UK Athletics List of Coaches
Updated 13 Mar 2014


Name             Grade             Licence      Expires   

Holly Williams   CoachRunFitness   2719876       6Jan2017
Tracey Morris    CoachRunFitness                in progress
Tracey Morris    Level 1           2690147      expired 18Nov2013

Andy Stoneman    CoachAssistant    3010574       9Aug2015
Richard Irvine   CoachAssistant    3033888      21Feb2016

Bob Jackson      LeaderRunFitness  2767418      27Jan2017 
Dan Murray       Fell LiRF
Elaine Craiggs   LeaderRunFitness  3094827      awaiting certificate
Holly Williams   LeaderRunFitness  2719878       6Jan2017
Joel Giddings    LeaderRunFitness  2777733      expired 10Mar2014
John Wallace     JogLeader         2777830      expired 14Oct2012
Kathy Kaiser     LeaderRunFitness  2777760      29Mar2015
Ken Kaiser       LeaderRunFitness  2734273      29Mar2015
Liz Wood         LeaderRunFitness  2777844      awaiting certificate
Myra Jones       LeaderRunFitness  2980272       4May2015
Paul White       LeaderRunFitness  2777838      14Dec2016
Sharon Kaiser    JogLeader         2777813      expired 14Oct2012
Simon Midwood    LeaderRunFitness  2917710      awaiting certificate
Simon Vallance   Fell LiRF
Tim Towler       Jogleader         2777823      12Feb2017
Xanthe Hannah    LeaderRunFitness  2777743      expired 24Mar2012

NB Jog Leader is the old name for Leader in Running Fitness.
NB Leader FRW is what is written on the licence card for Leader in Running Fitness.