reports

Ackworth 1/2 Marathon - Congratulations to 2nd claim member Nicola Wilde who was 1st woman and won the Yorkshire Vets Championship - we put this down to our Tuesday training sessions. These Tuesday sessions also have done some good for Nikki McNally who finished 3rd in the race (but NB not old enough by more than 10 years to win a veterans prize).

London Marathon - one or two Striders were a little disappointed with their performances but many clubs would be pleased to have times such as the following: Hutch 2:48, Roy 2:49, Eric 2:55, Dick 3:09 (PB), Paul F 3:25, and Max in his 100th marathon 3:45.

Belfast Marathon - plenty of Striders interest in this event which also included the Police Championships. This was on May Day Bank Holiday and my information (from a reliable source) was that it was a hot day, 80o in the sun - a day for survival. West Yorkshire Police were the winning team. First counter was Leeds City runner and Sunday Strider Andy Brown who finished in 2:46 2nd policeman and 9th overall on his 31st birthday and in his 1st marathon. Second counter was our own Steve O 2:51:41 4th police 14th overall. He won 200 for first V45 in the race and so was also the O45 police champion, but he had the satisfaction of also beating all the O40 police. Steve was well-prepared for the conditions - knowing that there was only water en-route, he had a bum-bag with a water flask and sachets of Maxim electrolyte which he mixed with water taken on at each drinks station. Third counter for WYP was Dave Oldham of Bingley 3:06 and 1st O50. And fourth WYP but not counting was ex-Strider Dick West 3:08. In the wimmin's race, 2nd policewoman was our own Nikki McNally, running her first marathon in an excellent 3:30.

Roundhay Wimins Race for Life (from Sylvia) - there were 2500 taking part, and Striders were well represented with 4 in the top 20 - Carole 5th, Liz 7th and Carmel and Bernie also in the top 20.

Spotted at the Leeds Marathon - was Striders founder Stuart St John, down from Scotland for the weekend, together with "the bike". He has not lost his touch and was offering "words of encouragement" in his traditional fashion while overtaking us along the Ring Road. I should have given him the list of members who have not paid their Subs - I'm sure he would have collected some. Keith Cluderay must have been cloned - he was spotted in so many places en route - no - A16KCC parked by the side of the road gave the game away. Paul F and Harry B were presumably on a Sunday run taking in Stonegate Road and Kirkstall Road. Thanks to all the other Striders who supported us.

Coach's Column (from Max)

Scottish 50k

Max went to the Scottish 50 Championships in Fife held just 3 miles from George and Louise Black's new home. George acted as 'handler' for Max and for Fearnville's Terry Kelly who travelled up from Leeds with Max on the train. They ran the race together, generally in slipstream formation, and passed the marathon mark in 3:50 on their way to crossing the line together in 4:37. This may have earned them a joint share of the O-50 3rd place. This was just a training run - they are both running the 90km Comrades Marathon next month (June 16th)

Forthcoming event(s) - West Yorkshire Relays

These races take place on Wednesday evenings

They are for teams of 4, and each runner runs one mile, twice.

Contact Geoff or Sylvia if you are interested.

1998 GP T-shirts - have been printed and distributed to those who ordered them - if anyone else who wants one, please contact Bob.

Things on Page Eleven

Leeds Country Way (5th September 1999?) (from Paul Furness)

"But its only May" I hear you say. Yes, but it would be good to get our teams organised early this year. The above date is only a calculated guess but this race is normally run on the first Sunday in September so I think the 5th should be a safe bet. So, don't book any holidays for that weekend as we need our strongest teams available and hopefully we may win one of the main trophies this time. If you would like to run in any of the teams please contact either


Sunday - now we are in the racing season, if you are interested in running one Sunday, check with Steve O to find out where and when.

Tuesday - from Leo's is still attracting numbers in the teens to low twenties.

Thursday - despite the notes in the last V.S.News, this is staying at Scott Hall as most of the regulars are local and many run to the Sports Centre. Note that the start is at 6:45 - that's Paul Furness 6:45 prompt, not Bob Jackson 10 minutes late or John Whalley 1/2hour late. The usual run is about 6 miles steady. Contact Paul on 269-8231 for details.

Vets News - 1999 WAVA Update (from Bob & Max)

Too late to enter, but plenty of time to train for spectating and/or supporting our entrants who include Max, both Kaisers, Ian Place and Bob Wilkes. All are entered for the marathon, Max is entered for the track 5k and 10k, the others have chosen the cross-country as their second event.

New Members

The Scandinavian influence has tripled in the last two months - we have Norwegian Asger Hobolth studying at Leeds University for 6 months, and Britt Laustsen (surname not a coincidence - she is Niels' wife) who has signed up with the Thursday group.


Striders who have moved / will be moving up an age-group in the first 7 months of 1999 include Maurice Willis (65), Mike Midgley & Dave More (55), Mike Henry, Ian Place, John Stockdale & John Sutcliffe (50), Ken Black, Martyn Hopson & Mick Tinker (45).

National Cross-Country (from Bob)

You may remember that before the Winter Weather in April we had Spring Weather in March, and so it was for the National at Newark, about 10oC, hazy sun and no wind. The majority of runners were in vests without t-shirts or thermals under. Newark appeared tame compared with Roundhay last year (where we ran 3 times up hill 60). Two thirds of the course was on grassland around an old airfield and therefore totally flat, the other third went out into some farmers fields which had a couple of gentle hills, and were slightly muddy in places. And rather than the traditional 9 miles, the men's course had been reduced to 71/2 miles to bring it into line with the World Champs etc. Tame is what it appeared! But someone had decided to make the course more interesting by putting 10 inches of topsoil on 1/4 mile of the course which we "came across" 1/2 mile into the race and then had to recross in the last mile. We'd had a lot of rain earlier in the week and that stretch was like glue. You'd be following someone, and suddenly they'd stop in front of you ... because they couldn't move. We'd then walk sideways a couple of paces and start running again. That's what it was like. Proper cross country!!

In keeping with our appearances at West Yorks we had 1/2 a wimmins team and 2/3rds of a men's team. Kathy was placed 108th (35:36) and Fran 297th (40:42) out of 477 runners. Eleanor Robinson had sprinted past Kathy at the finish it being one of her shorter races - she had run the intercounties 20 two weeks before, and had a 40 miler the following week. In the men's race, Paul Briscoe was 321st (45:44), Steve Webb 480th (47:18), I was 1229th (56:08) and Geoff 1328th (58:19) out of 1554. Ken was 32 places ahead of me (55:37) but I never saw him (I was too busy concentrating on the mud ahead).

In sickness ...

To the following, and to all other Striders who are not quite as fit as they'd like to be, we wish speedy recoveries to training / running / racing.

Spiders News

Calderdale Way Relay belated report from GW but worth the wait!

We decided to enter a mixed team because we thought this was our best chance of winning owt. But, alas, although we were confident that we could beat all the local clubs, we hadn't reckoned on Holme Pierrepont A.C. of Notts sending up a team with the same idea in mind!

Our first two off from Greetland were Mick W & Roy F who ran their socks off to get to the Hinchcliffe Arms (West Vale) in under 1hr 20min and hand over to GW & Liz. Unfortunately HPAC had a superfast pair on the first leg so we were 8mins down. Liz had a good run but GW did not, however due to the HPAC pair being slow VS made up 6mins on the leg over Stoodley Pike into Todmorden where Penny & Sylvia set off on the stiff uphill run to Blackshaw Head. At the handover to Natalie & Fran VS were still a little over 2mins adrift. A good run from Nat & Fran over the moorland of Blackshaw Head failed to make up the time because (curses) HPAC had another superfast pair of men who increased their lead to around 18mins. Good news! The HPAC pair from Wainstalls were slow and Ken & Kath were fast. At the last leg VS were 8mins down with Harry B & Steve O set to go like Coe. Bad news! So were HPAC! Harry & Steve ran 1hr 16min, our rivals ran 1hr 14min. So we finished 2nd by 10mins (39th overall) and got nowt.

But good news for the mixed team - we beat the mens team (Ian & Nils, Eric & John B, Tony H & Andy H, Steve Webb & Paul Webo, Paul F & Alan H, Martyn & Tony F) by more than 15 mins. The men briefly took the lead over Blackshaw Head where Webb & Webo had a good run. Next year they will be promoted to the mixed team. That is if the wimin can't put out a good team for themselves.

Bob Graham Round

This is a route in the Lake District the objective being to achieve the 72 miles and 42 peaks in under 24 hours. Martyn Hopson accomplished this a few years ago in the company of Frank ("walking with") Wilkinson. This year on 26/27 June - a team of 5 policemen - Steve O, Jon Willingham, ex-Striders Dick West, Steve Broadbent from Lancs and Peter Lorraine-Smith from Northumbria - are attempting this for charity. Jon's chosen charity is the Cancer Research Unit at Airedale Hospital. Be generous with your donations - otherwise you may get a knock on your door at 4 in the morning! If anyone is available to assist with support, please contact Steve.

1999 Fell Championship (Geoff 266-6288)

Blubberhouses Moor 25 (from Geoff)

Seven Spiders went for a day out on the moor. Steve W. took off in pursuit of the race leaders after about half a mile and that's the last the other six saw of him until the finish. HE WON THE RACE IN A TIME OF 3HR 9MIN.

Steve O, Harry B, GW and Peter L ran in close formation till reaching the top of Beamsley Beacon. From there Harry pulled away slightly and was followed by GW and then PL. Meanwhile Steve O dropped back to save his dodgy ankles on the rock descent off Beamsley.

Harry pulled further ahead of GW and PL on the long climb up to Rocking Hall (18miles). Just before the top GW was surprised to see Steve O going past him in pursuit of Harry.

Harry and Steve got to the finish together in 3hr 36min. GW and PL both struggled after 21 miles. Peter was having an off day and this enabled GW to get in about 30 seconds ahead - both finished in about 3hr 53min.

Meanwhile young David C was escorting his old Dad round the course and carried him up the last hill to the finish. They went round in about 4hr 40min.

Pies were eaten as usual and Steve W got the winners trophy while Harry got the first old uns award (V50).

P Lambo was first V60 but got nowt because there is no trophy for that age group. If he'd run 31 seconds faster he would have got 3rd V50. This went instead to GW who didn't deserve it (he is too young).

Other Race Reports - Guiseley Gallop (from Bob)

Eight Striders took part in this race the week after our Trail Race - all obviously keen to test another variety of "Briscoe's". We started down on a muddy track and then down through some woods down towards the river and canal; so at the end we knew we had to go up - we took a different path up through the woods, up the same track and then up again through a field to the finish. In between we had the canal and the road through Esholt, so not quite so demanding as our Trail Race. The Striders were densely packed - less than 2 minutes separating Eric (44:12, 63rd), Paul F (44:15), Peter (44:26), Bob (44:59) and Carole (45:55, 96th), and not far behind were Dave Cusack (49:07), and Carmel and Bernadette (both 49:41). All of us finished inside the top half of the field of 355.

Fell Championship Report - Three Peaks (from Geoff)

As usual, PB running for P&B had a good run here and got round in 6th place in a time of 3hr 15min (this shows how strong was the competition at our Trail Race where PB could only finish 7th - ed). Not his best performance at The Peaks but recently he hasn't had so much time to devote to training due to hanging around a brewery 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Spidery contingent was led home by Paul Webbo in a time of 3hr 45min. He was surprised to pass a slightly legless Steve Webb who had gone off with the leaders, was 7th at the top of Penygent, but started coming to a stop after half way. Steve finished in about 3hr 56min which was a good deal better than GW who started to come to a stop after only one peak. The poor old codger struggled to the finish in 5hr 5min and was followed in by Tony Haygarth a few minutes later. Tony did the run on minimum training because he likes to get a lot of pain for his entry fee.

At this race there were no bottles of Briscoe's for the finishers (some of the Spiders could have done with some half way round).

Fell Championship positions after 2 races: SW 130, GW 105, PB 75, HB 65, SO 65, PW 55, PL 50, TH 40, DC 40, EC 40. All results to GW please.

For the rest of the 1999 programme, see the March 1999 VS News (Bob has spare copies if required)

Australian Fell Climbing

Kathy and Ken have just come back from a 3 week holiday in Australia, which included climbing Ayers Rock (that's my excuse for putting this item in the Spiders section - ed). This is 300m high of which the first 200m is a 45o gradient and is achieved by pulling oneself up using chains on the side of the path (the ascent was hard but the descent was scary, said Ken).

They had started their holiday in Sydney where they went on the Saturday morning 7a.m. training session with Western and District Joggers and Harriers which had been pre-arranged by internet contact. It was late summer, and early morning was the only cool time for running.

They also had a week in Queensland where they went snorkelling off the Great Barrier Reef. (no I'll have to stop this item now before we all get jealous - ed)

Yorkshire Vets (Eric Cusack 01943 878154)

There is normally one race each month till November - the schedule will be out shortly - contact Eric for more information.

Sun Feb 28 1100 South Leeds Stadium 1st monthly Grand Prix

Sun Mar 28 1030 Ackworth 1/2marathon 1/2 marathon Championship

Tue May 18 1930 Esholt 5k Championship

Sun May 23 1100 Heslington 2nd monthly Grand Prix

Sun Jun 6 1400 Thirsk 10 mile Championship

Thu Jun 17 1930 Haworth Moor 5 mile Championship

Tue Jun 29 1930 Esholt 3rd monthly Grand Prix

Wed Jul 7 1930 Baildon 4th monthly GP (Fell Race)

Sun Jul 11 1100 Mickletown, Wakefield Road Relay Champs

Wed Jul 14 1930 Ripon 5th monthly Grand Prix

Wed Aug 4 1930 Pudsey 6th monthly Grand Prix

Sun Aug 22 1100 Harrogate 7th monthly Grand Prix

Sun Aug 29 1200 Beckett Park Track & Field Champs

Sun Sep 12 tba Bradford 10k Championship prov

Sun Sep 19 1100 Honley 8th monthly Grand Prix

Sun Oct 31 1030 Holmfirth 15 mile Championship

Sun Nov 21 1100 tba (Bingley) 9th monthly Grand Prix

Sun Jan ?? 1300 tba Cross Country Champs

1999 Grand Prix

(Jon Willingham 01756-700820 or Tim Towler or Gary Shipley)

I can now confirm the rumour that the Strider who turned up one week early for the South Leeds 5 was the only Strider who had a newsletter without the pencil amendments. Demands of impeachment of your Newsletter Editor? No, it was your Newsletter Editor himself with the unamended copy!!!

Jon, having been one of two Striders to go to Wigginton - a round journey of 100 miles for him - has been allowed to select some events nearer his home - Thirsk has potential for a PB but the rest are described as scenic!

Sun Jun 6 1400 Thirsk 10 (includes Yorks Vets Champs)

Tue Jun 22 1845 Summer Handicap

Sat Jul 3 1400 Burn Valley 1/2 marathon from Masham

Sun Jul 25 1100 James Herriot 1/2 marathon from Hawes

Wed Aug Hyde Park 5

Sat Aug 20? Burnsall 10 (pre-enter)

Confirmation and full details of events from September in next newsletter.