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1999 Issue 3

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Kathy Kaiser - World Champion!

The National Press concentrated on the World Veterans Athletics Championships in Gateshead with reports of a 56-year old grandmother being sex-tested after running a WR 13.55 seconds for 100metres (and also 28.34 for 200m). However your correspondent is able to report the success of Striders athletes at these Games, including 4 gold medals and 2 bronze.

In the WAVA 1999 Marathon Championships, we were represented by 5 first-claim and 3 second-claim runners. The field of over 600 runners started from Gateshead Stadium, took a devious route to travel 7 miles for the 1 mile crow's fly distance to the swing bridge at Newcastle, ran 4 miles along the riverside to Scotswood Bridge, 5 miles back including an awkward 1 mile hilly section of almost cross-country paths to return to the Swing Bridge at 16 miles, a second loop to Scotswood and back, and a final mile and a quarter to finish back just outside the Stadium. What appeared a flat course had a few tricky parts including a steep pull up at 25 and a gradual uphill slope all the way to the finish.

Furthermore (adds Max), the unyielding surfaces were energy-sapping : the old tarmac roads and the brick path on the North side of the river seemed as hard as concrete and the slabs leading onto that brick path were concrete. So with no carbohydrate drinks on offer, it's small wonder that so many runners (including Max) struggled over the closing miles.

Eric Cusack (M50 it said on his race number) was first Striders and 85th overall in 2:58:41. Eric is V.S. "Mr Reliable" the way he can return these sub-3 marks.

Kathy had been placed 11th or 12th woman at the 16-mile mark on the Swing Bridge, with two W45's - Zena Marchant and a South African - ahead of her. But Kathy kept her form while Zena faded badly and Kathy also managed to overtake the South African, finishing 2 minutes clear to gain the World Championship title and win the gold medal. She finished 7th woman overall in 3:04:03.

There was a Striders battle between Peter Lambert (M60) and Ian Place (M50 and 20 days). Peter passed Ian at around mile 14 and just held on for 3:22:10 versus Ian's 3:22:50. Bob Wilkes (M55) was the final Strider, on for sub 4 hours most of the way, but struggling in the last few miles for 4:04.

Of the second-claim Striders, Ken Kaiser (M45) retired at 16 miles, but Max's 3:33:40 gave him bronze medal in the M70 category. He had been hounded for a few miles by an Argentinean M70, but at a critical point they both decided to unwrap Power Bars and Max used his superior experience to get away as the Argentinean fiddled with his silver foil. The winner here was Bob Peart - first M70 in London with a 3:13, but a personal worst 3:23 here. Max felt that this had been an opportunity missed, but maybe not considering the conditions. The final 2nd-claim Strider was Ruth Anderson (W70) who won the bronze medal with her time of 5:33. More about Ruth on page 3.

Kathy and Max also both won team gold medals for their age category. Another Leeds runner with a medal performance was Andrea Dennison of Bradford Airedale who finished 12th overall and 3nd W35 in 3:10:00.

Max also ran in the 10k, finishing 7th in 45:33, and in the 5k finishing 11th in 22:10. Bob also ran in the cross-country. Ruth ran the cross-country : of 5 USA runners in the race, she was 3rd counter and won the team gold.

Max's other interest was his "coachee" W65 Louise Gilchrist, who won individual gold and team silver in the cross-country, silver in the 5000m and bronze in the 1500m. Lou's 5000m time was 22:16 and this gave Max a big incentive for a good time in his race a few hours later! That little success was short-lived : just 3 weeks later Lou beat Max in the Birchwood 10k road race - 45:08 to 45:27 - in what we believe is a W65 World Record.

Louise started running eight years ago and she was first W60 in the London Marathon in 1994 and 1995. She holds the W65 world record for 10 miles - 74:30 in Llandudno last year - and, in Gateshead, in her first-ever track races, she was only 39 seconds shy of the WR in the 5000 and just 6 seconds behind it in the 1500!

Don't believe what you read in "AW" (or the YEP)

If you read the report in the YEP which reported on Kathy's team gold but forgot to mention that she'd won the individual gold, then I owe you half an apology. Joyce and I had been watching at the finish and seen Kathy come in, we'd thought she was first W45, but our eyesight is not that good - it had taken us 2 laps to work out that men were wearing blue numbers, ladies yellow. I couldn't get into contact with anyone who'd been to the presentation, so I emailed Roger Norton at the YEP, suggesting that we waited until AW came out. When it came out, I e-mailed Roger saying Kathy had finished 4th and won individual and team gold. But AW had missed out places 4 to 6 from the results (she was actually 7th) and a gremlin at the YEP had dropped the "and individual".

"Veteran Athlete on Violence Charges" (Y.E.P. 17 August 99)

"A world champion Yorkshire athlete appeared before magistrates accused of a string of violent offences". I read on. Relief! It wasn't Kathy or Max - it was Jenny Cullane who had won the WAVA W40 pole vault gold at Gateshead. But if you ever see Kathy or Max with a pole, keep clear!


Ruth Anderson - Ultramarathon Legend!

Page 3 girl in Valley Striders News is our newest (second claim) member, Ruth Anderson, whom we welcomed to the Club on Tuesday 27th July.

She had come over that day from California and was staying with Max that night before travelling together the next day to Gateshead to compete in the WAVA Games.

Max introduced her as one of the major influences in the popularity of womens' masters (veterans) marathon and ultra running.

I have just taken a few lines from a one-page profile in Ultamarathon News from ten years ago:

Since then, she is the only woman to compete/complete every WAVA Marathon, she is currently the team captain of the USA women's ultra team and she has now completed over 80 ultras AND over 100 actual marathons.

She also has a 100k race in California named after her at which several USA age-group records have been set! The 14th race will be on 22nd April 2000 (entries close 19th March). The race details indicate there is 6020' of climb (and 6020' of descent) over the route. This sounds like a fell race, but actually takes place between 20' and 100' above sea level.

We thought that the above C.V. was sufficient to grant her honorary membership of the Striders, and Steve O, himself also a veteran of over 100 marathons and too a London to Brighton finisher, presented her with a Striders hooded top.

The date of her visit was a particularly special date for her, being her 70th birthday, which, as (in the UK) vets start at 35, must make her a super-duper-vet! Max presented her with a birthday card signed by the Striders present.

The Harewood Hop - Sunday 26 September

By now, you should have seen entry forms at races and in sports shops for the Harewood Hop, organised by the fund-raising committee of St. Leonard's Hospice York and supported by Valley Striders.

The event is on the Harewood Hill Climb site, one mile from Harewood on the road to Collingham. There are two races, a 2 mile junior race combined with an adult fun run at 10:30, and a 10k senior race at 11:30. The 2 mile race is all on tarmac (one small loop and one big loop of the Hill Climb Circuit). The 10k is a 2k loop of the Hill Climb, 6k footpaths and cross country, and a final 2k loop of the Hill Climb. Both races finish at the chequered flag!

We have the route, we have the race numbers, we have the sponsors, we have the prizes, so all we need now is marshals and runners. At the moment we are looking for 15-20 Striders to marshal on the course and officiate at the start and finish. If we get more than the required number, the "extras" will be free to run, so please contact me as soon as possible if you are available, saying whether you prefer to marshal, run or both. The "both" is a definite option - we will be looking for people to lay out the course and to help with car-parking - both of these activities will leave you free to run. Note that for Striders who assist and run, we will not charge the £1 enter-on-the-day surcharge - and the entry fee is only £3!

Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 28 Sept

Assuming that we have survived the excitement of the Harewood Hop the previous weekend, it will be eyes down for the AGM at Leos on Tuesday 28 September, starting at 8pm. OK so we're always late starting - lets say 8:15!

We will have the usual format of reports, elections and general discussion. I'll bring my egg-timer with me so that we'll have a maximum of 3 minutes for each of the reports (5 minutes if you want them hard-boiled).

I can announce now that there will be a proposal for subscriptions from 1st September to be £9 p.a. (£7.50 if paid by 31st October). This will start to recover some of the money for the women's showers at Leos' (although we've not had the bill yet!). It may be that this rise is only necessary for one year - we don't intend to try to get the bank balance anywhere near as high as it has previously been.

We will also tell you about the revised proposal for an athletes' registration scheme. This is that from May 2000, runners will need to pay £5 p.a. if (a) they are to represent their clubs in championships and relays and/or if (b) they want to avoid paying the £1 "unaffiliated" road race surcharge. There were several meetings and discussion papers earlier this year, but things have gone remarkably quiet recently. We will tell you what we know which will maybe be not a lot!


Grand Prix 1999 Results & Race Reports

Leeds ½ Marathon - It was even better than I reported in last V.S.News. Some of you I missed because you weren't wearing Striders vests, the others I missed because I wasn't wearing my specs. Here's the full list of results


Roy Flesher



Carmel Barker



John Blundell



Paul White



Tim Towler



Bernadette Clayton



Niels Laustsen



Nigel Covey



Bob Jackson



Andy Blakeley



Dave Cusack



Penny Sanders



George Little



Brendan Kitson



Ian Place



Britt Laustsen



Lynn Bostock



Total 1736 finishers


Thirsk 10 - 17 Striders and a Birchfield Harrier meant that this was the race (excluding handicaps) with the most V.S.G.P. participants this year. Mick(58:09) and Roy(58:33) broke 60, Tim(61:35) was 3rd Strider, and the rest of the Striders came through at roughly 1 minute intervals - Alan(63:22) Bob(64:34), Niels(64:57), Paul F(65:43), George L(66:07), Ian Evans(67:22) (good to see him back with the Striders), Peter(68:11), Dick(70:30), Paul W(72:04), Carmel & Bernadette(72:44), Nigel(74:56), Max(75:21), Brendan(77:06), John W(78:29) and Britt(80:00).

Summer Handicap - Earlier this year Niels (researching Maths at Leeds University) had asked me how the handicaps were calculated. I explained some of the factors that were used, particularly that I gave higher weightings to the most recent performances in Grand Prix events. He was breathing heavily as I passed him at the 7 mile mark at Thirsk, but I suspected nothing until …

… 26 Striders (a record for recent years) appeared on the starting line for the Summer Handicap run over Geoff-and-Bob's course round the woods at the back of Leos and onto part of the Meanwood Valley Trail. There would be 3 laps, each of approx 1¾ miles, but first there was a warm-up route-finding lap (to see who was paying attention). First away was Britt Laustsen - and by the time top handicap Paul Webo started she was ¾ way round her first lap.

Britt held that lead for the full 3 laps, and was awarded a "Geoff" (that's Striders' equivalent of an Oscar) trophy back at the Clubhouse for her efforts. She was just over ½ minute clear, but behind her the runners-up place changed hands several times; Danny, then Carole, then George held that position, but Niels got past George towards the end of the final lap and Eric came up fast for 4th place.

Fastest on the night would have been Paul Webo had he not taken a short cut on the first lap. So the 100 points went to Harry, 99 to Niels and 98 to Mick Loftus.

Burn Valley ½ - Roy Flesher scored 100 and Kathy Kaiser 99, both pleased with their GP points but disappointed with their times on this "challenging" course.

James Herriot ½ - Dick Dale was the only Strider to brave this course. At the 9 mile mark he was pacing well just over steady 7's looking to a 1:33 or 1:34 finish, but then came the HILLS! His 10th mile took 9 mins and his 11th mile took 10½ mins, and he finished in 1hr 40 mins.

Burnsall 10 - Paul Briscoe in his first road race for a few years, showed he was preparing well for the Edinburgh marathon by finishing in 4th place overall in 56:56. Tim Towler was 22nd in 64:07. Pity we had no 3rd counter - a Strider running 60 mins would have given us 2nd team prize.

Grand Prix positions (nb results awaited from Hyde Park 5k)

7 races Mick W 693, Jon W 676, Bob J 664, Paul W 642, Geoff 634

6 races Tim 588, Dick 555, George L 549, Carole 548

5 races Roy 494, Eric & Alan 478, Kathy 477

4 races Paul W 399, Niels 387, Steve O 377, Paul F 370

Other Race Reports

Harewood House Chase 10k - In the wimmin's race, Kathy finished 6th (41:03), Jane Sutton (joining us for the LCW) 8th(41:28), Carole 9th(42:12), Erica 25th(46:29) and Penny 28th(47:45). In the men's race, Paul Webster recorded his best ever placing, finishing race runner-up in a P.B. of 34:13. In the top quarter of the men's field of 150 were Bob Jackson (39:47) and George Little (40:01). They got in just before the heavens opened; not so lucky were Ken Kaiser (43:15) and Andy Hinton (45:45), the latter being awarded the "Mr Wet T-Shirt" prize by the Striders Wimmin's Team sheltering under a tree. Also getting Striders support was Mark Hunter (U/A, 44:15 on little training) who we hope will join the Striders when he moves from London to Leeds shortly.

Templenewsam 10k* - Erica finished 4th woman and 2nd vet to collect a prize (her first as a vet). Her time of 47:34 will not be entered into the Club Handicap statistics, for it said on the entry form *Approx. 10k.

Eccup 3-day - Here's a request to the Grand Prix committee for the Eccup 10 to be put back in the Grand Prix next year - 11 Striders finishers of whom 8 had run all 3 events. In the 10 mile, Roy Flesher's fresh legs got away from 3-day eventer Mick Wrench. Mick was placed 16th out of 151 who completed the 3-day. Kathy K pipped Bob J by 5 secs in the 10mile, but Bob had a 1 minute lead going into the 3rd event so was 2nd Strider overall. Just behind them was Peter L; the other 3 day eventers were Paul F, Geoff, Nigel, Bernadette and Brendan, these last 3 enjoying a "gentle Sunday run" (a reasonable excuse since they'd raced 9.3 miles in the previous 36 hours) in the 10 miler, crossing the line together in 80:54.

International Race Report (from Carole)

Letter from Carole on holiday, staying at her brother's house in Memphis

Elvis Presley International 5k, Memphis

(incorporating Texas Masters and Grand Masters Championships, it says on the entry form - ed)

I've been doing a bit of running most days at the health club, and Lee (my brother's wife) arranged for me to train with the Memphis Running Club on Wednesday. We met at the road side, about 30 turned up, at least 15 women (no I didn't ask any of them if they wanted to do the Country Way!). We did about 6 miles steady but it was the hottest day this year reaching 115oF. When we arrived back at 7pm it was still 99oF, hot even for me! We had 2 water stops on the run, one in the park and the other someone's hosepipe in their garden along the way.

Today got up at 6am (!) for the Elvis Presley International 5k although I have had some practice this week, they get up very early here and with 3 children under 3 its very noisy!

It has cooled down a lot today 78oF this morning for the race. We arrived about 7:15am(!), loads of people around, disappointed not many dressed up as Elvis, and Elvis didn't show up either! Lots of goodies for after the race except you could have them before if you wanted - popcorn, drinks, ice lollies, bananas, oranges, grapes, sausages and even free beer. You even got your T-shirt before the start.

The start was down a side street past Graceland and the finish in front of the house on Elvis Presley Boulevard. It was an 8am start with wheelchairs first then the rest.

I had quite a good race did 6:12 for the first mile which frightened me a bit, second mile 12:40 and finished in 19:29 not quite a PB!

I came 4th woman overall but first in my age group. I think the winner did about 18:36 so wasn't that fast. Just missed out on the cash prizes for the first 3, but got a nice plaque. They had prizes for masters and grandmasters, but over here I think it starts at 40. I was the only one from England though - I think they should have had a prize for that don’t you?!

The post race party was very good, as much to eat and drink as you could, dancing and a live band. They're taking entries for next year the millennium race, I think I'll come back again!

Wimmins News (from Sylvia)

Three items with full reports elsewhere in this V.S. News:

Liz continues to represent us on the fells, also transporting the international VS team to events.

Congratulations to Alison on the birth of no.4 - Geoff has seen her out running again.

Enjoyed a long chat with Yvonne watching the Leeds marathon outside her house (briefly joined by the Spiders president). I wish her improved health; also to Nat still struggling with injury.

Anyone want a job? Wimmin's captain for 1999-2000? I'm not racing and so getting a bit out of touch with what people want to do. We had more fit women last winter than previously and yet for the first time since I've been captain we failed to get teams to the WY XC races. Perhaps its time for someone with new ideas to take over - it’s the AGM in September - now's your chance.

The Striders Web-site

I'm afraid the Striders web-site has been resting a little over the summer. We did have an exclusive, announcing Kathy's Gold Medal on the evening of the event - more details (still) to follow. We have also raided Martyn's and Max's photo albums - Martyn's for pictures of the Leeds and Horsforth marathons from the 80's and Max's for pictures from Cambridge University in the late 40's (Chris Brasher et al, including Alan Turing, an athlete more famous for his code-breaking in the war) and marathon pictures from the 90's. Martyn and Max - I'll let you have those pictures back - I promise. We also have some pictures from Carole (via email) of various Striders Wimmins teams from the 90's.



Striders who have moved / will be moving up an age-group in the second half of 1999 include George Black (60), Danny Burnham and John Umpleby (55), Mike Evans and Howard Jeffrey (45), Lynn Bostock and Tim Towler (40), Erica Hiorns (35). Many happy returns to all of you!

Tales from a training run

Golden-blonde (male) Strider out training on Alwoodley Lane - got cheers from a couple of lads as he passed they by. "Go on, Jimmy" they said. Need a clue? He's one of our main contributors! Do you think he looks like a pensioner disc jockey?

Spiders News

Bob Graham Round

Steve and Jon had two attempts at the Bob Graham round both defeated by weather - the first weekend thunder and lightning made it unsafe to continue on the fells (they had completed approx. 30 miles). Three weekends later they tried again and it would have been ideal conditions had the 42 Peaks been around Leeds, unfortunately they were still in the Lake District and again they only got to the 30-mile mark. However, after the first attempt, there was an article in the Y.E.P. which I reproduce in case you missed it:

"Policeman Steve's Lake District Epic" (Y.E.P. 2 July 99)

Steve O'Callaghan is one bobby that criminals should never attempt to outrun. The 47-year-old detective inspector's long-distance running has earned honours for himself and West Yorkshire Police - but he is still chasing one goal, the Bob Graham Round.

The threat of fierce thunderstorms prevented the marathon man from finishing the gruelling ascent of 42 Lake District summits - 40 of them over 2,000ft - last Sunday.

Steve, captain of the Leeds-based Valley Striders club, was determined to join the 1,100 people to complete the Bob Graham Round.

Unlike Graham, who began his pioneering attempt 67 years ago at 1am, Steve was obliged to start at 8am and faced tackling the more dangerous slopes in the dark. His two police running companions were forced to drop out earlier due to injury and fatigue.

Steve battled on but as he left Britain’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike, in failing light, the weather closed in. Surrounded by forked lightning en-route for Great Gable and Green Gable, he and his support runners decided that further progress on the slippery rock was dangerous. At that stage he was 75 minutes ahead of schedule.

But after nearly three decades of pounding the beaten track, Steve is not going to be put off and is hoping to conquer the course - one of the toughest 24-hour mountain challenges - later this summer.

The frighteningly fit father of a grown-up son and daughter, he began running when he was obliged to enter the police cadet championships 31 years ago and he has not stopped since.

He soon discovered that distance events were his strength and was co-opted into the cross-country team. His interest in endurance events developed into a passion in his early 20s. Six miles a day training grew rapidly to 10 miles and a daily routine.

For 29 years he has been a member of the North Police Cross Country League. His performance peaked in 1985 when he completed the London Marathon in 2hrs 21 mins, only 10 minutes behind the world-class winner (and a few seconds behind Ingrid Kristensen as she set her 2:21:06 world record at London - ed). Since then there was no loneliness for this long-distance runner as he completed more than 100 marathons.

Steve, now based at Weetwood CID, Leeds, has twice won the 42-mile Lyke Wake Race across the North York Moors. On one of those occasions, he was presented with the winning trophy by future Tory leader William Hague, the MP for Richmond.

Steve was certainly no old crock when he ran the 55-mile London to Brighton Run in 6hrs 30mins. Six times he has been British Police marathon champion and three times Yorkshire Open marathon champion. On four occasions, he has been selected to run in the Yorkshire Inter-Counties 20-mile road race. He once led the Yorkshire team to a silver medal.

1999 has already been a busy running year. On the May Day Bank Holiday, he competed in the combined police championships and Belfast Marathon, finishing 14th overall. In doing so, he became the first runner over 45 and the first policeman over 40 to finish in a time of 2hrs 51mins. Only 13 days later, he finished 18th in the steeper Leeds Marathon and first runner over 45 in a time of 2hr 54mins.

Steve said: "I’m very grateful to the police for introducing me to running. It has become a great way of life." He added: "I have a background for distance running but I m more a road runner than a mountain man. The weather beat me on the mountains this time but I am determined to have another go before the summer is out."

The 1985 incident of Steve pacing Ingrid (or was it Ingrid pacing Steve?) brings us back to one of the current hot potatoes of athletics debate - should women's records count if they are obtained in a mixed race (where they might be being paced by men) or should they only count if in a women-only race? But that then leads on to the same questions for vets - does an M40 record have to be set in a Vets-only race. Do Max's world records count - or should they only count if in a M70-only race? This should keep the orange juice flowing on a Tuesday night!

1999 Fell Championship (Geoff 266-6288)

Holme Moss 16miles 4000'

Five Spiders went crawling over the Pennines in this British Championship event. Steve Webb went off with the leaders (as usual) but took a wrong turn (as usual) after about 12 miles. He was still the first Strider to the finish in around 2hr 50min.

The next home was one of the Spiders' international signings - Asger from Denmark - who did remarkably well for a novice to finish in a little over 3hrs. Not far behind was old G.W. in 3hr 9min. This poor old bloke fell on a rock early on in the race and cracked a couple of ribs but he is a real hero and set a fine example for all Striders by continuing to race despite the pain and injury.

Liz (last year's winner) had a good run although she was a little short on training and finished in around 3hr 15min (the same time as last year). Last year, however, she took a similar detour to that followed by Steve W this year which meant she had done a fair bit of extra distance. This year, getting the correct route was shorter but involved a difficult scramble up Laddow Rocks, so at least part of the race was new to her.

The Spiders German international, Ingo, finished in around 3hr 30min with a badly injured knee but he enjoyed every minute of his day out and celebrated by handing out pieces of his currant bun back at the car.

So only two injuries and a good day out with the two novice fell runners, Asger and Ingo, wanting more. Unfortunately, Asger has now returned to Denmark. However, Ingo has bought a pair of fell running shoes so with a bit more experience maybe he will be challenging for the V.S. Fell Championship.

Wadsworth 7½

Advertised as 6 miles this course was fast underfoot which made the extra 1½ miles seem very long. Paul Webo had a good run despite spending the two previous nights in the pub. He finished third and won a bottle of booze which seemed to be appropriate.

Ingo's new shoes paid off when he beat G.W. by a few seconds - they finished in 19th and 20th places.

The good news is that this is the first time that V.S. has had first team in a fell race. The bad news is that due to organiser Alan Greenwood being unable to add up, V.S. were credited with 52 points instead of 42 and the team prize was given to Todmorden Harriers (51 points). The prize was beer so from the point of view of saving Paul W's liver maybe this was a blessing in disguise. It was German beer and Ingo said it wasn't a very good brand, but the matter has been placed in the hands of Spiders' solicitors - we will make A.Greenwood suffer!

Sedbergh Fell Race 14 miles 6000ft

Four Spiders went for a day out on the Howgill Fells. They were the Webo triplets (Paul, Steve and Geoff) and Ingo, and that was the finishing order.

However, the first to the top of the big climb was Steve who was setting a fast pace for the field of 120-plus runners. This race has plenty of hard climbs and some even harder descents and these eventually took their toll on Steve's fast pace. He began to tire after about 10 miles of hard going and was overtaken by Paul who set off at a more conservative pace (he managed to look at some of the views). Paul was first Spider home in 17th place with Steve not far behind.

A bit further down the field, Ingo was trying to consolidate his victory over G.W. at Wadsworth by beating the "old bloke" in a long "A" race. G.W. set off very slowly and started a very late run with 3 miles to go. He sighted Ingo about half a mile ahead as he started the long ascent up the Calf Fell but it was not until approaching the last check point that he caught the German international fell runner. G.W. made good use of the steep descent to the finish by going the wrong way, catching his legs in the bracken, and rolling down some of the steepest bits. Ingo failed to take advantage of G.W.'s eccentric descending technique and finished 2 minutes behind.

(V.S. did not win the team prize but they all got 2 days supply of stiff quads from the steep descents).

Other Heroic News

G.W. won the old blokes' prize in the 33-mile Ulfkil Stride and the following week ran in the Stoodley Pike Marathon. Both of these events are on good fell running courses - the latter one was poorly supported so next year we'll try to put out a strong V.S. team.

Fell Championship positions

Steve Webb is setting a strong pace but Paul Webster is coming along with a late run. The competition doesn't end until November so there are still plenty of races to go at. For the rest of the 1999 programme, see the March 1999 VS News (Bob has spare copies if required)

Points: SW 441, PW 240, GW 221, Ingo 113, Bill McG 83, Tony F 71, PB 75, HB 65, SO 65, PL 50, Asger 49, Liz 43, TH 40, DC 40, EC 40.

All results to GW please. Note that these do not include the Baildon Boundary Way because results not yet received by G.W.

1999 Grand Prix (Jon Willingham 01756-700820

or Tim Towler or Gary Shipley)

Final events for 1999:

Tue Sep 14 18:45 Handicap 10k

Sun Sep 19 Selby Half Marathon

Sun Oct 3 11:00 Horsforth 10k

Oct ? West Yorks x-c 1st event - location to be announced

Sun Nov 7 10:30 Guy Fawkes 10 from Ripley

Nov ? West Yorks x-c 2nd event - location to be announced

Sun Dec 5 09:30? Abbey Dash 10k

The 2000 Grand Prix will start with the Christmas Handicap on (probably) Sunday 19th December. The second event could be the Chevin Chase on Sunday 26th December - your views please on this and other recommended events for the 2000 Grand Prix before or at the AGM.

Nearly New Member

We're pleased to welcome back Mark Bean who ran with us as a teenager in the late 80's / early 90's, and now, having settled down in his job, got married and started a family, is, like the rest of us, looking for an excuse to get out of the house (only joking!). He took up running again, and finding he was enjoying it, came down to Leos for the Tuesday sessions. I've found in the 1989 archives a Mark Bean running 59:27 for the Otley 10; I'm sure Max's age graded tables will say that he should be able to run faster now; watch this space!

Stop Press - LCW Result

We were edged out of the team trophies as our vets and ladies teams both finished third. However there was some silverware for Kathy and Liz (fastest time on leg 2) and for Carole and Jane Sutton (fastest time and course record for leg 5) - well done! Full report in next VSNews.